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We begin our analysis of each team’s draft needs with a look at the Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the No. 1 overall selection and have eight picks overall — but lack a second-round selection after the trade for quarterback Alex Smith:

Offensive tackle: The Chiefs gave left tackle Branden Albert the franchise tag, but it seems they are open to considering moving him in the right deal. Even if the Chiefs keep Albert, drafting a top left tackle prospect like Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher makes a lot of sense. Albert is signed for just one more season, and he prefers left tackle, not right tackle.

Running back: The Chiefs have a clear-cut featured back in Jamaal Charles. However, the depth behind Charles needs improvement. Kansas City doesn’t necessarily need to address this position early in the draft, given how running backs are valued these days, but adding a back — perhaps one with a little more bulk than Charles — would be wise. The good news for Chiefs fans? The Eagles showed a sharp eye for running back talent throughout Andy Reid’s tenure as head coach.

Inside linebacker: Here’s another position where the Chiefs have a building block (in this case, Derrick Johnson) and some questions otherwise. Also, just like at running back, positional value would suggest inside linebacker is more likely to be addressed on the second or third day of the draft.

Outside linebacker: The Chiefs are set here entering 2013 with Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. However, they need to begin preparing for the future at the position. Hali has been productive (62.5 sacks) and dependable (two missed games in seven seasons), but he will be 30 in November. He has two years left on his deal, as does Houston — who comes off a 10-sack season in 2012 and figures to garner a big-time second contract, considering the value of pass rushers. The Chiefs might want to add a mid-round prospect and groom him for 2015. You can never have enough pass-rush help.

Tight end: It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Chiefs drafted a tight end even after signing Anthony Fasano in free agency. Tony Moeaki enters the final year of his contract, and more options at the position wouldn’t be a bad idea. Reid’s draft history suggests tight end might be more of a third-day consideration. The majority of tight ends selected in Reid’s Philadelphia tenure came off the board in Round Five or later.

We have seen far worse holders of the No. 1 pick than the 2013 Chiefs. This is a team that had a half-dozen Pro Bowl representatives in January — and all of them are still on the roster. Still, they have some work to do in April. With a good draft, a climb out of the cellar in the AFC West wouldn’t shock anyone, especially with the Raiders and Chargers trying to climb back into contention themselves. Finally, the Smith trade opens some options for the Chiefs. They don’t need a quarterback this year. If any team falls in love with a prospect, the Chiefs shouldn’t let the call go to voicemail.

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  1. Shrewd move by Andy Reid to force his way out of that unappreciative, dysfunctional Philly organization and their uneducated, classless fan base. He now has a class organization and fans that actually know football and are not fairweather fans. He finally has a fellow genius in Mr. Dorsey to work with and it is clear to all that they are assembling a dynasty team by all the brilliant offseason moves made so far. Make no mistake, the Chiefs will dominate the next Dozen years and olay in multiple Super Bowls. Alex Smith will finally thrive now he has a stable offensive staff.

  2. I love how A. Smith was awful for his 1st 7 years, then had a season & half of good football & is considered the best FA move this year.

    He needs a good line and running game to be decent, but if KC fans thinks he passing Manning or Rivers to take over the AFC, they’re in for a long few years.

  3. I can see dropping down if the right deal presented itself, bit I think Andy really needs to think long and hard before doing so. Joeckel or Fisher would be very wise selections. Considering the status of Albert and the fact that the Chiefs have attached themselves to a qb that isn’t going to be killing anyone with his mobility, keeping him up and healthy is going to be very key to any chance they have at success.

    Alex Smith is very accurate and is continuing to develop in his decision making. he could provide a nice boost in Andy’s offense, but if he’s laying on hos back as often as KC qb’s did last year, KC fans will be looking forward to another high pick in 2014.

    go OLine and protect the investment.

  4. What makes one think that the Chief fans are smarter than anyone else? Philadelphia has sold out every game for a dozen years and they have a waiting list of some 40,000 or so.
    Wait till Andy has 2 or 3 years to ruin this team. He is terrible with the draft and is a terrible game day coach. Look for Mike Vick to end up in KC and be the starter by mid-season. Andy never learns.

  5. The Chiefs first and foremost need a LEADER on the offensive side of the ball. Alex Smith has got to take the role. I can see Derrick Johnson as one on the defensive side.

  6. This is a team drafting first overall that was a heavy favorite last offseason to win their division and make a sincere playoff run. With the addition of Alex Smith they at least have a competent game manager, if not a franchise QB. The roster isn’t as riddled with holes as somewhere like Jacksonville, Oakland, or the Jets.

    The best thing that could happen to the Chiefs is that someone drafting in the top five feels the need to move up over Jacksonville and chase a QB.

  7. Why would Indy read draft a running back. He just needs the line up a receiver in the backfield since all he does throw. But the good thing is he does take responsibility for all the losses. He did it for the last seven years in Philadelphia. Get used to hearing I just have to do a better job putting the players in position to win.

  8. As it stands, Smith is the best FA QB that was available. And he’s more ready to play than any other QB draft prospect. Whether or not a draft prospect QB has a higher ceiling will remain to be seen. I would have to think there will be one or two QBs that will amount to something. Maybe Bray or one of the “third round” qbs will amount to something.

  9. Chiefs have two v good back ups at RB. Their focus will be Dion Jordan and LT and safety with a WR coming in round 3 or 4.

