Bucs willing to give a 2013 first-rounder for Revis, Jets want a lot more

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It widely has been believed that the lingering impasse between the Jets and the Buccaneers over cornerback Darrelle Revis arises from the Tampa’s refusal to give up a 2013 first-round pick for Revis.

There’s a problem with that widespread belief.  It’s not correct.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell PFT that the Buccaneers are willing to send the 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft to the Jets for Revis.  The Jets, however, want “a lot more” than this year’s first-round pick.

It’s unclear what else the Jets want.  Last month, the Vikings got a first-round pick in 2013, a seventh-round pick in 2013, and a third-round pick in 2014 for receiver Percy Harvin.  It’s possible the Jets want that, or something close to it.

We’ll have more regarding the Revis situation, including full analysis of the odd stare down between Revis and the Jets over his involvement in offseason workouts on Monday’s Pro Football Talk, which gets rolling at 5:00 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

That would be a tease.  It was suggested by Ross Tucker.  Who will be on the show.  And who will be happy to see his name in print.  Or whatever it’s called when your name shows up on a website.

107 responses to “Bucs willing to give a 2013 first-rounder for Revis, Jets want a lot more

  1. They should be thanking the Bucs for offering to take that headache off their hands. A first rounder is overly generous and I’d recommend they take it before the Bugs sober up.

  2. Asking for the moon with no leverage…any need to wonder why the Jets are a debacle. Walk away now Dominik, then let Jets fans enjoy the next 7 years of Darelle Revis in a Patriots or Dolphins jersey.

  3. Enough already! Just let the Jets keep him next year so he can walk and they’ll receive nothing.

  4. Seems like Jets are drinking Revis’s kool-aid and believe he is the best ever. When in truth he is often injured and demanding and not worth the headache.

  5. The 13th pick in the draft isn’t good enough? I’d let the Jets try to find another team offering that much.

  6. The Jets are going to screw this trade up by asking for to much. Then, they will have Revis for only one last season and he will walk. The Jets will have nothing to show for it. If the report of a first round pick are true, they should jump on it even if that’s all they get. But looking at how the Jets are run, they will come out of this with nothing.

  7. so the Jets are being unrealistic w/ their trade demands.

    should be fun when he leaves to go to the pats next year

  8. I don’t know who is the bigger fool: The Bucs for offering the 13th overall pick for Revis, or The Jets for turning them down.

  9. We want this years 1st and 2nd, 2014 3rd 2015th 3rd.

    As a token of our appreciation, we will also give you Woddy Johnson at no charge!

  10. I can see why they’d want more than just a 1st rounder for Revis. The Island (when healthy) is at the top of the heap at his position. The problem is “can he stay healthy” and “will he be healthy this year”?

    You shouldn’t get the top CB in the league for less than 2 picks with the first being a high 1st and the 2nd a 2 or very high 3.

  11. It would be very Jets-ish if we find out they are holding out for some low draft pick along with the first round pick.

    “But…..we are going to give you a first round pick…THIS year!”

    “You don’t include a seventh rounder in 2015 and we’re walkin!”

    Take Tampa’s first round pick, relieve yourself of the Revis headache and set yourself up for success after you get rid of Sanchez next year. But that would make too much sense. The Jets will probably keep Revis and cut him next year–getting nothing in return ala AJ Smith!

  12. Is it worth giving up a first round pick, 15$ million per year salary Revis will be asking for and a CB coming off a bad knee injury for one player? Why not just draft a healthy one in the draft, there’s a lot of CB depth in the draft and would save you money for the next four years.

  13. The Jets want a Hershel Walker type compensation for Darrelle Revis. Maybe a Ricky Williams type compensation.Which neither are happening?
    The first round draft pick is too much already.

  14. I’ll bet that secretly, Revis is saying, “I ain’t “that” good. Do the deal already!”

    Man wants to play on a team with a shot at the bigs, not to hustle his butt off for Rex The Human Jumbotron, and his game plans that don’t work.

  15. Take a look at it from the Jets side of the deal. You are trading away your best player, bar none. You are going into rebuilding mode because your last GM was a moron. You have more holes in your roster than Jacksonville and Oakland combined.

    You fight all the way up until the draft for a number one and number three this year with a conditional number 1-3 next year depending on performance this year and the ability to resign him.

  16. The Bucs are already offering more than what the Seahawks gave up. The 13th overall pick is worth more than the package that they sent for Percy.

