Buddy Nix: Kevin Kolb “a strong candidate” for quarterback job


We’ve known for quite a while now that Kevin Kolb is headed to Buffalo, but the Bills only made it official on Monday.

The team issued a release announcing that they’ve signed the former Eagle and Cardinal to a two-year deal. They also released some quotes from General Manager Buddy Nix about the decision to sign Kolb, which many have seen as a move to give themselves a temporary starter while they look for a long-term answer via the draft. Nix wasn’t willing to go that far.

“He’s a player we had targeted since he became a free agent,” Nix said. “We think we’ve added a good one. He should be a strong candidate in the competition for the starting quarterback position.”

Kolb’s main competition for the job at present is Tarvaris Jackson, who said he re-signed with the Bills because Nix convinced him that there would be a real competition for the job this offseason. If the Bills do find someone they like in the draft, it will likely mean that only one of the two veterans winds up making the team. Nix probably said less about that aspect of the competition, but it’s now officially underway all the same.

14 responses to “Buddy Nix: Kevin Kolb “a strong candidate” for quarterback job

  1. I hope for the sake of Bills fans everywhere that this is his attempt at subterfuge. If not then….good lawd! If Kolb is the answer I’m afraid of the question!

  2. The only position Kevin Kolb is a strong candidate for is backing up Ryan Nassib – that is if he can beat out Tarvaris Jackson and Jamarcus Russell for the job.

  3. Anybody else getting sick of the word “targeted”? I thought GMs only used it to justify drafting players two rounds too early. I guess they use it for FA as well.

  4. If Kolb can’t beat out Jackson and a QB drafted in a class where talent scouts believe that Blaine Gabbert would be the top prospect, then he doesn’t deserve to remain in the NFL.

  5. Based on Arizona’s luck with players leaving, Kolb will throw for 4000 yards and a 25/10 TD to INT ratio

  6. Kolb starts week 1, but by week 8-9 If the Bills seem out of contention It will be Nassib taking over. Jackson just doesn’t have the mental capacity needed to start. He isn’t calm enough in the pocket to carry the team past 2-4 wins. Kolb gets flustered, but for the most part can hold it together, that is why he will be the week 1 starter.

    I am still debating, will we see the Kolb from Arizona or the Kolb from Philadelphia? I guess most of it will depend on what type of Offense Marrone decides to run.

  7. Kolb is an easy target to blame for the Cards failures. But Kolb’s potential is there and I don’t think his 4-0 start last year was a fluke. He has shown when he has time to throw he can make the throws.

    Everyone looks at the Card offense and says, “Oh, he has Fitz. He should thrive and do well.” Well, his (and every other QB since Warner) problem in ARZ was the O-line and lack of weapons other than Fitz. In his last 3 games as a Card he was sacked 22 times, 17 times in Weeks 4 and 5! He also had no running game to compliment him, with Williams on IR and Wells injured. I think Cameron Wake sacked him 4 times one week.

    Any QB will get injured constantly taking that much heat.

  8. people forget that kola beat tom brady’s patriots last year and he beat ryans dolphins….he was humming a long pretty good until he broke his ribs in the buffalo game……….

  9. Do you really think Kevin is the answer? Tough kid out if Houston,but we downgraded him in his draft and we are doing it again here as well. Put the kid in that we downgraded out of Alabama State when he was drafted…It’s about timing, it’s not Kevin’s time yet.

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