Report: Bucs are getting impatient with Revis situation

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The Buccaneers want to make it known that they can’t be strung along forever on the Darrelle Revis trade front.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Bucs are growing impatient with the process of acquiring Revis in a trade with the Jets. The Bucs have long been viewed as the most likely trading partner if the Jets decide to get rid of Revis, who is their best player but is also coming off a torn ACL, entering the final year of his contract, and likely to demand huge money in a new contract in 2014.

According to Cole, the Buccaneers are willing to trade first-, third- and sixth-round picks for Revis, and the Bucs are also willing to pay Revis $15-16 million a year on a long-term contract.

But if the Bucs are offering all that and it hasn’t yet resulted in a deal getting done, the Bucs may be starting to think a deal simply isn’t going to get done.

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  1. LOL! I understand the Bucs’ needs for a CB, but there are more attractive alternatives than trading for Revis, such as, you know, drafting well.

  2. The Jets are shooting themselves in the foot on this one, given that the first rounder is this year which is either a 12 or 13 can’t remember, you can use your 9th pick and the 13th to start to fill glaring holes in your team with potential studs and an extra 3rd you could go after the best player on the board which this draft is pretty deep so you could hit the jackpot there also.

    I know Revis is the franchise and a true shutdown corner. (As a pats fan I am very aware of this) But he doesn’t exactly walk on water holding out or threatening to hold out every time you turn around. Get some high character guys in the 1st who can contribute right away, seems like a no brainier but these are the Jet’s we are talking about

  3. Agreed with Pinch. If they’re offering all that, why is the deal not done, and the jets preparing to make 2 picks in the first. That’s why they’re the Jets I guess

  4. WTF… do the trade you dum Jets front office.
    pure idiots are running this team.

  5. If that deal were true that would mean there are two complete moron GM’s. the bucs for offering that and the Jets for not taking it. I dont see that being the package offered.

  6. Reminds me of when the Bengals told the Deadskins NO to TWO 1st round picks in exchange for “Chad Johnson”.

  7. before we kill idzik and the jets let’s be sure cole knows what he’s talking about. I’m sure if they’re giving a 1, 3 and 6 the jets would have already done it

  8. Idzik can’t pull the trigger on any deal. Afraid of his own shadow. Jets clock will expire during draft while he’s hiding in the bathroom or under the desk.

  9. The sticking point is what year these picks are. If they were all 2013 picks the deal would be done.

    But the Bucs aren’t handing over their 2013 first rounder and Idzik smartly isn’t getting rid of Revis without that 2013 first rounder.

    Jets have all the leverage here and Idzik knows it.

  10. The one question that this article leaves unanswered is for what year are the draft picks being offered? No way the Jets turn down this offer if all three picks are for this year. However, my sense from everything I’ve read is that the Bucs are offering their first rounder in 2013. For a Jets team that needs to start building immediately, getting no higher than a third rounder this season for the best CB in the league makes sense. If the Bucs don’t want to give up their first rounder this year, then they absolutely need to give up a second rounder this season.

  11. Remember folks, the Bucs aren’t offering their 1st round pick this year, but their 2014 1st. The Jets would indeed take the Bucs’ 2013 1st, 3rd and 6th for Revis.

    Personally, I’d still do that deal if I were GM of the Jets – the Bucs will suck again this year even with Revis. Their 2014 may be a top ten pick next year. They play Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina twice next year – they probably won’t win a single divisional game. They may win half of their remaining ten games, going 5-11.

    The Jets should take the deal and celebrate getting rid of that greedy headache once and for all…

  12. Pretty sure that early reports cited that the Bucs are offering a 2014 vs a 2013 1st rounder and that is the sticking point in negotiations. Makes sense as it could be the difference between a guaranteed #13 in 2013 vs a potentially 20+ pick in 2014, depending how the Bucs do. Given the lackluster talent in the 2013 draft, I’d personally accept a 2014 first rounder but I’m sure lots of Jets admin and coaches don’t want to sacrifice 2013…or their jobs. And the potential of not getting a top 15 pick for Revis in 2014 is prob a big deterrent.

  13. Be careful, Revis and the Jets. This could be a golden opportunity to rebuild that joke of a franchise.

    After all, it has been said that avarice is the root of all evil.

  14. We went 3-3 in the division last year. And lost games last second to the saints and falcons. Could have easily been 5-1 in the division. Sirsupersouthersn so evidentally you have no clue what your talking
    Saying the bucs won’t win a division game.