  17. Two third rate teams trying to figure out a trade for a guy with a bum knee.

    Teams other than the Redskins don’t know how to value players and put together a team. That’s why the Redskins win Super Bowls and everyone else watches them.

  18. Harvin is also only guaranteed to play maybe 12 games a year even when healthy. Revis is worth at least that. A 1st is not enough. Gotta throw in something or someone else.

  19. If the Jets are really saying that, they’re nuts. The #25 pick, a third, and a seventh is worth LESS than the #13 pick.

    Having said that, Revis is an *elite* talent. Your team gets better when you have players like him, not when you trade them away.

  20. Since it’s so publicly obvious that the Bucs are pursuing Revis, I hope a team like Atlanta can swoop in under the radar and get him. They cannot go into the season with Samuels as the only decent corner. I figured they’d first go after Nnamdi in FA, and then go after Revis, but it seems as if they are standing pat. They can score all the points they want on offense, but they can’t win with the only one corner. They’ll be exposed too much.

  21. The problem from the standpoint of the Bucs (or anyone else thinking about trading for him) is that not only do you have to give up a lot to get Revis, but you have to then sign him to a cap-destroying $15M/year contract or risk having your new marquee player act like a spoiled little kid for the next three years. Revis has really hurt his marketability with his annual upset-about-$$$ stunts.

  22. Man just walk Dominik. It woulda been nice with Revis but just walk. They have no leverage. If somebody else comes in and snags him. Then so be it as long as its not the saints or falcons haha. As much as we need CBs they need us more than we need them anyways. Don’t overpay Mark. Just move on.

  23. Posturing. The Jets should (and will) take the #13 pick when push comes to shove. They won’t get a better offer for a guy that’s 1) gonna need to get paid big bucks (again) and 2) coming off ACL surgery.

  24. The Vikings got the 25th overall, a 7th and a future 3rd.
    The 13th pick is a better deal already.
    Revis is a better player than Harvin (much better in my opinion) but he hadn’t torn an ACL either.
    It seems as though the Jets don’t really want to trade him if they’re demanding any more than that, let alone “a lot more”

  25. with their drafting history, what would it really matter if they got more ? You can’t blame it all on Tannenbaum (no matter how hard you try, Woody Johnson and Sexy Rex …) …

  26. Wow! The number 13 overall pick for a guy who didn’t play last year, and there are no guarantees he will be the same player he was before the injury. What are the Jets thinking?

  27. Whatnojets is your typical dolphins fan so obsessed with the jets I live in Miami these fans are so pathetic concentrate on beating the patriots u moron

  28. Dear Bucs,

    If you take Tebow off our hands we’ll call it even.


    The Jets

  29. getitrightflorio says:
    Apr 8, 2013 4:34 PM

    I have been a fan of The New York Jets since 1963

    End of discussion, little man!

  30. LOL!!!! He is injured PRONE…He is not even worth a 1st round draft pick.

    The Jets would be lucky to even get a 6th rounder for him…Because that is all he is worth.

  31. Funny how the Jets are hustling like they have leverage here.. They are in a rebuild and would not be willing to pay Revis what he is looking for. Got to imagine that these ongoing trade talks are affecting Revis’ morale, although you do expect him to play his best if they opt to keep him. But its obvious they DON’T want to keep him and his desired salary, so why don’t they take what they can get, which already seems very reasonable. I would love it if the Bucs just walked away, draft a guy like Xavier Rhodes or move up and get Dee Milliner and say keep him. I realize those guys won’t be Revis, but they should be solid contributors in a year or two. Just walk away Bucs..

  32. I’d take the 13th overall 10/10 times with the new rookie cap. I know Revis is good, but he’s been about $ for as long as hes been in the league and he just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  33. I agree with the Jets. ONLY a 1st rounder for Revis yet Viks get more for Percy (also coming off injury and migraine issues). Jets hold all the cards in this situation. They will hold onto Revis until a better deal happens or they will resing him – he has NOT once said he wants to leave the Jets

  34. If the Bucs are willing to deal with a potential head case at CB why didn’t they just save their picks and keep Talib?

  35. No team would be wise to trade so much for Revis and then pay him the $15+ million per season (QB money) he’s asking.

