ProFootballTalk: RGIII makes Redskins elite organization

The Washington Redskins return a majority of starters from last season, but the PFT guys still see glaring areas of need. Linebacker, receiver and the secondary could all use an upgrade, but with Robert Griffin III in the fold, the Redskins will continue to be competitive.

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8 responses to “ProFootballTalk: RGIII makes Redskins elite organization

  1. I don’t get how you guys see linebacker and reciever as “glaring issues.” Redskins had 3 recievers with 40+ catches and 4 recievers over 500 yards. And that was without Garcon and Davis out for half of the season, those two could have had big seasons. Then we have three really good linebackers. Fletcher who is still really good even at his age and one of the most underrated players in history. Kerrigan is coming long really nice and will only get better with Orakpo coming back. We may need to draft a replacement for fletcher though. The secondary is obviously the biggest weakness of this team. However, we have no clue how the starting secondary would have done. Jackson and Meriweather didn’t play. Yeah that will obviously be what they address in the early rounds of the draft, but i wouldn’t be so quick to write them off. This could be a really good team. Redskins will go 12-4 next season. Not saying a super bowl but they will be a very tough team to beat.

  2. If you’re saying linebacker is a weak point because Fletcher, Riley and Orakpo are free agents next year I don’t understand that argument because that’s next year. The Redskins will be 35 million under the salary cap next year plenty of enough money to resign who they want. The only weak point I see is the secondary but with Meriweather and Jackson coming back with draft pics and free agents signed hopefully that will help fix the problem. Like rtant2013 said wide receiver isn’t a weak point Garcon and Davis both were out more than half the season each.

  3. Since it looks like we are in a pretty nice place right now and with little to no salary cap space to sign any additional free agents or our draft picks, something i havent heard anyone mention is the possibility to of trading our 2013 draft picks for 2014 draft picks…thoughts?

  4. Making the argument that the Skins are solid at WR even though their 2 best receivers were hurt for most of last season doesn’t make sense to me. They cannot count 100% on Davis returning to full form after tearing his achilles. And no one really knows if Garcon will be able to play a full season after opting out of surgery to repair his foot.The Skins obviously need secondary help and will get it via the draft but in a draft thats very deep with quality DBs I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Skins get a WR with one of their first two picks.

  5. How many good decisions did Bruce Allen & Mike Shanahan make with the Redskins before RGIII came to the team?

    John Beck…remember him.

    If it wasn’t for RGIII, who basically fell into their lap as a no-brainer pick….then Bruce Allen & Shanahan would be filing for unemployment. It’s not like they found some sort of gem QB in a late round.

    It was pretty much spelled out for them to pursue/draft RGIII, just like the Colts for Andrew Luck. It was expected, any moron watching ESPN/NBC/etc could’ve figured out to pick RGIII.

  6. My beloved Redskins have developed continuity. That chemistry can only improve. We didn’t loose any free agents. We let “Ma-Doo-D00” Williams walk and that alone improved our secondary. Merriweather is a ball hawk and when Jackson comes back we will be even better. Our linebackers did well last year. No.59 is getting older but we can draft a late round prospect and develop him. The second pick I have to say I’m not sure if we should get a safety/corner with. Maybe we can trade back or just pick the best available player. As a true fan our team is still trying to fill Sean Taylor’s shoes. It still feels ….just so wrong that he was killed. I think if Sean was still alive Laron Landry would have become a true beast. The Taylor/Landry tandem would have been perennial pro bowlers. HTTR………

  7. smashscott says:
    Apr 9, 2013 8:57 PM
    “If it wasn’t for RGIII, who basically fell into their lap as a no-brainer pick..”

    dude are you serious? how did he fall to the Skins? They had to go out and get him via a very high cost, high visibility trade.

    It was an aggressive move — not like someone that fell to them. You could say Rodgers fell to the packers but to claim Griffin “fell” to the Redskins (when they had to move up to get him) is completely wrong.

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