Report: Bucs bring back Dan Orlovsky


The Buccaneers dropped quarterback Dan Orlovsky from the roster last week, but it appears they didn’t like living without him all that much.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune reports that Orlovsky re-signed with the team on Monday. That suggests his departure was caused by a difference of opinion as to Orlovsky’s value for the 2013 season, one that the Buccaneers wound up winning if Orlovsky’s brief stint as a free agent confirmed he wasn’t going to land the same deal or better in another town.

Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has talked about creating competition for Josh Freeman, who is heading into the final year of his contract. He’s also more recently gone out of their way to make it clear that he sees Freeman as the starter and a player capable of leading the Buccaneers to better places.

Orlovsky’s a better fit on the latter side. He’s a decent veteran backup who could start in a pinch, but he’s been around eight years and isn’t going to be the guy who pushes Freeman aside. They’ll probably have to look to the draft for competition or an alternative to giving Freeman a new deal, giving them a couple of weeks to sort things out before the draft gets underway.

21 responses to “Report: Bucs bring back Dan Orlovsky

  1. Turner did a fantastic Job with Josh, but he and Dan are both not the answers at QB…Tampa Bay will be competitive though…Look for them fighting for that last wildcard spot.

  2. Laughable, The great Mike Shanahan is the pinnacle of quarterback evaluation. He made John Elway into what he is and will make RGIII talked about in the same sentences as Bart Starr and Joe Montana.

    Coach Schiano should just give up and join the redskins staff as a defensive quality control, because thats how he measures up. HTTR

  3. Josh is fine. With anything resembling a secondary last season the Bucs are 9-7 or 10-6 minimum, and fighting for a wildcard.

  4. I feel bad for Orlovsky. He’s an above average backup but he will only ever be remembered for that one play.

  5. Dan Orlovsky must be very good giving an interview or he is lying on his resume because an NFL team that has watched him play must realize by now that this guy is below average.
    I thought the NFL was done recycling washed up quarterbacks.

  6. If they keep drafting good players like last year and get a No1 CB in the next offseason, they are headed for great years. Should be fun to watch them grow

  7. I’m a Saints and Raiders fan, who both played Tampa last year, so I’ve seen what Freeman can do and what he is capable of.

    I guess I don’t understand why every article I see about him is centered around “finding someone to compete with, or replace him”….is he honestly that bad?

  8. The man who ran along the out-of-bounds line at the back of the endzone!! Poster boy for Lions 0-16 season. Even my Browns haven’t fallen that far, but with Lombardi as GM and the little troll as team prez, who knows?

  9. Orlovsky’s a decent QB who had the double misfortune of both being stuck on an utterly awful Lions team, and of committing a really dumb mistake. Everybody makes dumb mistakes, but he got to make his on a historically bad team, meaning everybody remembers it. He’s a solid backup.

  10. Dominik’s playing reindeer games before the draft to disguise his lust for Geno Smith. Orlavsky will never survive until the 110X16 fitness/torture gauntlets when camp opens.

  11. It is just a BAD year to find yourself STUCK with a sub-par Qb such as JF… Luckily for JF their just isn’t any reliable QBs available this year to replace him so he keeps his job 1 more year.

    Hopefully next year’s QB class will be far superior to this 1 and the TB Bucs will land 1 of them to make that team consistent winners!

    I’m not real confident that if Dan gets to be a starter that he will impress either.

  12. It’s a sad situation when all you’ve got is Freeman and Orlovsky. Playoffs are a long, long way off.

  13. Look for a possible draft day trade with the Browns for Brandon Weeden. Weeden would be good competition this year and a reasonable replacement due to his favorable contract compared to a free agent.

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