Hargrove joins concussion lawsuit


At a time when many assumed free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove would sue the NFL for allegedly false statements made about him in the context of last year’s bounty brouhaha, Hargrove has indeed filed suit.  But not for that.

Hargrove has joined the latest concussion lawsuit, filed Friday in Manhattan federal court.

The cookie-cutter complaint, a copy of which PFT has obtained, alleges that Hargrove “has suffered and continues to suffer from permanent injuries including, but not limited to, severe headaches, memory loss, depression, isolation, mental anguish and diminished self-esteem.”

Those are basically the same injuries that Redskins quarterback Pat White alleged in his concussion claim — until he pulled the plug on the lawsuit once he got an offer from an NFL team after three years out of the game.  Chances are that Hargrove, who played for the Rams, Bills, Saints, and Seahawks, would do the same thing, if someone were to offer him a job.

Of course, the chances of Hargrove being offered a job already were low, given his role in the bounty scandal.  In light of the new sensitivity to the issue of free agents who have sued the NFL for concussions, Hargrove’s path back to the league likely has gotten a little steeper.

25 responses to “Hargrove joins concussion lawsuit

  1. If it’s of any use in Anthony’s complaint, I will vouch for the fact that he has lost my esteem, that I regard him as a headache, would shout insults at him if I saw him in public, but avoid him at all costs, and wish he would just go away so I could forget about him. Does that cover it?

  2. I fall on the players’ side on most issues in regards to the NFL. But with this concussion suit, they’re off the mark and it’s a clear money grab. They knew the risks, they are just broke now and want that paper.

  3. I agree. Most of these guys wouldn’t have done it any different if they knew then, what they know now, about concussions. Just looking to get paid.

  4. Why don’t they just have rookies sign a sheet saying “I understand that though I may become a celebrity and get paid millions of dollars, there’s another side to the coin and I might get hurt in the process of getting rich, and that’s not the NFL’s fault.”

    Don’t even high school kids have to sign things saying they won”t sue for injuries? Surprised the NFL never thought of that.

  5. And another one joins the club of shameless liars and disgraceful money-grabbing con artists.

  6. Yet if he were offered 5 million this year to play, he would do it in a second even knowing the risks. Can’t have it both ways.

  7. These morons get no sympathy from me. You played football for a living, football! Now you want to sue because your head hurts? Give me a break. I hope these players lose money in this lawsuit.

  8. I’m not sure if any team was going to sign him anyways but if I was a NFL exec, I would convince a team to sign him just to show how BS this law suit is.

  9. Hargrove got royally screwed by the league with false ‘factual’ evidence and now he is just trying to recoup what GODell and the NFL unjustly deprived him of and it so happens to be what the NFL IS ALL ABOUT….$$$MONEY!!!

  10. As a Vikings fan, I will pay someone to shut this guy up.

    Clear money grab attempt, unless of course, some team signs him.

  11. Yes let’s sue the NFL since no one wants to sign him, but as soon as a team comes calling he will all of sudden feel better not sue anymore. These players are a joke, maybe if you didnt major in Balloon Making while you were in college then you would not have these issues now.

  12. This bozo would drop his lawsuit in a country minute if someone offered him a contract…

  13. sb44champs says: Apr 8, 2013 12:03 PM

    Hargrove got royally screwed by the league with false ‘factual’ evidence and now he is just trying to recoup what GODell and the NFL unjustly deprived him of and it so happens to be what the NFL IS ALL ABOUT….$$$MONEY!!!


    While I think he was falsely accused, he’s out of the league because he can’t play. I mean the Packers cut him last year, and they now have Johnny Jolly under contract and he hasn’t played in 3 seasons.

  14. While they’re at it, why don’t all these idiots sue the NCAA, high schools, middle schools, and peewee leagues. Ridiculous. You’d think someone held a gun to these guys’ heads and told them to play.

  15. Pat White suddenly dropped his case upon receiving an opportunity to rejoin the league?!?

    This is all Bullshinski!

  16. So this dude had a drug problem, took full advantage of their programs to stop I am guessing was allowed back into the NFL now he’s suing them? Nice. Don’t drugs damage the brain also? Yeah, but you can’t sue your supplier.


  18. …and what exactly was his role in bountygate? Being the only guy that actually told the truth? Quit trying to paint this guy as something he isnt. Guy deserves another shot at the league…especially since the league was the one that did him dirty.

  19. I hope the League loses this lawsuit and has to pay billions. Serves them right for screwing the Saints and basically ruining the game that I love. Football will never be the same.

  20. I just read the list of symptoms, and I either have or could say I’ve had every one of them. And I haven’t played full contact football since the 9th grade. This lawsuit is nonsense.

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