Chargers add a trio, including Deon Butler

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The San Diego Chargers haven’t made a big splash in free agency.  But they have made a series of relatively small splashes.

The latest comes from a trio of signings that the team announced on Monday.  Joining the roster are receiver Deon Butler, receiver Dan DePalma, and cornerback Cornelius Brown.

The biggest name by far is Butler, a third-round pick of the Seahawks in 2009.  He spent all four NFL seasons in Seattle.

DePalma has spent time during the past two seasons on the Giants’ practice squad, and Brown has spent time with the Bears and Colts.

14 responses to “Chargers add a trio, including Deon Butler

  1. These aren’t splashes; they’re barely ripples. Look for SD with the #1 pick next year, The AFC Worst tradition holding fast. The entire division’s a few years away from contending with the Broncos, much less the Patriots and Ravens. I kinda just wanna pull a Rip Van Winkle, go into hibernation for a couple seasons, but I’m a glutton for punishment.

  2. If I’m Rivers, I’m pulling my hair out of my head at yet another 2nd tier (at best) signing. Another BUM WR in San Diego… shocker!

  3. WR Butler will do well with Rivers throwing to him……..decent signing if they can fix the O-Line issues.

  4. Deon Butler is not a bum wr. I’m a Seahawk fan that was sad to see him get let go. I believe he could be a very solid starting wr if given the chance. Personally, I think he would still be a Seahawk but he was drafted by the previous regime…

  5. Deon Butler has potential. The problem with Seattle is we have excellent slot guys in Tate, Baldwin and the only reason he didn’t make roster is they wanted more size and WRs that were on special teams. You always heard about his spectacular catches at practice and glimpses of it when he played, admittedly drops as well. Always watched to see if he could get picked up by another team. Hope he breaks out for the Chargers.

  6. Butler is 5’10” and DePalma is 5’11” … not exactly the Chargers style of tall, athletic wideout. Sure, the Bolts aren’t going to get 6’5″ receivers like Jackson and Floyd every time, but these guys are undersized and inexperienced.
    They may have game, but it’s a sign of a long-term rebuilding strategy. This is going to be a painful season.

  7. Butler had the misfortune to be a solid WR2 on a team stacked with WR2s.

    He is small and speedy with impeccable hands, in the mold of Santana Moss or a less physical Steve Smith. If the problem in SD lies elsewhere besides Phillip Rivers, his career should hopefully finally arrive.

    The fact that he spent a year on IR after a Kevin Ware-grade leg injury, after being buried on the depth chart for 2 years, meant he was a statistical underproducer and needed to go. Regime-change casualty, all the way.

    Good luck, Deon.

    12th Man

  8. Butler is a solid, speedy, slot receiver who always makes catches at the right time. Seemingly a very good human being, too. Hopefully he sees more playing time in San Diego than he did in Seattle. Charger fans will be happy with him.

  9. We Vincent Brown coming back, as well as Alexander (Hopefully), and M80, we should be fine at WR. What we need to worry about is giving enough time in the pocket for Rivers to get the ball out to them.

  10. In actuality, when looking at the Chargers WR roster, they look pretty good:
    Floyd, Alexander, Brown, Butler, Meachen, Royal, Goodman, Butler, (Practice Squad) Willie, DePalma……it is a ‘Better-than-Most’ line-up. But, I sure miss VJ.

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