    Yes, he could be the best at the game. He can take out the best receiver of the opposing team. However, it’s not the same as having an great QB, so it should be paid the same. He’s not worth it. A great QB can make the entire receiving corps (and to an extend, even the running game) look good, whereas a shutdown CB will only account for one player. Yes, the defense can focus on other guys, but there are still more players than can catch the ball even if one is taken out by the best CB.

    Revis can be a beast, but this year the Jets averaged less than 190 yards passing per game on defense, while the last two years they had averaged over 200 yards per game. Take that as you will.

  36. 23chameleons says:Apr 8, 2013 4:30 PM

    with their drafting history, what would it really matter if they got more ? You can’t blame it all on Tannenbaum (no matter how hard you try, Woody Johnson and Sexy Rex …) …


    How can you NOT blame it on Mike T? H

  37. Mistake for Tampa even if they only give up the first rounder considering the kind of contract Revis will require. Only way that is a decent deal is if it is to a team that is almost “there” and Revis could be the final piece to a decent playoff run. Bucs have way too many holes to be giving that big of a contract to anyone unless a first rate QB became available.

  38. So basically what you are saying is that your sources gave you bad information, that you turned into weeks of articles. Oh, but now you guys got it right, right? The truth is, everything right now is speculation, or misinformation. You guys keep pouring out the same stories based on the same baseless information.

  39. Lol at the people claiming Revis will end up a Patriot.

    Belichick NEVER pays corners the kind of money Revis wants. You can ask Assante Samuel and Ty Law for confirmation of this.

  40. Take it. It will be a top 10 pick for sure! But, yeah hold out and the Glazers will give you their first round pick for the next ten years!

  41. You can’t blame it all on the previous GM because he only has so much say. Woody Johnson is a hands on owner, Rex has a huge amount of influence and then you have their scouting staff gathering up the information. They’ve got issues at every level, not just GM.

  42. titrightflorio says:Apr 8, 2013 4:34 PM

    Whatnojets is your typical dolphins fan so obsessed with the jets I live in Miami these fans are so pathetic concentrate on beating the patriots u moron

    NO Dolphins fan is obsessed with the jests other than for the humor….. the buttfumble is priceless. Other than that, just another bottom feeding franchise.

  43. The Bucs main problem last season was pass defense. Adding Revis (assuming he’s healthy) to join with DaShon Goldson and Mark Barron (with a year under his belt) could push the Bucs into playoff position.

    Remember, this is the same team who couldn’t hold double digit leads in four games because their pass defense was horrible.

    With that said, I don’t think the Bucs should mortgage everything for one guy. It’s one thing to give up a first rounder and give the dude gobs of money but they want additional draft picks too?

    Fak them. Let em lose him for nothing and sign the dude to your mega deal next season – just like you did with Goldson.

    Meantime, keep your pick, draft a young guy, team him with Eric Wright and do the best you can.

  44. Revis to the Falcons or Saints is not happening, don’t make us laugh. Falcons are going to extend Ryan, taking them out. And the Saints have no money to spend either.

  45. the vikings 1 rounder was in the 20s. The bucs is 13. That’s why the vikings had to throw in other picks. 13 is pretty good for revis. I would pass on revis and take trufant or rhodes with the 13th pick. Save that money and go out and get a WR or pass rush.

  46. Cool info. This is the kind of stuff I like, unreported info. Particularly if it were to speculate on what will happen.

    It will be real interesting if this deal doesn’t get done before the draft. The Jets could wait to see if Dee Milliner falls. If not, they could take someone else, and wait to see if Trufant falls to the Bucs pick (or whoever they want).

    The Jets should be willing to part with only a first if they get the information of who is available at the pick before they do it. But the Bucs could then play hardball and go ahead and drop their asking price. If the Jets don’t go through with it, they just walk right up to the podium and take Trufant or something with the pick, just like the Chargers did with Eli Manning. Then say, if you want Trufant, it will cost you Revis AND a 4th rounder or else we are perfectly happy with Trufant. (in your face!)
    That of course is if the Buccs are satisfied with the idea of sticking with whatever guy they think the Jets want with that pick.

    Could be real interesting!

    Now if only they could do “NFL Draft… mic’d up edition” during the process. It would be so compelling to listen to these negotiations go down live.

  47. Spend the money on great coaching and personal trainers and let this guy walk. Take a first rounder and be glad he is out of the organization!

