McClain clears waivers, becomes free agent

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To little surprise, Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain has cleared waivers.  No team would have been willing to claim the his top-10 pre-rookie wage scale contract.

But now that McClain is a free agent, teams are interested.  (Technically, he a free agent and not an unrestricted free agents; the term “unrestricted” implies that his contract has expired.)

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple franchises have expressed interest in McClain.  However, teams will have trepidation about a guy who has underperformed on the field and overperformed, in the wrong way, off the field.

22 responses to “McClain clears waivers, becomes free agent

  1. Can’t wait till someone else signs this bum to a minimum deal and he gets his bottom spanked by a veteran who takes no shorts. Tired of his no-good name being attached to us. The Legacy of Mediocrity dies with you, Robozo. May it serve you well.

  2. Two Oakland Raider top 10 draft pick busts making news in the same day. Hopefully Reggie McKenzie can change the culture in Oaktown, and these types of failings won’t be making constant headlines.

  3. Al Davis’ last first round pick lives up to his expectations. LOL

  4. The Browns should sign this dude. He has a lot to prove and will be very motivated. A one year contract would get the most out f him this season for a new contract next year.

    Are you listening Lombarti? You’re welcome.

  5. A change of scenary might be good for him. He needs to be put in a winning environment surrounded by some veterans who can teach him how to be a professional. On a 1 year veteran minimum deal, the Texans might be a good fit if they can get over his past character issues.
    If not, expect him to sign with the Bengals. The Bengals do a great job of reforming guys with character issues.

  6. I dont have any facts to back this up but I think he’s going to sign with the Ravens. They need a cheap stop gap guy at ISLB and with his value slipping they could afford him. The 3-4 I see there is Dummerville and Suggs at OSLB and McClain along with Upshaw or Jameel McClain at ISLB.

  7. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick between the two… I’d rather have JaMarcus back than Rolando. I am not trolling.

  8. Slowlando McLame ,what a LOSER!! So happy to never have to watch him jog after being run over again.Addition by subtraction.I hope justice prevails and he’s living in a refrigerator box under a bridge real soon.Never earned one cent of his salary,hopefully if he does sign anywhere, it’s in the AFC West.He’s a criminal who should be jailed like the animal that he is.

  9. bring him to the my colts on a vet min deal, he had his better days in a 3-4D ILB, not a fully guaranteed deal tho

  10. Next time I want to state an opinion as fact I’m going to use the line “per a source with knowledge of the situation…”

  11. Most likely he revives his career after getting away from the Reggie Mckenzie train wreck.

  12. Minnesota makes so much sense for him that there is no way it happens. Baltimore is going draft, this kid just doesn’t look like an Ozzie pick up. Cincinnati would make sense if they weren’t already set in the middle with Burfict.

    New Orleans could be a nice landing spot for him. Their defense is so offensive that they can’t afford not to look at talent that comes cheap, even if it might be defective. They are moving to a 34 this year. And if ever there was a guy whose character screams Rob Ryan, it is Rolando “(expletive deleted) Y’all” McClain.

  13. “The Browns should sign this dude. He has a lot to prove and will be very motivated.”

    Whether McClain would be motivated is debatable but ultimately irrelevant. No amount of motivation can compensate for his complete incompetence as a professional football player.

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