PFT on NBC Sports Network: Matt Hasselbeck

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Another week is underway and we’ve got plenty to talk about on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

Tom Curran of CSN New England will drop by to fill us in on the possibility that tight end Rob Gronkowski will need to have another surgery on his forearm while Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune will share his thoughts on this weekend’s column about this possibly being quarterback Phillip Rivers’ last stand with the Chargers. Erik Kuselias, Mike Florio and Ross Tucker will also be on hand to discuss the rest of the big news from the day.

Florio will also interview new Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck about his move from one AFC South team to another. We’ll hear what made Hasselbeck keen on Indianapolis to continue his career and what he thinks he can do to help Andrew Luck be an even better quarterback in Luck’s second season.

It all gets going at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

3 responses to “PFT on NBC Sports Network: Matt Hasselbeck

  1. If i could hang out with ANY player in the NFL past or present, it would diffidently be HASSELBECK!!!
    I’m a Steeler fan living in Seattle, and I would say that Matt is my favorite player in the history of the game. My office is plastered from wall to wall, floor to ceiling in Steelers gear, with the exception of a lone Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck jersey lol. I think Andrew Luck is very lucky his front office had the idea of signing this guy as a mentor.
    AND PS for all the haters that only remember Matt for the “we want the ball, and we’re gona score” game, if you go back and watch that play the safety came to the line, Matt audible to a deep pass… had the DE not gotten a hand on the ball, it was a TD ALL DAY!

  2. He is going to do what Peyton would not do. Mentor Andrew Luck. That is why Peyton is no longer with the Colts. No hard feelings though, as it has worked out well for everyone. Go Blue.

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