Ex-Cardinals quarterback Max Hall returns to playing field

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Less than three years ago, Max Hall won his first start with the Arizona Cardinals.

Today, the former Cards passer is trying to make his way back in professional football.

The CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced the signing of Hall and former Rice and UFL quarterback Chase Clement on Monday. The Bombers also released quarterback Alex Brink, a seventh-round pick of the Texans in 2008.

An undrafted free agent from Brigham Young, Hall earned a chance at playing time as the Cardinals tried to replace the retired Kurt Warner in 2010. However, Hall struggled, committing at least one in all six of his appearances. The Cardinals’ victory against the Saints in his starting debut was his lone win in his three starts — and Arizona scored a pair of defensive TDs to secure the 30-20 upset of defending champion New Orleans.

Hall missed the 2011 season with a left shoulder injury, and the Cardinals allowed him to hit free agency after the campaign. In 2012, Hall was a student assistant coach at BYU.

10 responses to “Ex-Cardinals quarterback Max Hall returns to playing field

  1. I would guess both QBs will get to start some games seeing as our starting QB is Injury prone and the oline is terrible.

  2. Isn’t the Canadian field wider? Does he even have the arm strength to get the ball out to the sideline?

  3. That was quite an impressive showing against the Saints and I never felt like the Cards invested much in developing him. I liked him a whole lot better than Kevin Kolb but Kolb must have had a convincing agent and Andy Reid’s muscle was no match of Hall and an independent contractor!

  4. The Canadian field is wider – 65 yards as opposed to 53 and a third for an American field. You definitely do need arm strength to play up here. Rookie QBs in the CFL often get caught floating passes out into the flats, only to see them returned for six by a veteran DB who read them like a book…

  5. I think this might be one of the reasons they want to get rid of the viewer comments. That way when they forgot to put words in a sentence (happens more frequently here then it should) or spell something wrong we won’t be able to rip on them.

  6. Hall wasn’t drafted for a reason, short with small hands, he had trouble seeing over DL and trouble holding on to the ball when hit.
    Grit. Poise. Leadership, yes. Good kid, but low ceiling in terms of talent.

  7. “That was quite an impressive showing against the Saints and I never felt like the Cards invested much in developing him.”

    Are you KIDDING ME???? He was awful against the Saints. The Defense took it to the Saints, scored two TD’s and set up the other offensive TD. Want to know how that other offensive TD happened? Max Hall fumbled the ball at the goal line and Levi Brown picked it up and scored, that’s right, Levi Brown.

    Look up the stats, he was awful that game and the Cards were lucky to win. Hall was a joke of a QB. Great guy, this is nothing personal, but I have no idea what the Cards saw in him though.

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