Patriots agree to deal with Tommy Kelly


Tommy Kelly became an object lesson with the Raiders, an example of the kind of awful contract that got them into their current mess.

Now, he’s on the other end of the spectrum.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Patriots have agreed to a two-year deal with the former Raiders defensive tackle. There were no numbers involved in Rapoport’s report, but it’s going to be a far cry from the seven-year, $50.5 million deal the Raiders gave him in 2008.

Kelly’s 32, and clearly on the downside of a good career. But he’s also versatile enough to be a good piece for the Patriots line that has made good use of veterans in the past.

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  1. BB loves him some former Al Davis era Raiders.
    One reason I was a little surprised that my Pats didn’t take a look at Heyward Bey and Huff.

  2. Nice move. The DL is looking very strong this year. I’m eager to see how our two new prospects from the CFL fit on the DL.

  3. It has to be for the vet minimum. It’s hard to believe a player the Raiders cut would even make the Patriots’ roster.

  4. He’s a lazy malcontent that has been labeled as such by most Pats fans who post comments on this site. Looking forward to the revision, although nothing will top the endless mocking of Aqib Talib during his gun trouble and subsequent transformation into the second coming of Deion Sanders when the Pats acquired him.

    Gotta love it.

  5. Solid signing. At worst this guy will be good in a rotation w/ Wilfork, Armstead and Kyle Love.

  6. I would want to see the guaranteed money on this deal before I judged it. I would guess there’s little to none and the Patriots want to see if he’ll play hard enough in training camp to keep his career going.

  7. This is a terrible move. Kelly had long since quit (on the field) and didn’t deserve another chance on an NFL roster.

    He won’t make the team. He’s a complete waste of a roster spot.

  8. Now in a pats uniform his penalties will be cut in half, refs loved to blast him while in silver and black, hell who am I kidding refs love to ring up anyone in Silver and Black.

  9. This reminds of the old Raiders days … When Al Davis was the one picking up these types of players and turning around their career when nobody wanted them.
    This is the difference between winning and losing. The winners get players for cheap while the losers have to over pay players.

  10. He’s a lazy malcontent that has been labeled as such by most Pats fans who post comments on this site.
    So Patriot fans were opining about Tommy Kelly while he was a Raider?
    Show me one…just one…example that was the case.

  11. Downside of a good career? Now that is funny…he had maybe one good season and is an offsides penalty machine.

    Have fun hearing his name being called five yards at a time Pats fans.

    Funny how ex-Raiders have ‘good careers’ after they are cut, but when they are Raiders they are crap.

  12. thegreg’s a little bitter wouldn’t you say?

    NONE of us that I am aware of think Talib is the second coming of Deion. For one, he tackles…but I digress. We just are happy to have anyone remotely competent there. It’s been awhile. He looks like Revis compared to some of those guys. The Pats wouldn’t even have needed Talib if Leigh Bodden had stayed healthy. I loved Leigh all the way back to his Browns days.
    And no I wasn’t thrilled that he had all that legal stuff going on. I am actually glad he took a 1 year deal instead of the longer one the Pats offered him.

  13. rc33 says: Apr 8, 2013 3:42 PM

    He’s a lazy malcontent that has been labeled as such by most Pats fans who post comments on this site.
    So Patriot fans were opining about Tommy Kelly while he was a Raider?
    Show me one…just one…example that was the case.

    Bill Belichik has always loved Tommy Kelly. I knew this would happen. One year Belichik said “Tommy Kelly is one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL.” Quoted verbatim.

  14. Kelly is a good player. He wasn’t great last year but I think he’s got a couple years left and just checked out due to frustration.

    And can we stop prefacing every article having anything to do with the Raiders with some kind of Reggie McKenzie apologist slant about how bad the Raiders were prior to his arrival? It’s getting ridiculous.

    The guy took over a team that was 8-8 back-to-back years, made some bad decisions (keeping Seymour at $15 mil; Brisiel signing; overpaying Branch; firing Hue Jackson; signing off on Knapp and the ZBS; old, injury-prone CB signings predictably got hurt; and entered the season without a single edge rusher which led us to a 31st ranking in sacks) went 4-12 and decided to blow the whole thing up this off-season.

    Tommy Kelly was slightly overpaid but had some nice years and can be a beast when motivated.

  15. acruiser75 says:Apr 8, 2013 4:10 PM

    Pats fans… get used to hearing “offside number 93″ at least twice a game this season.


    Twice a game? I’d bet he had maybe 3 or 4 all season last year. Would love to see the real stat.