  15. To the genius who said the Jets have all the leverage, they have none…
    Revis wants out & Woody Johnson wants him gone, if he’s still a Jet this season, he just walks next season and the Jets get a 3rd rounder, nothing more. The Bucs can sit back, keep their 1st rd pick, and draft any number of talented NFL ready CBs from a very deep CB draft. No, the Jets are the ones who have to make some sort of move, and Idzik playing hardball isn’t going to help their situation. They are really better off taking the Bucs ’14 1st rd when there will at least be viable 1st rd talent at QB, unlike this year where you’ll be hard pressed to find 1st rd QB talent, this year’s crop of QB’s really sucks big time.

  16. The Glazers get impatient if they don’t get what they want immediately. Cant imagine what they are feeling now, but it’s way beyond impatient!

  17. I wonder if Mevis would behave any better on you know…. a professionally run franchise?

    He certaintly walks all over the hapless jets.

  18. The Jets want this years 2013 first round pick and the Bucs only want to give 2014 first round. Read that extra article before all you’s come on saying how stupid they are for not doing the deal. Seems like it’s just the cool thing to do these days, bash the Jets. The Bucs 2013 first round pick is 13th, next season the Bucs are gunna be much better.. If the Jets traded for 2014 they are looking at a pick closer to 30th than 20th. Use your heads, that’s almost a 2nd, 3rd and a 6th. If any of your teams had a player like Revis and was trading him, it would be completely ok with this strategy because its your teams.. Hypocrites.

  19. The Jets have ZERO leverage. The Bucs should just wait until Revis is a free agent next year and sign him… leaving the dysfunctional Jets with nothing for Revis but their dicks in their hand.

  20. As a Bucs fan I want Revis on our team. I am not worried about his ACL. These days, they can patch up an ACL roll you back out there. But NO WAY do I want him for that price (draft picks and his contract). If that is truly what is on the table the Jets are idiots if they don’t make the move.

    Sit this one out Glazers, he may put a few people in the seats today, but we want a team that will be around for the long term. They should have signed 2 of the free agent corners for 1/3 the price (combined) and still draft one in the first round.

  21. No wonder the Jets have become a laughingstock. Coming off injury there are no guarantees plus the fact his name has been involved in trade discussions, he will be a distraction if not traded. The trade sounds more than fair.

  22. sirsupersouthern says:
    Apr 8, 2013 7:17 AM
    Remember folks, the Bucs aren’t offering their 1st round pick this year, but their 2014 1st. The Jets would indeed take the Bucs’ 2013 1st, 3rd and 6th for Revis.

    Personally, I’d still do that deal if I were GM of the Jets – the Bucs will suck again this year even with Revis. Their 2014 may be a top ten pick next year. They play Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina twice next year – they probably won’t win a single divisional game. They may win half of their remaining ten games, going 5-11.

    The Jets should take the deal and celebrate getting rid of that greedy headache once and for all…

    Bucs went 3-3 in division this year and 7-9 overall with a rookie coach, rookie RB, new #1 receiver, injuries to their best o-linemen, injury to the starting defensive end and one of the worst pass defenses in league history. Everyone’s healthy, majority of players have a year of the new schemes under their belt, they signed the best safety on the market in Goldson, and if they make the Revis deal and he’s anywhere close to form, will have markedly improved the secondary. Definitely can’t prdict the future, but all things considered, there’s no reason to expect the Bucs will regress.

  23. A 2014 1st rounder would be a better option for the Jets in terms of talent and options to move around in the draft next year. There is a PR issue if they don’t get a 2013 first rounder and it seems PR is what has been driving the Jets lately.

  24. The press is furious because for the first time in years, the Jets aren’t telegraphing their intentions.

    Meanwhile, if you hadn’t noticed, the Bucs offer has gotten better. Idzik knows he’s dealing with a bad franchise trying to be relevant. He’s doing this right.

  25. This deal makes no sense for the Bucs, at all. If they want a ‘marquee’ name, I hate to be the one to tell them, but nobody goes to see a team because of a cornerback! Especially one who’s ability is at question due to a serious knee injury. Money and draft picks are MUCH better spent elsewhere, they’ll be cutting their own throats for years if this deal goes through.

  26. sirsupersouthern

    I don’t know what you’ve been watching but we play those teams twice every year and last year the Bucs split their divisional games last year. Beat Carolina both times and Atlanta once. We’d have beaten the Saints the first time if our… you know SECONDARY could stop anyone. We had the 9th best offense in football last year with no defensive help.

    I’m pretty sure Revis could help in that dept. I’m sorry but there and with that offense the sky’s the limit.

