Jets easily could excuse Revis from attending offseason workouts, but choose not to

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The current dispute between the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis has been slightly overstated.

Revis realizes that he has three million reasons to show up for the offseason program, which opens next week.  Three different $1 million bonuses (roster, reporting, and workout) depend on Revis participating in at least 80 percent of the offseason workouts.

The disagreement comes from the Jets’ refusal to treat the player’s ongoing rehab activities in Arizona as the equivalent of participating in offseason workouts in New Jersey.  With the first two weeks of the program, which for the Jets launches on April 15, consisting of weightlifting, conditioning, and injury rehab, Revis won’t be doing anything dramatically different with the team than the things he’d be doing if he continued his ACL rehabilitation efforts in Arizona.

Revis, we’re told, prefers staying in Arizona primarily because he’d like to avoid the media crush that will greet him every time he arrives to or exits from the team’s facility.  With the Jets shopping Revis (if not actively then passively-aggressively), the circumstances of his contract have changed.  Significantly.

The Jets don’t see it that way.  Though the team’s refusal to let Revis conduct his offseason workouts in Arizona has prompted speculation that the organization is simply messing with him, some think that new G.M. John Idzik genuinely believes a relationship can be established with Revis, and that the situation can be salvaged with the team re-signing Revis for the long haul.

Regardless of whether Revis is traded prior to or during the draft (more on that later), Revis will attend the offseason workouts — even though he could, in theory, skip the first week and part of week two while still complying with the 80-percent threshold for complying with the various bonus payments.  But that would leave him with little or no margin for error if he’s ultimately not traded.

Even though there’s still a good chance he’ll be dealt to Tampa, $3 million is too much to wager on this specific proposition.

11 responses to “Jets easily could excuse Revis from attending offseason workouts, but choose not to

  1. Time to pull the rip cord ! See how many hoops I would jump through to have money like that at stake???

  2. Just another day and another repeat of the same question; “what are the Jets doing?”. This team has only taken 1st in their division twice since 1969, and now over 10 years since the last of those 2 times.

    What is the plan New York of the AFC?

  3. If it meant trading the salt for the pepper shaker, the Jets would find a way to completely screw it up.

  4. I don’t know why they should excuse anything. The guy has been a pain in their a$& his whole time there.
    And, keep him? Really?
    No cornerback is worth quarterback money. Ever. Period.
    Especially when it’s a bad team with quite a few holes.
    That’s like thinking it makes sense to own an $80,000.00 car on a middle class income.
    There are many better ways to spend the money.
    If they’ve got a sucker ready to pony up a first, they’re crazy not to take it.

  5. Jets played this perfectly, they were unable to get what they saw as value, thus they will re-sign him. This whole situation is a win-win for the Jets. Because the entire NFL fan base is bandwagon-ish (yeah not a word but you get it), no one gives the, credit for playing this so nicely. The funny thing is when most ppl rip the jets they bring up moves from the past and work those into today’s conversation — which is totally ridiculous since they have a new GM — so every move from the past has NOTHING to do with today…but lets just ignore that and say its a complete circus because their qb sucks…

  6. What constitutes a holdout? If missing OTAs fall into that definition then it is the 3 years that is motivating him. Miss a day and he is locked in for 3 more years (but he can still get the 3 million by showing up for the 80%)

  7. right the jets should just pay the guy for doing nothing to earn the money they are paying him. if you expect me to feel sorry for this selfish jerk you can forget it. he gets paid 3 million bucks to show up and watch everybody else work out,yeah such a tough job and so unfair of the jets to ask him to do. maybe they just might want to see how he is progressing in his rehab in person instead of depending on updates. and maybe just maybe they want to see him do what his contract says he is suppose to. nobody forced him to sign it and you can bet if the jets did not follow to the letter their end of the contract he would be filing grievances and suing the jets for all he could get.

  8. @spedman

    He is NOT playing this well at all. You really think Revis would resign with the Jets after they busted his chops and jerked him around like this? Unless the money is what he is looking for (which the Jets won’t offer because they’ve already SAID they wouldn’t) Revis is playing another down in a Jets uniform after this season if they don’t move him.

  9. So now Mevis DOESN’T want any media attention. He really needs to make up his mind. Can’t have it both ways.

  10. Glad to see the Jets new GM doing the right thing. Mike T. would have allowed Revis to do ANYTHING he wanted (and he did allow it) – Idzik is running the Jets correctly. Proving to be the right hire thus far

  11. The NYJ fans I know are so sick of this guy’s antics that they want him traded. How bad has a guy damaged his own reputation when he is head and shoulders the team’s best player and some of the fans just want him out of there because he’s a pain in the rear?
    And no the NYJ should NOT pay him to do his thing in AZ. That’s insane.

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