JaMarcus Russell cancels plan to hold his own Pro Day

Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell still says he’s working hard as he tries to earn a second chance in the NFL, but he is no longer planning to show off the progress he has made this week.

Russell had been planning to hold his own Pro Day workout on Wednesday, but according to Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, Russell will not have a Pro Day after all. Russell only wants to work out for teams individually.

If Russell is looking as good in workouts as the people around him have claimed, it’s surprising that he wouldn’t want to show that fact off in an open setting where any team that wants to send a scout could take a look. Perhaps Russell called this off because no teams were planning to attend.

The 27-year-old Russell is only six years removed from a Pro Day that wowed scouts and convinced the Raiders to take him with the first overall pick in the draft. Now he just hopes some NFL team is interested in watching him work out with the possibility of giving him an invitation to training camp.

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  1. Ironic that Matt Flynn, who sat on the bench at LSU when Russell was LSU QB, and was a seventh round draft choice, is now #1 in Oakland.

  2. “The 27-year-old Russell is only six years removed from a Pro Day that wowed scouts and convinced the Raiders to take him with the first overall pick in the draft.”

    Um…”Only” six years? In football thats almost a lifetime. Nevertheless, that Russell is even getting nods right now evidences the absolute dearth of good young quarterbacks coming into the league.

  3. Just when you think the Raiders might eventually turn a corner and become relevant again, JaMarcus pops up as a reminder of the depth of dysfunction that has reigned in Oaktown for the past decade.

  4. Why is anyone even wasting their time? All the physical talent in the world, but no mental talent. When will NFL scouts figure out that you can’t be a good QB without mental talent? It is at least as important as physical talent at the quarterback position, probably more so.

  5. No matter how in shape or prepared Russell may be, the Pro Day was a bad idea.

    Why set yourself up to look like Terrell Owens did when he tried the same thing in 2011. If no one shows up, you’re a laughingstock and it doesn’t matter what you could have shown.

    Better to see if anyone is actually interested first and then go work out for them personally. Teams might be more willing to go for that because they can control it and keep it at least relatively secret if they want to avoid the circus that a Pro Day would have created if they had actually shown up.

  6. if he did hold his own Pro Day i sure many teams would have a representative there. even if it was a junior scout just to be able to say “yeah, he is working out, something to keep an eye on” or “no need to visit that again” most teams would have someone there. in a QB driven league teams have to keep every option available.

  7. Gotta be tough to get your head around the fact that you have your whole life ahead of you and you’re qualified to do….nothing. “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son”.

  8. We’ve been hearing of a comeback for quite some time now and I’ve seen his recent videos. He still looks fat and for someone his weight after months of working out he should have started to shed some pounds. If he was really motivated to make a comeback he would have already lost some weight.

  9. I just hope to God he’s not hanging out with Jared Lorenzen and Byron Leftwich at the Golden Corral.

  10. If he wants to prove he can play again at a high level he should go play in the CFL for a year. If he can’t make it there he certainly can’t make it back in the NFL.

  11. I still think someone like Harbaugh or Reid might be able to do something with JaMarcus if he’s actually decided to put his god given talent to use instead of wasting it. He’s got size the size, arm strength and accuracy to be able to play in the league. He just suffers from the mental side of the game. If his time away from the game, and his exit from it, have taught him humility then he might be worth bringing in as a third stringer. He couldn’t be worse than John Skelton. Or Caleb Hanie. Or Ricki Stanzi. Or Jordan Palmer.

    Worst case scenario he comes in to camp overweight and is cut.

  12. Let me guess, the local Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t let him book them for his “event”.

  13. Normally, this story would be the most ridiculous published on this site in quite some time, however, the two stories posted below this one:

    1. Roger Goodell wants to remove the ‘head’ from the game of football.

    2. Kevin Kolb is in Buffalo to win a Super Bowl.

    What a day.

  14. This is a guy that grew up a little bit and realized that being young, dumb, fat, lazy and entitled cost him about a bazillion dollars.

  15. His Pro Day at LSU was phenomenal, according to Mayock and an assortment of talking heads.

    Why have him do it again when we all know it means nothing. If you want to see how he looks, fly him out. Simple.

  16. Tebow needs to take notice. If no team is even willing to LOOK at a 27 yr old former first overall pick, chances are that his dream of being a starting QB are over jonny.

  17. Thank God for the rookie salary cap … Thank you JaMarcus.
    While people blame Al Davis for the poor first round draft picks … Any team who picked a bust was set back 2-3 years.

  18. I am a little surprised no-one is willing to take a flyer on him for the absolute minimum. He’s gotta be better than Mark Sanchez, Blaine Gabbert or Christian Ponder.

    Well, at least Mark Sanchez.

  19. There’s a good party the night before the scheduled pro day. Don’t hate.

  20. The reason I don’t believe that any team will sign him is that JR’s problem was never arm strength or ability. It’s what was between his ears, and his inability to handle pressure.

    And a team can’t figure out if he has solved those problems with a tryout, a minicamp, a training camp or even a pre-season game.

    They would have to hold their breath until he played in a real regular season game that meant something. And I don’t think any team is willing to make that much of a commitment.

