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With the NFL Draft approaching, we’re taking a team-by-team look at the needs of each club. Up next is the one with the No. 2 overall selection, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have one choice in each round, and they’re going to need them all, and then some.

Quarterback: This one comes with an asterisk, because they reality is the Jags probably can’t get this spot fixed this offseason.

They’re going to give 2010 first-rounder Blaine Gabbert one more chance to prove he is or isn’t the guy to build around, promising a chance to compete. But when the “competition” at the moment is Chad Henne, it speaks poorly of both the team’s chances and the way you’ve defined the word.

And even if they wanted to draft one, there’s no clear option this year worth the second overall pick. They can either reach or wait a year, and ride this current group out. If they go that route, they’ll almost certainly be in position to draft one high next year.

Defensive end: The Jaguars were last in the league with 20 sacks last season, and no player on the roster had more than 3.5 for the season. That means no one was able to fall into a quarter of a sack per game, which seems impossible for a team that played 16 games (which they did).

New coach Gus Bradley’s going to try to find someone to occupy the “Leo” position, which is jargon for a weakside pass-rusher — a player that doesn’t have to be as big as a traditional 4-3 end, so long as he’s fast. It’s a direct descendant of the “Elephant”  the 49ers used in the ’90s (think Charles Haley, Chris Doleman), which traces its lineage from Bradley’s apprenticeship under Pete Carroll.

If there’s a prototype in this draft, it might be Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan, who weighs in the 240s, with long arms and 4.6 speed. There are others who could fit the bill (particularly if they move down, and Jordan’s talented enough to attract trade interest), but Jordan could be the kind of immediate-impact player the Jags might not find on the other side of the ball.

Cornerback: The Jaguars gave Rashean Mathis a gold watch and wished him well, cut short Aaron Ross’s Florida vacation and watched Derek Cox leave in free agency for San Diego. There’s not much left in the aftermath, and they clearly need to buy in bulk.

Offensive line: They found a good, solid tackle in Eugene Monroe in the 2009 first round, and pairing him with one of the top pass-protectors in this draft would make life easier for Gabbert or the guy who succeeds him next year. But they could easily use later picks on guards or centers with justification, as veteran center Brad Meester’s on his last legs.

Given the problems at the most important position on the field, it’s hard to imagine the Jags making up all the ground they need to this year. And to be honest, listing four draft needs seems about four positions short. But it’s reasonable to think if they draft well that they can make progress. The fact new general manager David Caldwell hasn’t made any rash expenditures already is a sign they might be on the right track.

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  1. Jags Needs: EVERYTHING

    Are we good at any position? OK, maybe Kicker…and punter (thanks, Gene…tongue placed firmly in cheek)

  2. Trading the 1st round pick won’t net a whole lot. take the CB. I love the stereotype that’s it s passing league but you can’t draft a CB high.

    But then trade back in the 2nd-4th rounds for additional picks this year and next.

  3. But the Jags had a list of needs the last offseason that you could have said they might need a couple offseasons to improve. The argument never ends if they can’t convert on having a great offseason to begin with. This team will always be at the bottom until they break the cycle of bad decisions and come up with a solid plan.

  4. If I’m the GM of the Jaguars, I don’t draft a QB in 2013. Instead, I wait for the more talented crop of signal callers in 2014, which would include Teddy Bridgewater (who looked like another RG III in Louisville’s bowl game against Florida State), Johnny Manziel, or Tajh Boyd, who looked awfully good in Clemson’s bowl game against an LSU team with a plethora of pro prospects on defense. Indeed, the odds are high the Jaguars will be drafting at or near the top in 2014, so why not wait?

    It would allow the Jaguars once last look at Gabbert and, if he still doesn’t develop, than Chad Henne can finish out the season until the heir apparent comes along.