  48. The 13th pick is worth more than the 25th pick, a 7th rounder and a 3rd rounder in 2014 though. It would cost more than that to move up from #25 to #13.

  49. I am really hoping this guy makes it to free agency so he can get a taste of the market. I am guessing his expectations will not be met. His attitude alone has cost him millions already.

  50. both sides are delusional. Revis being hurt and essentially feuding with the Jets should give the Bucs a lot of leverage. the fact they’ll give up a pick where they could probably draft a solid corner is a head-scratcher. NYJ take the deal, and/or TB realize what you’re REALLY giving up for Revis. and I don’t root for either team

  51. The Bucs are out of their freaking minds. On the 1st day of camp, Schiano will make Revis run 110 yard sprints 16 times in the overwhelming heat until his leg pops like Brian Price’s did.

    The gauntlets are so grueling that the coaches hand out Adderall so they can survive them.

    After the gauntlets last year the starting QB had a heat stroke and starting acting and dressing like Michael Jackson. After suffering that stroke he was bad, so bad-
    Come On
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    You Know he’s Bad, he’s Bad-
    You Know It
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    You Know he’s Bad, he’s Bad-
    Come On, You Know
    (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
    And The Whole World Has To
    Answer Right Now
    Just To Tell You Once Again,
    Who’s Bad ????

  52. Personally, I think the Bucs should just trade up and get Dee Milliner. The Bucs would save a crap ton of money and draft picks. Milliner, combined with Mark Barron & Dashon Goldson, would be a solid core of young talent.

    I know Milliner isn’t the same talent as Revis, but when it comes to cost & draft picks, I think this is a more logical choice.

  53. Lol its funny since the bucs always suck that first round pick is gonna be really valuable and in a year when revis is gone from new York anyway, the jets are still gonna be a pathetic mess

  54. The moron Jets organization is going to lose this guy in a year anyways, they should take this while they can. They are a terrible team and a terrible organization. At least doing this would give them a push in the right direction…kinda

  55. TB will give in. Revis will fill the seats and give them a chance to beat atlanta. He takes away a teams best receiver. Just get the deal done we need tavon austin at 13 and EJ manual in the 2nd

  56. geniusesq says: Apr 8, 2013 4:28 PM

    Harvin is also only guaranteed to play maybe 12 games a year even when healthy. Revis is worth at least that. A 1st is not enough. Gotta throw in something or someone else.
    You might want to go back and review Harvin’s playing history. His previous issue with migraines tends to give the impression that he’s missed a lot more games than he actually did.

    As for Revis, the Jets should take the 1st round pick and merrily be on their way. Without a deal, Revis plays for the Jets another year and then walks away as an unrestricted free agent. If that happens, the maximum the Jets could get would be a compensatory pick at the end of the 3rd round of the following year’s draft…and that’s assuming they don’t sign any free agents of their own. That’s not even taking into consideration the disruption to the locker room that a ticked off Revis might become. On the other hand, if the Bucs do trade for him, they’re giving up a 1st round pick (13th overall) and will have to sign him to a sizable extension…all without any guarantee that Revis will be as good as he was prior to the knee injury.

    I get that the Jets are starting a major rebuilding effort and they need to maximize the value they can get for any of the few valuable pieces they have left, but they need to be honest with themselves when it comes to the real market value of those pieces. Under the current circumstances (last year of contract, salary demands, and rehabbing from knee injury), the compensation that they’re being offered is probably more than they should be getting. If the Jets screw this deal up because they refuse to accept the reality of their situation, then they’ll get exactly what they deserve. Nothing.

  57. As a Dolphin fan, I would much rather have the jets keep Revis. I think in the long run the jets would be in much better shape with out Revis than with him. It takes 3 to 5 years for a team to rebuild, so by than Revis probably be at the end if his career. You can add the money the jets would save by trading a player who is always demanding more money every other year, not to mention no one really knows how good he will be coming off of his injury.

  58. Percy Harvin is a one time Pro Bowler, history of Migraines, dynamic WR gets traded for a 1st round pick, a 6th round pick and a 3rd round pick.
    Revis is a 4 time pro Bowler, 3 time 1st team All-Pro, considered the best CB in the game coming off an injury should be traded for just a 1st round pick.
    Sorry but the Jets are correct in asking for a ‘lot more’…..

  59. What’s with the slam on Ross Tucker? Seems to me you dropped his name to draw listeners to the show. He doesn’t need to see his name on a PFT blog post.