  21. Maybe he ran out of “purple drank?” That fat hog should just enjoy the $39 mill he stole from that dumbass, al davis…unless he’s broke?

  22. The funniest part of the article is the link in the article.
    “The 27-year-old Russell is only six years removed from a and convinced the Raiders to take him with the first overall pick in the draft. ”

    Try to read that and not die laughing.

  23. Its ironic how one website, not this one, sent me an email that it pulled my comment because I said his arse was wider that my snow shovel.

    The fact is I remember that when he went to camp he came there at like 275. He was huge. He was so out of shape they couldn’t hardly use him. You talk about partying after the draft, I think ribs and chicken were at that party.

    and its not funny. Think of all the people around him he let down and they don’t count. His team mates counted, the fans who paid money for tickets counted and the coaches counted and this guy took the money and totally bombed. That’s not funny. He had his chance and it was an expensive chance.

  24. No. Raiders scouts and lane kiffin wanted Adrian Peterson, Al Davis was the one who wanted Russell.

  25. My favorite thing about JaMarcus posts is the always-funny reference to “purple drank”. Next funny is “sizzurp”.

  26. It would be much better to work out for teams individually anyway. Some of these teams might want to avoid the media’s garbage, so keeping it low-pro might be more appealing.

  27. Now now, he just wanted to show his blocking skills against defensive linemen. He’d make a good right tackle. JaWalrus is certainly just as big as most in the league.

  28. idk i cant really feel bad for a guy who robbed oakland out of adrian peterson and 39 mil to become the biggest bust since ryan leaf.. we all know this guy has a canon for an arm. but its mostly his unfunctional brain..he cant read a defense to save his life. what makes ppl think he can now.. ‘only 6’ years removed from the game

  29. Here is the paradox with this subject:

    Russell will never, ever be good enough to start in the NFL. At the same time, do you want a guy who has his character traits as your backup? He allowed himself to get grossly overweight due to lack of effort, he did not study hard, he took a ton of money without feeling responsible to somehow pay back his employers equitably, and he was running purple cough syrup. Is that what you want as a backup?

    That is why there was no Pro Day. There is no Pro.

  30. In his defense, a pro day for all the teams would take hours. If he takes the teams one at a time it’ll only take an hour or so. Squeeze into a man girdle for up to 8 hrs straight, or several 1 hr stints. No brainer.

  31. Green Bay should bring him and Tebow in for a workout if they are willing to carry a clipboard for a couple year and then be traded.

    I don’t think Graham Harrell is any better as a long term back up solution to Rodgers and Coleman (practice squad) seems to be a non-factor. Anyone they draft this year can spend time on the practice squad.

  32. JaMarcus Russell cancels plan to hold his own Pro Day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx did the buffet table get in the way?

  33. This guy showed a complete inability to read NFL defenses during his time in the pros. Not to mention a shocking inaccuracy on his throws. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell did get another chance somewhere but I would be a little surprised if he made a team and much more surprised if he ever saw playing time again.

  34. “If a Jamarcus throws on the field, and no one is there to see it, does he still throw?” Now we know the answer.

  35. He didn’t cancel his pro day– at the request of Cleveland’s GM, Mike Lombardturd, he is moving it to the Baton Rouge Pilot/Flying J.
    Lombardfart will be there in his red & white checked sports coat (and matching cane) and jimmy H will be there flipping burgers.

  36. Update: JaMarcus Russell has canceled his attempted come back all together.

    It won be much longer, I see a pattern developing here….

  37. Anyone else think this is crazy arrogant? I mean what’s next, will he plan – “The Decision” as to where he will play in 2013?

    Seriously, has-beens don’t hold “pro-day” events. He is lucky if some team signs him to the practice squad. This guy needs to come down to earth and get a fresh helping of reality. NO ONE WANTS YOU. However, you can go out and work to maybe beg a team to take a chance on you.

  38. Todd McShay
    “I can’t remember being in such awe of a quarterback in my decade of attending combines and pro days. Russell’s passing session was the most impressive of all the pro days I’ve been to. His footwork for such a big quarterback was surprising. He was nimble in his dropbacks, rolling out and throwing on the run. The ball just explodes out of his hands.”

    Mel Kiper
    “JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that fanbase, that football team — on the practice field, in that locker room. “Three years from now you could be looking at a guy that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league. …You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look out because the skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like.”

    And these guys are still employed

  39. I wouldn’t mind it if the Bills gave him a shot at training camp. What have we got to lose? If he stinks, he can get cut before preseason.

  40. “The 27-year-old Russell is only six years removed from a Pro Day that wowed scouts and convinced the Raiders to take him with the first overall pick in the draft.”

    So, if a stellar Pro Day last time was a terrible indicator of how he would perform in the NFL then why would any team be swayed by another one?…

  41. Bunch of Internet winners who has never made 30 million dollars making fatties and purple drank jokes up in here

  42. “Pro day”.

    And we’re using the term “Pro” extremely loosely here.

    The only thing this guy was ever a pro at was being a professional thief and a professional bum.

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