  5. This is why eschewing Tebow for @ least one year was asinine on Caldwell’s part—worse yet, Caldwell struck me @ a mite bit pompous for a guy riding off Dimitrioff’s mediocre coattails. Tim Tebow has a better QB rating than either Blaine or Chad, & if he failed this year, you have a chance to get one of the QB studs in ’14. Now, it’s just unmitigated, unfun suck, & then high draft pick…no thanks…

  6. Why would the Jags draft a QB? Blaine already has shown improvement and when everyone is healthy he should be pretty good. He’s also still young, give him another year to show what he can do.

  7. The NFL is pretty simple: You have a good QB, you win. You have a bad QB, you lose.

    If you have one, you don’t need to go looking. If you don’t have one you are constantly looking.

    It’s the teams who are in-between who are in a constant cycle of struggle. They don’t know if they should wait for the one they have to develop or just forget it and try again.

    The Jags are set at GM and HC and aren’t that bad, talent-wise. But man they need to get the QB situation figured out. If I was them, I’d draft whichever OT the Chiefs don’t take. At least then, you are strong up front while you wait to get QB question answered.

  8. This team needs to be contracted. Their name is horrible, their uniforms are horrible, their stadium is horrible, their players are horrible, everything…just horrible. They are such a buzzkill of an NFL team, they should be named the Jacksonville Goodells.

  9. @johnnyqbp
    Because it’s a layup of a joke. Commenters please remember the 11th commandment: Thou shalt not make lazy jokes. If you’re going to make a relocation joke, at least make it funny.

  10. The whole Jacksonville roster looks pretty thin. They have decent starters at WR, but there isn’t really much to be said beyond Blackmon and Shorts. They have a good TE when he’s healthy. If MoJo Drew comes back from his “isn’t, but everyone knows reall was” Lisfranc injury at full speed they have something there, at least for this season. There’s been some alright play in the middle of the defense, but you don’t see it tested much since there is no pass rush and the corners couldn’t cover a wideout with a blanket.

    Gabbert might look a little better this season, but it is another new system. And throwing new systems over and over at quarterbacks isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

  11. Didnt Jacksonville take a tackle the very next round in that draft where they got Monroe? Ebon Britton? Right? I thought they were set at the tackles for a long while after that draft. I’ll admit I dont watch that team very close. I assume Britton busted…

  12. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Jacksonville fans who inform us everything with the team is going great and they’d never ever move the team.

  13. Serious question as I am not a fan of Jax and rarely watch one of its games. Is Gabbert really that bad? Or has the team failed him by not supplying adequate protection and receivers?

  14. Jags quarterback situation is as good as any in the NFL. So y’all can shut up about that for awhile. Gabbert has as good a raw tool set as anyone who has come in since Roethlisberger, and he’s smarter in his sleep than Big Bentnose on caffeine. Henne is a four year starter in the league in his prime at 27. Together they earn less than the average starter in the league.

    I’d say that cornerback and outside linebacker are the biggest holes in the roster at the moment, but Dave Caldwell is far from finished in free agency. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them work something with the Jets, either for Revis or for the first rounder the Jets get for Revis from another team. Pretty sure they don’t end up drafting #2 overall, and there is nothing special about Jordan, or some of the other names dropped there like Ansah or Floyd.

  15. Like many teams at the top of the draft, the Jags need to forget about needs and just grab the best player available. Finding reliable talent at any position will do this team far more good than targeting specific players or positions.

  16. Gabbert and Henne will have competition this year. His name is Tebow. Everyone assumes that Tebow will not be going to Jacksonville just because Caldwell said so. Caldwell is waiting for the Jets to release him. Obviously the Jets want something in return for Tebow or they would have released him by now. I think this guy Caldwell actually has some brains unlike Gene Smith. I think if Tebow is going anywhere he’s going to the Jags.

  17. justintuckrule says:Apr 8, 2013 3:28 PM

    This team needs to be contracted. Their name is horrible, their uniforms are horrible, their stadium is horrible, their players are horrible, everything…just horrible. They are such a buzzkill of an NFL team, they should be named the Jacksonville Goodells.

    Wow…how original. Did you think up all of that on your own??

  18. “Jags quarterback situation is as good as any in the NFL.”

