Tebow, Testaverde work out together in Tampa


As the Jets continue to squat on the rights of a quarterback who’ll likely never wear a green and white uniform again unless he becomes an auto mechanic, Tim Tebow has spent time working with a former Jets quarterback who accomplished as much with the team as any of its quarterbacks since Joe Namath.

According to BayNews9.com, Tebow spent Monday working out with Vinny Testaverde.

They worked out at Jesuit High School in Tampa, where Testaverde currently serves as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

Tebow has been working in the offseason to improve his mechanics.  Something he has been doing for three years, if not longer.

On an unrelated note, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Or something.

60 responses to “Tebow, Testaverde work out together in Tampa

  1. On a further note, insanity (or delusion) is defined as any poster on this site having a similar username as myself.

  2. Oh yeah Timmie…old Vinny Green Balls can teach you a thing or two about playing quarterback in the NFL.

    Now wake and smell coffee…find Kellen Winslow Sr. and let him teach you the nuances of playing quarterback in the NFL. Then you might be onto something…

  3. All the non-believers can keep not believing, but all Tebow needs is a chance and he will rip up the league. He could end up being the next aaron rodgers

  4. as a tribe called quest once said, “Sit back and learn, come now ,watch the birdieYour styles are incomplete, same as Vinny Testaverde”

  5. That’s great! I’m sending my 7th grader to Dwight Howard to learn how to shoot free throws.

    I guess guys like Montana, Young, or Aikman were’n t available.

  6. At least for the time being, the man is a professional football player in the employ of the New York Jets. How would you have him behave differently?

  7. Florio, I know why I am bothered by your articles now. It’s the personal touches you put in there, like the last paragraph. Less personal touches please.

  8. When you want to save your NFL career and you call Vinny Testaverde for help… it’s over.

  9. News flash to Florio. It’s rumored that many players in the league practice. I hear it’s becoming all the rage. Sort of like when you sit there with your coffee and donut pounding away at your KB trying to prove the notion that if you give a chimp a typewriter he’ll eventually write a book.

  10. This is playing with fire. What if they create a Frankenstein? What if Tebow learns to throws 3 interceptions in the fourth quarter like Testerverde, instead of playing like Testerverde in the first 3 quarters.

  11. I have no idea why people hate on him when he led his team to the playoffs and won a playoff game. But the same people praise russel Wilson who did the same thing with a WAY better defense and running game. Tebow won more playoff games in Denver than manning.

  12. Tebow was very accurate in college (better than both Mannings) but his mechanics were terrible. Changing his motion is contributing to his inaccuracy much like a golfer changing his swing, but if Tebow can get comfortable with that new swing (by practicing)…..it could be epic!

  13. Tim Tebow would be well served to quit screwing with his mechanics and concentrate on reading defenses.

  14. I’m a dedicated Christian and feel that Tim is a great Christian role model athlete … “Football Messiah” not a chance… And on a separate note after Tim’s pro-day, he’s currently 3rd on the QB depth chart with the Jesuit High varsity squad.

  15. From another angle….regardless of what you think of him how cool would it be as a high school kid to have your QB coach be a half way decent former NFL quarterback. Thinking back to my HS years I’d be thrilled.

    Then again from another angle is high school QB coach the best he could achieve after the NFL?

  16. Vinny Testaverde spent 2 decades in the NFL, and was a started after he turned 40. Vinny might not be a first ballot Hall of Famer, but the man obviously knows a thing or two about quarterbacking.

    He’s also credited by former coaches/teammates as being a great mentor. He helped in the early development of a young undrafted kid in Dallas by the name of Tony Romo. He also helped groom Chad Pennington in New York.

  17. Yes, Tim Tebow should give up trying because a lawyer from West Virginia who blogs about football thinks he’s crazy for even trying. Good message for the kids, Florio.

  18. That is not a definition of insanity. Perhaps we are about to add a real one for those that trot out this silly myth, though.

  19. Did hell freeze over? Logical is not worshiping the balls of the redskins going on and on about their greatness and his delusional wet dreams of them somehow appearing in super bowl(s) for a change in the comment section? What did I miss?

  20. Jeez, Tebow looks terrible in that picture with Testaverde. Is that what a year with the Jets does to you?

  21. Lol after reading all these comments I can’t believe there are so many tebow fans out there still. Get over it guys he sucks he will never be a good qb in this league

  22. “On an unrelated note, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Such as posting pointless articles about Tebow while including not-so-subtle jabs at him?