  27. The Jets will still get their QB of the future with their own 1st round pick in 2015 (likely one if the top 3 …). Having a second 1st rounder only helps to ease the pain of the horrible 2013 season they’re going to have.

  28. If the Jets don’t take the offer, this is Revis’ last chance to make that kind of money. No team will give him $15mil/year once he’s a FA.

  29. if they give away that much for one player I will stroke out.

    There is no reason the Bucs should be getting impatient – on the clock is the perfect time to do the deal – after you’ve seen how the top ten shakes out and another month of Revis’ rehab has progressed…

  30. If Revis feels he’s “being deprived” of an extra 5-6 million this year and in the coming years because the Jets don’t move on this trade, he’s going to become 10 times the cancer he has been.

    The Jets are doing a great job of imploding and its not even the draft yet. Lol.

  31. I’m not sure who’s dumber here, the jets for not taking the offered picks, or the Bucs for offering that much for an injured diva. If the Bucs are that desperate for a CB, why not use the picks they’re willing to give up for him on CBs? The rookies would be cheaper and as long as your scouting department is somewhat competent the Bucs ought to hit on at least one of them.

  32. Way to go Izzy. Take your time, make the best deal. No way Mevis risk playing one down without a long term contract. So either the a jets get him for their price or he gets to play for a true contender next year. Revis would turn that Tampa Defense into a top 5.

    Worst case, Jets have the greatest CB in history for next 5 years.

  33. The only time you offer that kind of draft picks, is for a franchise QB, like the giants did in 2003.
    We have TWO super bowls, and Rivers is looking, at his final shot at reviving a SD team, which probably doesn’t happen anyways.
    Rivers jumps around so much, how he gets the ball out, I don’t know?
    Revis is good, not that good! Draft better, get value, build the team, one in three picks, should start.

  34. There’s no question that Revis is a great player, but as a Dolphins fan, I kind of what him to stick with the Jets now. It will be a circus with him on the team. Hell, they should keep Tebow too.

  35. The Bucs are insane if they trade that much and give him that type of contract. No cornerback is worth 15-16 mil a year and trading away 3 draft picks for a guy that could very well never be his former self is just flat out crazy.

    Also doesn’t help that the Jets have NO leverage here since they know they won’t be keeping him going forward and apparently no other team is interested. All Tampa has to do is show some patience and they could probably get him for a couple mid round picks or simply wait for him to become a free agent in a year and for a much lower contract than 15-16 as no other team will pay that given the market is depressed other than for QBs. Revis isn’t their lone missing piece so there is no need to do this right now and screw yourself out of a 1st round pick and that type of cash.

  36. It’s for a first rounder next year . Don’t assume they are giving all tht up . He doesn’t know crap

  37. The jets also are gonna be hit with a 14 million dollar cap hit so you guys that’s say the jets should jump all over that , I would think again when we are only 13 million under they cap now

  38. deal will get done as long as Bucs include that 1st this year. I’m sure, one way or another, jets will get that 13th pick. Tavon Austin wil be a Jet with that pick. Dion Jordan and Tavon Austin isn’t bad. Both can contribute right away which is what we need. Just get this deal done.

  39. That is a whole lot of compensation that I think the Bucs could spend better.

    And the jets… Crazy to bit immediately take the deal… But they’d probably waste all the picks on guys like Sanchez anyway so whatever.

    Bucs… Don’t sell the farm though.

  40. Without the benefit of a crystal ball, it appears that this is a high stakes game of chicken between dumb and dumber. The Bucs are foolish to offer so much for a damaged diva and the Jets are foolish to not assist with the Bucs’ mission to be as stupid as can be. Best case scenario for Bucs: Revis is effective in 2013 but not elite until 2014. Worst case Scenario: Revis doesn’t recover quickly, loses a step, takes up valuable cap space, prevents Bucs from filling other glaring roster deficiencies, Bucs miss out on potential playmakers drafted by Jets with Bucs’ picks. Best case scenario for Jets: Drafting multiple playmakers with picks swiped from Bucs. Worst case: The trade doesn’t happen, Revis heals adequately enough to rejects contract extension offer and leaves Jets as unrestricted f/a and signs with the Patriots.

  41. I can’t believe they’re willing to pay $15-16 mil on a player coming back from an ACL tear, at a position where losing a fraction of a step makes the diff between All-Pro and average.

  42. The Bucs may want to just walk away now. Do they really want Revis in the fold with all this drama?

    Perhaps the best way to get fans into the stadium is to put real effort into developing the men they have and start winning some games–they are not without talent.