  60. Considering that Seattle was dumb enough to cough up not only a ridiculous contract and a 1st, 3rd and 7th rd pick for a diva wr that still has not reached 1k yards recieving, makes sense that the Jets would ask for more given revis is a proven player. Revis has his own island, all Seattle got was migraine station…. Medically and figuratively.

  61. I hope the Jets continue to refuse because the Bucs giving up their # 1 this year for Revis is just stupid. They are putting too much faith in him coming off an ACL tear. I think Dominick will be writing his own pink slip if he gives up even half of what the Jets want for Revis.

  62. I loved Revis’ play, but the reality is, pro sports trades aren’t based off what a player has done. It’s based off a combination of circumstances, ranging from future expectations to personal dynamics. In this case, the contract situation for Revis (needing a boatload of money) plus the fact that he’s coming off injury makes it hard, IMO, to suggest that the Jets are correct in asking for a ‘lot more’.

    That said, I tend to think a first round pick and maybe a late round pick this year, or a conditional pick next year (that say, tops out in the mid-rounds) is probably fair if they wanted to consummate a deal. Is this the best option for the Bucs? I don’t know, but here’s the thing – the cost to move into the top 5 to get Milliner, if that is a high option for them, will likely be a bit more than that. Do the Bucs have any options besides Revis/Milliner? Off the top, can’t see who they can get, so hence why I think a first round and another pick is probably the right mix for both sides.

  63. The Jets have Really gone downhill in the last 2 seasons. Revis is a Hell of a Player when he is healthy. He is voming back form an injured knee. The Jets should realize they should feel lucky to get a 1st round pick at all. Not beg for “A Lot More”.

  64. 1st round pick is NOT enough PERIOD!

    Gotta be idiots to think Revis will be traded for only a mid-round 1st.

    Bucs will lose out on Revis just like Cleveland lost out on RG3, trying to bid cheaply. You got throw some more compensation in there.

    Trust me come draft time a team will offer a 2013 first rounder and 2014 3rd rounder at least.

  65. Love how the media and fans were calling Jets crazy for not taking a 1st round next year, because they would never get a number one this year.

    Now shut up. Revis is worth more than a first this year and next 3 year’s…Jets are doing it right..and it’s frustrating all the haters .

  66. I’m a giants fan so I’ve had the pleasure to watch revis since he was drafted. In my opinion he is the best corner in the nfl.

    Yes, he is comin off a torn acl but it isn’t the same injury as it use to be. Half of the other articles have posters expecting rg3 to be fine and his happened months later.

    Personally, I think a lot of fans on this board have a hatred for the jets, which it is deserved bc of all the circus nonsense going on over there. But, if I’m the the jets gm there is no way I am trading the best cb in the nfl for 13th pick. They definitely deserve more picks, and they should be in no rush to accept this deal.

    Worst case is they let him play out this year and maybe they somehow come to an agreement to resign him or trade him before the deadline.

    Darrelle Revis is a beast and is the biggest reason the jets defense has been a top notch defense the past few years. Don’t give him up unless you r getting significant value.

  67. The Jets have plenty of leverage. Essentially 3 years which by that time Revis will be well out of his prime.

    2 years left on contract plus 1 year under franchise tag. If no team is willing to give up more than a first rounder now, they won’t give up more when he is franchised. Glad to see the Jets are not gonna bail Revis out. He doesn’t deserve it.

  68. Great if the Bucs can make it happen. 1st round talent is down this year. Draft is a crapshoot. While Revis is coming back from an ACL injury, the success rate of that procedure is much higher than the success rate of hitting on an all pro in the draft.

  69. I have a hard believing this story, the 13th pick for a player who is coming off a torn acl and wants a new contract every year ? Seems like a no brainer but this is the J E T S

  70. Not a fan of either team, but what is Tampa Bay thinking, they have a nice pick, trade up with the extras the Jets want. Start with a fresh, young, healthy and hungry top draft prospect. Run away from that Jets mess if you have half a brain, its crazy man, just plain crazy. Let the Jets flop in their stew. What a mess.

  71. My neighbor inquired about buying my corvette the other day….I said 100,000 and its yours….He pointed out the blue
    Book said it was worth 10,000. I said hey man, the crack in the block can be fixed with a can if motor honey….haven’t seen him in a awhile….I wonder if he went on vacation or something.

