Barkley shuffling off to Cleveland, Buffalo


While there’s no consensus on the quarterbacks in this year’s draft, the name that’s been talked about longest — thus picked apart most — has been Southern Cal’s Matt Barkley.

At one time, visiting a pair of teams with top 10 picks would have seemed right, if he didn’t now appear destined to slide past that range.


Barkley just announced his itinerary on his verified Twitter account, mentioning he was making a trip to Cleveland and Buffalo for team visits. The Browns are picking sixth overall, and the Bills eighth. Of course, the Bills are also picking 41st. The Browns lack a second-rounder from last year’s Supplemental Draft choice of wide receiver Josh Gordon.

The Cardinals, owner of the No. 7 pick, have worked Barkley out, but their coach admitted he’s not in consideration for their first pick, leaving the door open for their second (38th overall), perhaps.

Of course, the same concerns that seem to strike him off the Cardinals’ wish list (arm strength in a vertical passing offense) would seemingly apply  under Rob Chudzinski and Norv Turner in Cleveland as well. That wouldn’t necessarily apply in Buffalo, and the Bills are bound and determined to draft a quarterback and ordain him the future.

11 responses to “Barkley shuffling off to Cleveland, Buffalo

  1. Just because Barkley runs a 5 second 40 doesn’t mean he “shuffles” everywhere. He was striding past old people and young children at the airports. Easily.

  2. Agree, that Barkley will most likely go in the 2nd round. Also think that the Bills like Nassib more than Barkley.

  3. Barkley doesn’t have the arm strength to compete in the swirling winds of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Who wants a Quarterback that can’t move the ball at home? Barkley < Nassib

  4. Browns will trade back and draft Barkley late in the first round. And then my remote will fly through the TV and I’ll run to the bathroom and puke

  5. The Browns really have this all figured out. Using your first round pick on a QB every year and firing the coach every two seasons is definitely the way to build a championship franchise.

  6. @4512dawg4512:

    In the last couple years, that wouldn’t have surprised me. But remember, Mike “Big Sham” Holmgren is gone….

    Hmmm…but it still IS the Browns (and Lombardi)…..darn…I hope they don’t draft this guy!!

  7. Let me try this again to see if I can get it through the Censor.

    An earlier commenter (who shall remain nameless as to not offended the screener(s)) said that these teams are working out Barkley in order to choose him with their “second round pick”.

    The earlier commenter (who shall STILL remain nameless for previously stated reasons) failed to read this VERY well written piece very thoroughly (does brown nosing work, especially since I am talking about the Browns?) as it states CLEARLY that the Browns to not have a second round pick.

    Better? Or should I just give it up?

  8. the two places that QB’s go to die, OR never get to be a real QB! OK, OK, Jim Kelly and Otto Graham, 99% of the people on this site we not even alive when they were QB’s..
    Don’t go Bark! It may be a death sentence!!

  9. The only thing wrong with Barkley is that he spent two years under Kiffin. It will take another two years to unlearn what Kiffin did to him. Then he’ll be fine –

  10. Funny how this guy would have gone 4th overall in last years draft to the Browns but since he decided to be high and mighty, then suck his senior year he should fall to the second round.

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