    (Somebody is apparently all set at the “angel dust” position)

  19. @schmitty – I’ve got a million of them. The Jags are the Columbus Blue Jackets and Memphis Grizzlies of the NFL. They are about as uninspiring as a mid-May game between the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals. Besides Mark Brunell and MJD, I wouldn’t know one Jacksonville Jaguar player if I fell over him. The coolest thing about that franchise is that their coach 5 years ago wore black suits in 100 degree oppressive humidity. If a Jacksonville Jaguar fell over in the forest, does it make a sound? I’m still not positive that the JJ don’t play in the ACC. The Jags are so boring they should be banned from TV.

  20. Change their names to the Jacksonville Housecats, cause nobody fears them, at all!!!

  21. justintuckrule says:Apr 8, 2013 4:17 PM

    @schmitty – I’ve got a million of them. The Jags are the Columbus Blue Jackets and Memphis Grizzlies of the NFL. They are about as uninspiring as a mid-May game between the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals. Besides Mark Brunell and MJD, I wouldn’t know one Jacksonville Jaguar player if I fell over him. The coolest thing about that franchise is that their coach 5 years ago wore black suits in 100 degree oppressive humidity. If a Jacksonville Jaguar fell over in the forest, does it make a sound? I’m still not positive that the JJ don’t play in the ACC. The Jags are so boring they should be banned from TV.

    If they are so “Boring” and “Un-inspiring” then why did you take the time out of your precious little day to make a stupid comment?

  22. “buy in bulk” was a great line re: Jags DBs.

    MJD will be back to form with a better WR corps than he’s worked with in 5+ years and a QB that at least will win the job in camp, which means there has been some measure of success. They could score more points than people think.

    The defense is like a condemned rental home. Has to be scrapped but you can hold back one or two things in the place before the wrecking ball hits. A full offseason before a game one with Jason Babin starting is intriguing. They have to find some all-world run stoppers through the draft the way they way they did when Coughlin took John Henderson one year & Marcus Stroud the next. All SEC run stuffers.

    It’ll be a work in progress. Good assessment.

  23. jcjaguar says:
    Apr 8, 2013 3:14 PM
    To cooklynn17….who are you a fan of? Why do you care?
    If you must know, I am a Giants fan. Here is why I care, because the so called fans of your team don’t. They need to go to a city in the U.S. that appreciates them, I sure you are one of then, but those thousands of empty seats every Sunday say that is not enough.

    Why does Florida need 3 pro football teams? None of them sell out. The Marlins, new stadium and nobody cares, the two pro hockey teams, nobody cares. When are the powers to be going to learn pro sports is not in that high of a demand down south?

    Fact. Now college football, that’s a different story.

    By the way, I live in Daytona Beach so I have a clue, been here 7 plus years.

  24. i will answer your question vegagreenleaf blane gabbert is good but has no time to throw because the offensive line sucks and need to redo their offensive line

  25. I will answer the question too. I have watched Blaine the past two years (I am a season ticket holder) and Blaine is horrible. The biggest problem is that there seems to some believers and excuse makers of Blaine that are completely blinded because of his being drafted in the first round. He has very poor decision making skills and is afraid of the pass rush. Aaron Rogers was sacked more than Gabbert. This will be his last shot and it cannot come too soon. If Blaine was a pick from the second round – like Colt McCoy whom is a better QB – Blaine would never see the field again. The excuses are many for Blaine but the reality is that he was not good in college, he left college at least one year too early, he was overdrafted by at least one round, and the GM that drafted him had an extremely poor draft record and was a poor judge of talent. If you need anymore to you answer please review his stats and record. Blaine’s rookie year he had the best running game in the NFL and a top 10 defense and he was the worst QB in the NFL. There are true believers that drink the koolaide and then there are fans like me that are sick of the excuses. There is no QB in the NFL that has gotten the long list of excuses for his poor play like Blaine Gabbert.

  26. You can laugh or sigh if you must, but one thing is for sure: I believe Tim Tebow would ‘ve won more than 3 games last year, Right?

