Asomugha’s deal has low base value, no guarantees

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Little more than 20 months after cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha became the crown jewel of the post-lockout free agency class, Asomugha has been relegated to the bargain basement.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Asomugha’s one-year deal with the 49ers carries no risk for the Niners, since he receives no guaranteed money.

The contract has a base value of $1.35 million, via a $1 million base salary, a $225,000 roster bonus if he makes it to the 53-man roster, $6,250 for each game on which Asomugha appears on the active roster, and a $25,000 workout bonus.

He can earn $425,000 in s0-called “likely to be earned incentives” tied to playing time and the 49ers making it to the playoffs.  Asomugha also is eligible for $1.225 million in “not likely to be earned incentives” tied to playing time, qualifying for the Pro Bowl, being named to the Associated Press All-Pro team, interceptions, and qualifying for the playoffs.

So while, as it was reported when the deal was signed, Asomugha can earn up to $3 million, he’ll need to have a very, very good year to get it all.

The best news for Asomugha is that, regardless of what happens in San Francisco, he’ll still get $4 million from the Eagles.

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  1. The best news for Asomugha is that, regardless of what happens in San Francisco, he’ll still get $4 million from the Eagles.

    Very true, cuz he’s overrated and needs to prove himself….

  2. Was he actually good on the Raiders, or was their other corner so bad that QBs had no problem throwing on him every time? I feel like he stumbled into the title of best corner in the NFL, if his time with the Eagles is any indicator of his talent.

  3. He will shine like a thousand suns under the Jim Harbaugh coaching excellence . With 4 million U.S. dollars in his back pocket he doesn’t even half to play another down of football. This is about pride and answering all the doubters.He will prove himself with the crimson and gold.

  4. Put him in man to man coverage and he’ll be just fine. He won’t be what he was in Oakland but with that defense up front he’ll be above average.

  5. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all of the Eagle fans who thumbed me down the day of the signing when I said the league is littered with 30 year old CBs who tried and failed to play on borrowed time.

    Well, I was wrong. He was already out of time.

  6. One of the truly most unselfish players ever, but you would never know it from this site…because he was the only first round pick that Al actually got right after everyone said ‘Who?’

  7. Worst case scenario, Asomugha plays decent which in turn allows the 49ers to dump Carlos Rogers and his bloated salary.

  8. Baalke may not break away from his value chart even if his mother was being tortured. For deals like this its fantastic but for others you sometimes gotta make concessions. So far he has been right every time and I believe he is with Goldson yet again but there’s gonna be some tougher choices coming over the next 2 years.

  9. I hate to say it but the 49ers are one of the best ran organizations in the NFL and I sure wish that my Dallas Cowboys would make done good moves like the 9ers.

  10. Good deal for the 49ers, Nnamdi wants to prove that he can still play, we’ll see what happens this season…can’t wait for this season.

  11. It’s really not a bad move. He gets as good a chance as any to get a ring and if he has a good year he will get a big contract somewhere else.

  12. To anyone that thinks Nnamdi has anything left in the tank, do you really think that the Eagles would have let him go while still paying him 4 million dollars?

    The Eagles may have played him wrong in his 1st season in Philly, but they catered to him in his second season, and he was benched.

    Andie Reid & company have departed, and the new regime have also decided that he is past his prime, and not worth a spot on a 53 man roster, even while paying him 4 million.

    That’s 2 different administrations that felt he was not worth it, along with 31 other teams that looked at his tape for the last 2 years and came to the same conclusion.

    Now root him on if you must, but the facts are facts. I am glad that he was picked up by a major team, so the whole world will see what a bust he truly has become. I don’t wish him misfortune, far from it. He is a nice guy, but just past his prime.

  13. As a niner fan I am just happy we are getting free agents like this coming over who really want a shot at it all. It wasn’t so long ago (calling Mike Singletary) when the 49ers had to overpay free agents.

  14. Thats what you get for leaving us Raiders in the first place when you were feared as an island corner and making alot more then that, when you go chase the money and fail at another teams scheme, niw your a bottom feeder!

  15. I think Nnamdi sees the potential for SB and for cheap the 9ers take advantage, good deal 4 both but Nnamdi with Rogers may get exposed?

  16. Surprised the skins didn’t make a run at him. Even they could have afforded that coin on a one year deal and if he truly had anything left, wouldn’t you think he’d like to prove it against Philly twice per year?

  17. the 49ers will be lucky if they are 8-8 this season. because they have
    too many star players. and to much
    of anything will kill you.

  18. If he could’ve been had at cheap money, I’m surprised not that many teams made a run at him …

    you didn’t see one single eagles game the last two seasons!! This guy sucks BAD!!!

    He hasn’t lost a step, he lost 12 steps!!

  19. When the Eagles played the Lions last year, Asomugha pretty much shut down Megatron for 3 quarters. It was the one game where you saw his ability come through. He’s past his prime, but could be useful in certain situations. That being said; the Eagles had to get rid of him. He was the centerpiece of a secondary that was way, way too soft. They needed to bring in some heavy hitters and change the attitude back there.

  20. @mjkelly…take a bow chum. Go ahead. Got tired of hearing crickets in Lions threads so you hopped in here to discuss a winning team. Can’t say that I blame you. As for the 49ers being “cheap”….ummm you realize that SF is at least making offers to guys while Detroit let Avril walk right? Now who is gonna draw blockers to make Ndummykong look good? Enjoy that Reggie “we gotta sell tickets to this dilapidated stadium” Bush. While he is an upgrade over the abysmal rotation from last year what you really needed to upgrade was that D that makes a sieve look watertight. Enjoy your day at school. Reply back during recess.

    As for Asomugha. Had this been a high dollar signing I would be more leery, but this is a one year “prove yourself” deal. This is the year that you see what he is made of. If he plays poorly then his career is over. He knows that, we know that, NFL teams know that. If he plays well then he hits free agency again and he’ll earn a little bigger stake.

  21. I hope the reward we don’t know about is indeed better than the risk, as you say, cuz the risk is that he doesn’t cover or tackle or move. Other than that, he’s a steal.

  22. The 49ers are going to be in trouble if they are relying on him to take a slot or even an outside corner position. The only use he may have is against a TE. But even then, he wont be able to run with him. The guy is just flat out slow.

  23. Ok NA was a good player in oakland.. terrible player in philly… some say it was the scheme… put him in man off…got burnt… put him in man press.. got burnt… put him in zone…got burnt… best of luck with his endeavors.

    With that being said he is no longer an eagle nor on an nfc east team, stop posting about him here.

  24. steelerben says: Apr 8, 2013 11:46 PM


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    Broken clocks don’t play corner on Sunday. Asomugha was a Cal safety that didn’t believe he was an NFL talent at corner. Davis convinced him otherwise.

  25. He looked better in his second year in philly as opposed to his first when the eagles were second in the nfl in sacks..he cannot cover and whatever skills he did possess are gone not to mention his confidence or as Chip said..He looks like a football player….

  26. The best news for Asomugha is that, regardless of what happens in San Francisco, he’ll still get $4 million from the Eagles.

    The best think for NO-Cover Asomugha is that Victor Cruz doesn’t get to smoke his A** twice a year anymore.

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