  72. This is insane, especially for the Bucs for offering a first rounder in the first place.

    I hope the Jets crash and burn but come to think of it, it will be hard to tell the difference.

  73. For those saying Revis is a headache ask yourself this, how would you act if you were a top player at your position (or the best, we will see how he deals with the injury) and you played for the Jets. Seriously I would have done the same as Revis, try to get traded by holding out and not going to workouts (not like he’s the only one), or if they want trade me then get paid. He’s wanted out of that organisation for while, and honestly who wouldn’t. But he shouldn’t go to the Bucs, he needs to go to a contender. Maybe just suck it up and stay with the Jets this season and leave next year. I’m obviously not a Jets fan, but you have to give it to Revis, he has been the best corner in the league for awhile, only guy I’ve seen hold Megatron to a single catch. If he comes back and is still that good. He will get paid by a contending team, and have a chance to get a ting

  74. Sadly for TB fans, 2 years after Revis signs a 5 yr contract he’ll want a new deal!

  75. The Bucs are offering the 13th overall pick for Revis. The Seahawks paid the 25th overall pick. He Jets would be stupid declining it. Revis might not be the same corner after his knee injury.

  76. C’mon Jets sign the dude already! You don’t just give away THE BEST player on the team, let’s get real. Damn, at least give decent players the incentive to want to come to the Jets. With Revis gone, all they are going to sign are discarded players nobody else wants.

  77. Woody gotta decide if he wants to win or does he want to save money. At some point, you gotta pay somebody. Keep him for now, make sure he’s healthy and get rid of him in mid season. The Jets aren’t going anywhere this year anyway. Teams will like what they see, the Jets will get more offers and they can get a bunch of trades for 2014.

  78. igornathanhiggers says:Apr 8, 2013 8:53 PM

    The Jets have plenty of leverage. Essentially 3 years which by that time Revis will be well out of his prime.

    2 years left on contract plus 1 year under franchise tag. If no team is willing to give up more than a first rounder now, they won’t give up more when he is franchised. Glad to see the Jets are not gonna bail Revis out. He doesn’t deserve it.

    Nobody will part ways with anything when he is in his contract year, and it is written into his contract that he can’t be franchised.

  79. I doubt their is much truth to these rumors. Usually if a report makes a claim that is beyond belief, like the Jets wanting a lot more than the 13th pick for Revis, and cites “sources” its unlikely to be true.

  80. The bottom line on any deal worth its weight is how well is Revis after his injury. Id bet, The Eagles would give them their 4th first round pick and take the Jets pick. Jets move up and take Millner. Maybe The Birds throw in a 4th and a 7th on conditions. Unless Revis is 100% healthy, that”s what he’s worth. Both teams make out with that deal. I heard The Eagles where trying to work something out a while back.

  81. I’m sorry, but the Jets are being a little unrealistic. I can see (2) overall picks, but Percy Harvin brings more value to to a team than Revis does…

  82. I think this is all a smokescreen. Not a lot of news stories out there so let’s keep regurgitating this one with yet another twist. Yes Revis is top-notch talent at the CB position. Bucs definitely need pass defense in a bad way. However, why in the world would you risk cap space on a player who could possibly not be the same impact player after the ACL tear and tends to demand a new contract regularly? And give up a first rounder for him??? Just do what others have said and trade up and draft Milliner. He already has experience playing tandem with Barron @ Bama not to mention younger and hungrier than Revis. Jets will stall and end up with nothing which is the way it should be.

  83. The Jets are going to trade Revis, the question is what is he worth. You people don’t have any clue if you think he’s not worth more than a 1.

  84. I don’t know what the jets are thinking. They’re pretty much in a rebuild kinda mode and if someone wants to give a 1st rounder for a guy that was giving them a problem in the off-season and just had a major injury you gotta take it.

  85. He is worth more than a 1st round pick. I think next 2nd or 3rd round minimum. Maybe make it conditional upon games played. I wouldnt say hes injury prone. before this injury he missed 3 regular season games. He is hands down the best CB in football. To have a guy shut down the whole side of the field makes everyone better. The Jets secondary is in top 5 every year with Revis. He is only 27 yrs old. He is ahead of schedule on his rehab and the Jets do have some leverage Bucs need Revis bad they have a horible secondary. No good FA left. You dont know what your gona get when you draft a player. when healthy you are talking about maybe the best corner since Deion.

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