    I don’t even like Tebow!

  27. They need to get rid of that guy who keeps posting under the name : “thegreatgabbert”

    How could anyone excel when you have such mindlessness representing your city?

  28. ssraebel – usually I like your comments & you are generally correct as a Jags fan. But you are wrong to say that Gabbert is scared of the pass rush. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past 5 years & I’ve seen Gabbert stand in the pocket & deliver a bullet to Shorts or Blackmon right as he gets smacked in the mouth. His rookie year, he hadn’t played under center since high school. This past season, I no longer question his toughness. Will he make it & be the player we hope he turns into? Don’t know, but the kid has stones.

  29. Any person that lives, works or raises kids in Jacksonville that doesn’t want Tebow on the Jags is an idiot. The economic impact that his popularity will bring to this city will benefit everyone (including non-football fans).

    Football is entertainment not real life. Real life is the hundreds of people that will now have jobs simply to take care of the additional hotel rooms, Dining and transportation that the Tebow media circus will bring to the Jaguars training camp….and that’s just CAMP!

    Its not like we have Manning on the roster, hell we don’t even have the caliber of Mark Sanchez on the roster! Why not bring in Tebow?

  30. The stadium is actually quite nice, easy to get to and from (hello Foxboro…) and the Jaguars were 20th in attendance last year. Not a single game has been blacked out in several years now.

    Things are good there, certainly a lot better than in Oakland or Tampa Bay.

    Gabbert? Not impressed but he’ll hold the seat down for another year probably.

  31. Non-existent pass rush, no starting corners, and no QB equals no wins.

    Sometimes I feel like some of these teams are just doomed. Mainly Jacksonville, Oakland, and Cleveland. It just seems like they cycle through the same thing every few years. Fire the coach, whole new regime, make bad picks, start all over. They need to have patience but it’s tough to be patient when you insist on hiring people who have no idea what they’re doing.

  32. The check down passes and our former coach that tried to get Blaine to throw the ball down the field and talked about Blaine’s missing internal clock prove my points. Mularkey and his staff grew frustrated with Blaine and he was going to get benched but the injury solved that issue. Blaine will get his last shot and after he fails we can move on from him. But as you know Blaine and his supporters – like thegreatgabbert – will never see any faults for Blaine. SOME of the issues have got to be Blaine but according to some NONE of the issues are his fault. I will stick with my assessment of being scared in the pocket. I liked David Garrard a lot and thought he needed more tools around him but I have moved on from him. Why is it so hard for some of you to move on from Blaine? He has done nothing to inspire any thought of success. And please go and review the preseason games that many thought Blaine was improving in. The 3rd game against Baltimore – the dress rehearsal game – Blaine was horrible. He was 11/21 for 117 yards no TD’s and no picks in almost 3 quarters. 5.6 yards per pass attempt. That was Blaine’s season in a nut shell. Last in yards per attempt, last in yards per game, and 22 in comp %. We can keep talking “potential” but results matter. Kaepernick and Dalton are the best from that draft as QB’s then Cam. Locker is a bust and Blaine is a bust. We need to draft someone this year.

  33. justintuckrule:

    Hmm, you only know MoJo & Mark Brunell.. doesn’t that sound like a lie? If u knew who Brunell was, you’d know who was arguably the best WR in the league in Jimmy Smith, If u knew who Brunell was, you’d know the likes of Tony Boselli, Keenan McCardell, “or” how about this one: Fred Taylor. The fact that you know MoJo, hmm, brings me to David Garrard & many others who’ve played as a Jag. You can talk your talk, but then again you’re probably some 16yrd old kid who’s ALL jokes ALL THE TIME. Ohhh & back then, I wonder where the G-MEN ranked during the mid-to-late 90’s?

  34. wait on QB til 2014. Bridgewater or Manziel
    had Jags lost 2 games to the colts in ’11, they’d prob have Luck or RG3 right now.
    might as well trade MJD (contract year) for picks to Green Bay, Denver, or New England.
    this division doesn’t care about stopping the run so might as well draft best pass rusher or DB

  35. The sooner you realize you have a problem, the sooner you can start to get better.

    Gabbert is way too soft upstairs, admit he was a big mistake and move on.