    Typical case of my Raider fan bretheren going to extremes to diminish any individual player on the roster out of anger due to our poor overall record — particularly any guy McKenzie decided to part with.

    TK will be a good value pickup and very nice addition to the Pats d-line. Mark it down.

  16. Good move by Bill Belichik. He knows when to get rid of a player, when to sign a situational player and how to scheme to make it all work every year.
    Belichik is brilliant.

  17. Blah blah blah, Belichick is a genius etc…

    They love picking up other team’s cancers, some work out, others don’t, but all we hear about is how amazing their perfect locker room is and how everyone changes with “The Patriot Way”


  18. humb0lt says: Apr 8, 2013 3:30 PM

    It has to be for the vet minimum. It’s hard to believe a player the Raiders cut would even make the Patriots’ roster
    Dude, you don’t follow the game do you? He was let go for salary cap issues of which the Raiders are dying from. Put down your Better homes and gardens and read a sports mag or something before posting. NE has done well in the past with players from teams much worse than 8-8. Some peoples kids…

  19. Bad move. Another washed up over the hill defensive lineman signed by the Pats. Add him to the two unproven Cfl’ers they signed and things don’t look too good . Brady doesn’t have too many years left,they need to do it now. Nine years no rings. I don’t want to hear about “We almost won it.”

  20. Why do people post when they have no clue what they are talking about?

    wrenches2pipes says,

    Add him to the two unproven CFL’ers) Unproven like Armond Armstead former USC player who was a CFL All Star and was pursued by multiple NFL teams before signing with New England ?

  21. Oh, and I’m sorry… when was Kelly a good player? He’s always been a mediocre player and has NEVER affected a game positively in such a way as to be missed.

  22. Nine years no rings?! Wahhhhhh cry me a river fair weather fan. That’s about %80 of the whole patriots fanbase. When Brady is done wwonder how many fans will still be around.

  23. Kelly was a “great playa” (in my best Al Davis voice) for exactly one season, Cable Guy’s 8-8 year that featured a 6-0 sweep of the division. There was always the hope that he would realize his potential [he can play literally any position on the line, end, three-tech, nose, etc] but Kelly is just a diva with his head in the clouds. BB has an obsession with former Al Davis projects, and I think this will turn out more like Doug Gabriel and Lamont Jordan, less like Randy Moss.

  24. “Fat guy in a little coat…” (Yes, I know that’s Tommy Callahan, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head.)

  25. Love this signing. Although not the same player, most Pats fans will remember the trade for a 35 yr old TWashington and how important he was. Kelly was great in 2011, but had a bad yr last yr. OK, maybe he knew he was playing for a team going nowhere, and knew he would be a cap casualty after the season. Willing to give the benefit of a doubt to a player that potentially can play at such a high level. Who cares about the offsides, he was probably just trying to guess snap counts. He’ll learn real fast that doesn’t fly in NE.

    As for the Talib thing, it’s not just about him. During the joint preseason practices w/TB they loved him. Between Talib and starting Dennard, there was a domino effect on the D where Arrington and McCourtey played their best positions(slot CB and FS). Balti couldn’t move the ball against that lineup in the AFC Championship game. When MCole had to cover Boldin, it was over. Talib is still on a 1 yr contract, so he has somethig to play for.

    Does typing ‘spygate’ on every Pats thread to see how many ‘thumbs down’ you can get really make you happy? There must be better uses for your time. Wait, maybe not.

  26. As a Raider fan, Pats got a good DT Kelly is still strong, but his motivation/play has gone up and down along with the mess that has been Oakland last 10 years. Who Can Blame him? Playing next to Wilfork on a Non Dysfunctional team, I fully expect the Beast to come out of Kelly, And I for one will be rooting for him…not the team…just him.

  27. Its funny to read these hypocritcal comments from the so called good signing commentors. You eggheads bashed him for years…

  28. What’s with the “fair weather fans” comments, and why do those even get on?? The Patriots home games are sold out every year!!

    I make relevent, well writen comments and they don’t get on, then Patriots threads get polluted with all these fishing posts.

  29. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t break him of his bad habits. “OFFSIDES”.

    Good luck Bill.

  30. From the little I saw of Tommy Kelly, it just seemed like he mentally checked out on the Raiders and just did whatever he felt like doing on the field, be it emotional outbursts or stupid penalties…Low risk signing here and I can guarantee if he doesn’t pull himself together and cut the nonsense, he’ll be on the first bus out of New England

    Would still like to see a field-stretching receiver taken in the draft, along with another impact defensive player

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