Devin Hester fully on board with full-time focus on returning

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Bears coach Marc Trestman said at the league meetings last month that he viewed Devin Hester as a kick returner rather than a wide receiver who also returns kicks and planned to use him that way.

At the time, Trestman said that reporters would have to ask Hester how he felt about that and that’s just what happened when Hester did an interview on WLS in Chicago Sunday. The answer is that Hester’s just fine with making returning his full-time job in 2013. Hester said it was “kind of” his idea to concentrate on returning after a disappointing 2012 season across the board so that he could get back to being the player he wants to be.

“My door is not closed on the offensive side of the ball. I’m still open to it,” Hester said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “But as of right now, I know that I’m going here first into this season as the main kickoff return man. As of right now, that’s my main focus — to get my swagger back.”

Concentrating on what Hester does best seems like a good idea for both the Bears and Hester, especially with Hester sounding totally on board with the decision to try to build on his 18 career return touchdowns. It was a potent part of the Bears mix that was missing in 2012 and one they could really use in 2013.

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  1. Hester is on the wrong side of 30, has gotten slow and really is no where close to the player he once was.

  2. Well, in all fairness…. he kind of sucks as a WR. He should only be a kick returner…and a damn good one at that.

  3. When it comes to playing offense, perhaps Hester has learned what one of my favorite writers once wrote–

    “Remember that you’re a darned good grade of steel, and it’s not your fault that they wanted magnesium.”

  4. Just this move alone shows how much of a HUGE upgrade Trestman is over Lovie. Lovie for some odd reason would beat his head against a wall with players not working out. He’d keep trying and trying and get almost emotionally attached to a failing player.

    Trestman comes in, watches tape and immediately comes to the conclusion that Devin Hester should NOT be in the Bears’ receiving corps and is needed to return kicks full time. He (and Emery) recognized that Urlacher’s best days are behind him. They tell Cutler that he’ll have to earn an extension on the field. They get rid of the awful Kellen Davis and upgrade the position. They finally address the O-line.

    I even bet that they’ll realize that Cutler makes better throws when he ROLLS OUT OF THE POCKET which Martz and Tice amazingly never realized. I can’t wait to have an actual high-level NFL mind leading our team.

    Yes, it was nice to have a coach that players would want to “run through a brick wall” for, but there’s something to be said for have a sharp, imaginative NFL mind as a the head guy as well.

  5. Wasn’t he also a pretty good DB? He was tough to bring down on tackles after a pick. Maybe they should stick him back on D in the nickel or something? Dude can catch.

  6. Y’all forget that Trestman has a whole different receiving group than lovie had. Lovie made Hester a receiver because we had no one outside that was a serious number 1. Now we have big receivers and good receivers so no need for Hester to be out there. I still wouldn’t mind seeing him get in the game in situations and packages but he shouldn’t be on the field more than 3-5 snaps per game. But just saying you can’t totally fault Lovie for making the move when we had no one else out there

  7. The reason they tried to make a WR out of Hestor was because he wanted a lot more money after becoming the best return man of all time. The bears or any other team can not pay a man big bucks just to return the ball. They gave him a new bigger contract and tried to justify it by putting his explosiveness on the field more. It didn’t work out.

  8. I was out of the country for the most part last season and missed all the Bears games. Has Hester shown any signs of slowing down at all? He’s getting to that age where most do, but not all.

  9. Hester on special teams is the best thing but I still think he should get a few snaps at WR. He and Knox were the two fastest downfield threats on the squad and with the latter retiring it may give him more opportunities in a better run O. Then again with this being his walk year, keep him on ST’s so the price will stay low….

  10. Good to see him focused on what he does best…Hopefully this will ‘return’ him (ahem) to the elite level of play on ST Bears fans were used to.

  11. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 8, 2013 10:29 AM

    “Packer fans tried for years to explain this to the Bear meatheads. Now Trestman is a genius for discovering that Hester can’t play WR.”

    Packer fans need to mind their own business…As for me, I never needed you or any other cheesehead to tell me Hester sucked as a WR.

  12. while he did not work out as wide out it was not all his fault. I mean the big play all the bears oc’s had for him were screen passes! under turner everyone knew what the call was on third down was,screen to Hester. same with martz and Tice had no idea what he was doing with anybody. I never understood why they just did not send him deep every play. I mean rex grossman made benard berian a rich man on that 1 play.

  13. As great of a return specialist Hester was; all he had to do was see ball catch ball and run for day light. It takes a lot more smarts to digest a play book; which Hester has proven over the years that he doesn’t possess. Lets hope Hester returns to form; now that he can go back to see ball…catch ball and run for day light.

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