Hasselbeck wants to help Andrew Luck by pushing him


Veteran quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck had an eventful couple of days last month.  Cut by the Titans, he quickly landed in the same division, with the Colts.

Now the clear-cut backup to Andrew Luck after being in 2012 the clear-cut backup to Jake Locker, Hasselbeck’s work will be deemed a success if he can constantly nudge Luck to be the best quarterback he can be.

“I feel like I learned a lot in my role with Jake Locker this past year and it really was fulfilling to work with a young guy that’s talented and eager to work and eager to learn,” Hasselbeck told Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk.  “I think the thing that I could probably do a better job is just really bringing a competitive spirit to the room.  Obviously, Andrew Luck’s gonna be the starting quarterback there but I can still come in and bring an element of like just being the best that I can be, each and every day.

“I do remember as a young quarterback with the Green Bay Packers, the atmosphere was just very, very competitive.  I mean and everyone knew if Brett Favre had two broken legs, he was still going to be the starting quarterback but the atmosphere was that, ‘Hey we’re going to come in and we’re going to compete with each other, each and every day and really just try to push each other in any way that we can sort of like one-up a guy.’  We are just gonna go for it and I think it just, I don’t know if it made Brett any better but I know it made me better and so I think that’s probably the lesson that I learned or one of the lessons that I learned and so I’m looking forward to being around a great talent like Andrew Luck.  I think it’ll probably improve my game just having that mentality and in the end ironically it’ll help the Indianapolis Colts be a better team because of it.”

But it likely won’t result in Hasselbeck ending up as a starter elsewhere.

“I would be shocked if this is not the last stop,” Hasselbeck said.  “I signed a two-year deal.  My goal right now is just to play those two years and make them two great years but this whole ride has been a dream come true for me.  I was a sixth-round draft pick, wasn’t invited to the Combine, really when I got uh drafted by the Green Bay Packers if I had left training camp with a free pair of Green Bay Packer shorts I would have chalked it up as a victory so this really is a dream come true for me to get to do this for a living.  And it’s not easy.  It takes everything you’ve got each and every year.  You’ve got to bring it 100 percent to have a successful season but I’m committed to two years right now and I’d be shocked if there’s anything beyond that.”

Despite the commitment level required to thrive in the NFL, Hasselbeck has other interests.  His appearance on Monday’s show came in connection with his work with the End It Movement, which has made April 9 an international effort to bring awareness to and ultimately to abolish the ongoing global slavery problem.

There are now more slaves in the world that at any point in history.  You’ll learn that troubling fact and others if you visit the End It Movment’s website.

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18 responses to “Hasselbeck wants to help Andrew Luck by pushing him

  1. Luck is already great, but he will listen to any help, unlike IRG3 who thinks hes gods gift to football,

  2. If i could hang out with ANY player in the NFL past or present, it would diffidently be HASSELBECK!!! I’m a Steeler fan living in Seattle, and I would say that Matt is my favorite player in the history of the game. My office is plastered from wall to wall, floor to ceiling in Steelers gear, with the exception of a lone Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck jersey lol. I think Andrew Luck is very lucky his front office had the idea of signing this guy as a mentor.
    AND PS for all the haters that only remember Matt for the “we want the ball, and we’re gona score” game, if you go back and watch that play the safety came to the line, Matt audible to a deep pass… had the DE not gotten a hand on the ball, it was a TD ALL DAY!

  3. There’s no better team guy than Matt Hasselbeck. He definitely won’t hurt the colts & if needed would be a good stop gap for a few games if necessary.

  4. Hasselbeck can start off by impressing on his teammate, that less is more. Especially in regard to the God awful hair sprouting randomly on Andy Gump’s head.

  5. As a Raider but more importantly a football fan this guy is a class act. Still a fan of the commercial he made years ago with the audible calls for checking out of a hotel.

  6. He can be a STARTER on over half the teams in the NFL. has been under-rated his entire career. Cards, Oakland, Jags, Browns, Bills, Jets – can start for any of em and the list goes on. class act all the way.

  7. Yeah Rg3 won’t take any advice from anyone that’s why before he even got drafted he had called Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning to get advice. Why don’t you quit talking out of your arse when it comes to the Offensive Rookie of the year, I think that makes 2 awards he beat ol marble mouth at.

  8. Thought this was an article on Matt Hasslebeck why the RG3 hate. For your info dbag before RG3 was drafted he called numerous quaterbacks for advice, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Michael Vick to name a few. Your just jealous that RG3 beat Andy Gump the Chia Pet for another high award Hesiman trophy and Offensive Rookie of the year he’s used to being 2nd to RG3 why don’t you get used to it.

  9. Hasselbeck is still the class of the league. Any QB would benefit by having this guy in the locker room.

  10. Tim Hasselbeck is a savvy veteran.
    He clearly was the best quarterback in Super Bowl 40. Fortunately for Ben Roethlisberger (twice), football is the Ultimate TEAM Sport.
    I’m just shocked that after 18 seasons with Peyton, the Colts finally figured out that having a backup quarterback not named Curtis Painter might be important.

  11. More yards + more TDs + more wins + no concussions + no ACL tears + no bone-headed runs = Luck >>> RG3

    RG3 will be out of this league in 3 years. You saw it here first.

  12. Hasselbeck takes over halfway through the season,takes the Colts to the playoffs.Andrew Luck takes over in playoffs,throws the winning TD to end the game,too bad its to a Texan DB.

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