    Look for Chiefs trade down with Philly at #4.

  10. Pretty surprising that there is no mention of the WR position. Unless Baldwin makes major strides over what we’ve seen from him, DMC figures out how to get off the line of scrimmage and Donnie Avery lights it up, Bowe is all they’ve got.

    Seems like an area of need to me…

  11. At the end of this blog it says that they don’t need a quarterback because they have Smith now. I think they still need a quarterback. Smith can be a good quarterback but that doesn’t happen all the time. Cassel came in and was “suppose” to be the franchise QB but we all know how that ended up. Who’s to say the same thing isn’t going to happen with Smith?

  12. “Make no mistake, the Chiefs will dominate the next Dozen years and olay in multiple Super Bowls”

    Have you seen Andy Reid lately? There’s no way that dude is lasting another 12 yrs.

  13. You can always count on Joetrollonto to chime in on the Chiefs with nothing to say.

    Just remember trollonto, your Raiders haven’t won the division in a decade, the Chiefs have won the division twice in the same time frame. Nothing special, but still better than your team.


  14. How is receiver not listed as a need? They got Bowe back but they have no one else. Their d-line is one of multiple high first round pick busts, one would think that should be fixed. Also cracks me up how everyone believes alex smith is going to be so good for them. If he has to throw the ball more than 20x a game he won’t have good numbers. He thrived in one year for san fran and he had a stellar team then. Chiefs are much less talented than the niners and have 2 offensive weapons, one that likely won’t be used much by andy reid since he doesn’t like running and one who suffers from butterfingers and laziness

  15. .

    The Chiefs have the first pick in the draft, yet their roster is dotted with many players that I’d want on my team.


  16. “He now has a class organization and fans that actually know football and are not fairweather fans.”

    Are you talking about the same fan base that Cheered when Matt Casel went down?

  17. The Chiefs took care of their most glaring need already by hiring a proven winner to be their head football coach.

    The Chiefs have way too much talent to have finished 2-14. How Romeo Crennel was even hired to be a head coach again after his time in Cleveland is beyond me.

    Andy Reid is going to turn around the Chiefs quickly.

    I see them going 2nd in the AFC West and maybe even earning a Wild Card slot.

  18. Wow…the smugness of chiefs fans towards eagles fans in this thread is laughable.

    Reid gained more and more control over the team, which became more reflective of his talent evaluations as time went on.

    And it became more of a mess, too.

    Consider those unassailable facts before you thump your chests, okay?

  19. Manning will be out of the league in 7 months, Crybaby Rivers (aka Carson Palmer 2.0) hasn’t accomplished anything and Oakland is… Just laughable. How does Oakland think Jamarcus Russel’s back up is the solution? Alex Smith may be the only starting QB back in the AFC west next year. So QB wise, over the next few years, KC is in the best shape. Add a competent coach, a top pick, a decent QB and their 5 pro bowlers on D with Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe, yo have a team that should compete with Denver for the west this year. Its ONLY a 2 horse race.

  20. jjackwagon says: Apr 8, 2013 1:25 PM

    You can always count on Joetrollonto to chime in on the Chiefs with nothing to say.
    Just remember trollonto, your Raiders haven’t won the division in a decade, the Chiefs have won the division twice in the same time frame. Nothing special, but still better than your team.
    Nothing special, indeed. The last time the Chiefs won the division, in 2010, the Raiders rolled into town in the final week of the regular season and beat them by 21. The Ravens came to town the next week and beat them by 23. The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in almost two decades, and haven’t won a Super Bowl in 43 years, when they were still in the AFL. They haven’t even sniffed a Super Bowl since 1970. Winning is hard. The Raiders haven’t won the division since 2002, and are still the last AFC West team to even play in a championship game. If you want to compare time frames you can always point to a bit of history that makes your team appear more relevant, but in fact, the Raiders have failed since 1984, and the Chiefs have failed since 1970.

  21. God I’m tired of hearing how talented the cheifs are. It’s just not true.

    Alex smith is your answer? Really?
    Some are calling him a franchise qb. For real? He had 1 good year out of 8 or 9. He has been otherwise terrible. He was benched last year for Christ sake. Your franchise qb was benched after playing his best season as a pro. What’s that tell you?

    Gimme the chargers any day. They aren’t drafting first overall, just because of Romeo. It’s because they are the reigning worst team in football. Idc if they sent 53 players to the pro bowl. Doesn’t change the fact that they lost all but two games. You are what your record says you are.

    And the cheifs record says they’re terrible.

  22. Skark, it is Chiefs…not Cheifs and yes, their record last year was embarrassing and I won’t even make any excuses about it. They flat out played terrible. Secondly, why in God’s name does it matter if the coach is fat or skinny? I find it laughable that so many take to this to only blast Andy Reid on his size and not offer any real football insight. I wasn’t aware that someone’s football coaching ability hinged on waist size. I’m not going to say the Chiefs are going to a Super Bowl this year, next year, or even in the next 5. There is no doubting that Peyton Manning took Denver to another level, which as a Chiefs fan, I hate to admit. Wes Welker signing did us no favors either, so regardless of how the Chargers or Raiders do, the AFC West is still going to be tough, but I am cautiously excited that there is at least an administration in place now looking to the future and not content to just recycle Belichek’s hand me downs like Pioli did.

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