    Until then, this team cannot be taken seriously.

  36. The eternal optimist part of me hopes Blaine Gabbert can develop as he does have some tools.

    The realist in me saw a scared kid walking into the stadium last year for a game (Lions game, actually), one who could hardly mumble a hello to the dozen or so of us by the player’s gate at 9:45 AM that Sunday.

    I was lucky to see the great Tom Brady in the same situation once. Dressed to the nines, in total control of everything around him and a smile and hello for everyone there.

    Maybe I caught TB on a good day and BG on a bad day, I don’t know… but it was a stark, stark comparison.

  37. To cooklynn17: So, what is this city you are pining for the Jaguars to move to? And you are a Giants fan? How convenient to be a bandwagon fan out-of-town fan of a team that has won couple of Super Bowls over the last few years, plays entertaining football, plays in a city with MILLIONS of people giving them an enormous number of potential ticket buyers, and has decades of history and tradition. You don’t have to lift a finger to be a Giants fan or to support the team. All you have to do is buy your Giants t-shirt and sit your fat but on the couch with your beer and chips and watch your team on TV.

    Been in Dayton Beach for 7 years? Probably moved hear from somewhere north of here for a better opportunity for employment or better weather or whatever. And you brought your love of your team with you. Fine. You are just like many people (transplants) who live in Florida now. That make it difficult for these newer pro franchises in Florida cities. Meanwhile, you are 90 minutes away from the home stadium of an NFL team….you are close enough to go to every home game without much effort. And ticket prices are low. Why don’t you become a Jag fan as well? The future looks brighter.

    So quit bitching about the Jaguars and their fans. There are more than you or the rest of the national media (who BTW want a franchise in L.A. no matter how poorly it will be supported.) Jaguar fans have put up with a crappy product to watch for many years now and they still have an average attendance of over 60,000 for the last few years….but you probably din’t know that either.

  38. Jaguars were 20th in attendance last year, not sure if many people are aware of that. Khan is moving things in the right direction after the previous management team was inept.

    Gabbert is 23 years old. I think it’s fair to give him a third year, and this time with a rebuilt offensive line. He has had no O-Line, terrible WR corps, and an injured MJD much of the last two years. Think of what Christian Ponder would do without AP and a top 5 O-Line.

    The gameplan is to acquire low cost, high upside, young talent and get them to compete. This is a 3-year project, quite likely, but the Jaguars are moving in the right direction.

  39. @cooklynn17, I remember when you were a Jets fan after those two deep playoff runs. Now you’re a Giants fan? Don’t waste everyone’s time on this site…
    Yes the Jags having several pressing needs. I do hope the guys who get paid the big bucks will make the right decisions. I’m hoping a new coach with some fresh ideas can manufacture some pressure and sacks. And I’d love to see Blaine take the next step. Please protect him. I also hope they resign Daryl Smith, he’s been a great Jag and he can still play well! I’ll be in the stands supporting the team. Lets go Jags!

  40. Cooklyn17, you are a monumental idiot!! The Jags sell more tickets then the Miami Mullets and the Tampa Bay Sucs and we finished 2-14 last season!! Since you have lived in DAYTONA for the last 7 years (whoopee!! I have socks older than that) you should just shut your suck and post on! You don’t know squat!! Before you bash our team you should know what the hell you’re talking about first! IDIOT!!

  41. Trade down and go for bulk over quality. The talent at the top of this draft is very weak, so just trade out of the 2nd overall pick. Try to make a team bite on the #2 for anything. Keep trading until you get like double digit picks and a chance to land one of the better guards or cornerbacks. Best you can do is find talents on the OL, secondary, and pass rushers. Not just one, but two of everything. That’s the best way to prepare for 2014, where they have a real shot at QB.

    Consider this season a lost season because it will take more than one offseason to fix this team. Yuck…

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