  43. BTW, there’s another possibility holding up trade talks: The Buccs aren’t offering as much as is being reported, and/or they are not willing to pay Revis near his asking price.

  44. Good grief are the Jets really this incompetent? You get rid of an grossly overpriced player coming off a serious injury you will probably lose in free agency the following year anyway and three valuable draft picks including a first and a third. What part of this does not sound like great deal?

  45. There’s more to this than you know. If that was the deal, the Jets would be idiots not to take it. Just like the stock market, don’t believe everything you read.

  46. Revis knows the stakes and wants to be traded to get 15-16m per year from the bucs…Revis is following the money and hope to trigger this trade by refusing to attend offseason workouts and get on the Jets nerves with his diva acts and drama

  47. As a Patriots fan I fully support this trade to the Bucs. I think I speak for the rest of the AFC East when I say that. Hopefully they do it.

  48. I just want to make sure I’m reading a few of these comments correctly; I’m being told that the injured CB in recovery with one more year on his contract with the Jets who can not have the franchise tag placed on him meaning he can sign with anyone after next season and New York will at best receive one compensatory draft pick no higher than the end of the 2nd round…this CB and the one team who is interested in trading multiple draft picks and likely a RB in Blount who would end up starting for the team he’s traded too, are at the mercy of the New York Jets, who hold all the cards?

    Stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself. The Jets have no leverage. The Bucs draft well and find ways to move up for top prospects without giving up much. Their last draft resulted in Mark Barron, Doug Martin and Lavonte David with their first three picks. Not a bad haul. If the Jets screw this up. They’ll just end up likely losing Revis to the Bucs or one of their hated AFC East rivals next season for nothing but a compensatory pick in return.

    My advice; make the deal with the Bucs. Take one of those picks in 2014 so you’ll have ammo to land the top QB prospect. Let Tampa extend Revis for big money. The Glazers have always shown the willingness to pay for superstar talent if/when it’s available. Keep Revis out of New England, or Miami or even Buffalo. Don’t outsmart yourself, New York.

  49. I got a question. ..What if Last offseason Adrian Peterson was in this same situation? ? All you guys wouldve said is “don’t pay him” “he tore his ACL” “He won’t be the same” “Why would anyone trade a 1,3,6 for a running back comung off an ACL”……and everyone of you who would’ve said that would’ve been wrong because HE AND Jamal Charles Came off ACL injuries AS RUNNING BACKS. And they were BETTER….one more question if you were the GM of the browns, cardinals, bills, raiders or Jets would you trade a 1,3,6 for RG3 right now?? Yes you would and he is coming off an ACL also.. So the Bucs really neef a corner and they will get one in Revis, and he will be in All Pro form if not better. And the Team as a whole will be better.

  50. The real story is the media is frustrated fact is the teams are just doing their normal posturing and the media keeps putting stories like this out and all the trolls jump all over it

  51. I live in Fl and I love how these dolphins fans are so obsessed with the jets its pathetic you would think they would focus on NE. I guess that’s why they are the dolphins with J lo jimmy etc. If they won five supwrbowls in a row people would still have no respect for the fins and their delusional fans

  52. There’s alot of things to factor in this trade. Ryan surely doesn’t want to let Revis walk on a hot seat season . The Buccaneers would also want a front ended contract that would protect them should Revis become a head case or a distraction.

  53. Some of you are absurd. The Bucs aren’t willing to trade this year’s 1st rounder, they want to trade the 2014 first rounder. You would think the Jets would want that pick, being that they will need a new franchise QB then. Too bad Idzik doesn’t realize the Bucs hold all the cards. Wait till Dominik drafts two CBs and tells Idzik to shove it. At that point Revis will only be worth a 2-3 round pick.

  54. Revis is crazy. Dude is out for a year with a major injury and now he wants more money than Tom Brady.

    That’s just hilarious. This guy is the most overrated over-hyped player in the NFL, and unfortunately, he buys his own hype.

    To those that disagree, show me the numbers. Dude’s stats were above-average, but not phenomenal. He’s never led the NFL in any stat. And you can’t say it’s because QBs avoid him, because that’s not true. Look at his targets. It’s about average. He may be a decent cover corner, but he’s not the best ever, and he definitely doesn’t deserve Tom Brady money. Especially after an ACL injury. Ugh.

  55. I don’t understand what the Buccs are doing. You only offer that much for Revis if you’re only one or two pieces away from title contention and they’re not.

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