  23. boyshole25 says:
    Apr 8, 2013 8:50 PM
    I have no idea why people hate on him when he led his team to the playoffs and won a playoff game. But the same people praise russel Wilson who did the same thing with a WAY better defense and running game. Tebow won more playoff games in Denver than manning.

    You cannot be f’ing serious are you? Please tell me you are joking. I am even more amazed how many people like this comment. You Tebow fans are blind nut jobs. Tebow’s passing numbers during his year starting in Denver weren’t just bad. They were historically bad. In fact they were the worst of a starting quarterback in the history of the league. Those are FACTS, not hate. They were winning games 13-7 etc. Denvers DEFENSE carried that team. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but when such stupifying, outrageous assertions are thrown out there that he is somehow comparable to Russel Wilson (or RG3 for that matter) then I honestly don’t think you should be allowed to have an opinion. That ceases to be an opinion but far more of mind numbing ignorance. Russell Wilson throws one of the most beautiful and accurate passes you will ever see, is excellent at reading defenses and has incredible stats. Saying Tebow isn’t any of those things would be a gross understatement. He is so FAR from even just being semi competent any of those things that Wilson excels at. It isn’t some conspiracy that nobody wants Tebow. Nobody wants Tebow because he is AWFUL. Whats funny is, Tebow could fill any stadium but yet he is so BAD that teams still have zero interest in him. This is reality Tebow fans. Acceptance is the first step..

  24. I’m not sure that Tebow is ever fixing his mechanics enough to be a quality starter but you can’t hate the kid for trying. If I ever even had a sniff of the NFL, even if it was the biggest draft blunder of all time (fun fact: it would be), I would hold onto it with both hands. Working hard, holding onto a dream, and reaching out for coaching from unconventional sources might not, and probably won’t, make him a great QB. But no one ever got better by not trying.

  25. Yes! Absolutely correct! It’s those personal touches Florio throws in there that irks me just the same as when I had the displeasure of reading Chris Chase articles. Just write the friggin’ story and be done with it, you know?

  26. You children are actually too young to remember that Vinnie threw a pretty nice ball…

    Which leads to the point that I’d take Vinnie at his age as a backup QB, than the pathetic attempt at QB, known as “Tim Tebow”.

  27. “lakermetskins says: Apr 8, 2013 8:31 PM
    That’s great! I’m sending my 7th grader to Dwight Howard to learn how to shoot free throws.

    I guess guys like Montana, Young, or Aikman were’n t available.”

    History shows that the best players rarely make good coaches. The coaches may not have had the physical ability to be the best at their game, but they have the smarts and drive to teach others.

  28. I’m not much of a college fan, and that includes the gators, but you have to give the kid credit for trying. Let him throw the way he wants…it works for Leftwich.

    No k e thought Warner would be good. Undrafted. Unsigned. Played arena just to bexable to play. Every team screwed to pooch on that one.

    The sign of a good player..any good player…is to produce whenever given the chance. Tebow has done that so far. He deserves a chance until he actually blows it.

    The problem is he needs a team built for a running QB. Otherwise the OC will have to change a gameplan/scheme too much for Tebow.

  29. cardmagnet:
    Testaverde was a journeyman quarterback. Nothing more, nothing less. He had more horrifically bad games than exceptionally good games.
    The reason Testaverde lasted so long in the NFL because he was considered on draft day to be a “can’t-miss-quarterback.” When he terribly missed, no one within the NFL had the guts to admit they were wrong; thus, he hung around in the league for about 20 years for no apparent reason…

  30. Has any player ever been blasted as much for trying to better himself ? In his position, what would you do ?

  31. Florio needs to be a motivational speaker for kids.

    If you have a dream and try for three years to attain it and fail just give up or you are insane.

  32. He took his team to the playoffs and won the game. Do you realize how many current NFL QBs cannot (and will not ever) say that?

  33. Testaverde is the last QB I would of expected to practice with Tebow. Who knows though, maybe Tebow will learn some valuable lessons from #16?
    Right now, anything , anything at all will help.

  34. Complimented your writing yesterday, Florio. Sorry it was censored. Sorry you guys feel the need to censor reasonable comments. Maybe it I’d called you a poopyhead, it would have gone through. We’ve all noticed the junior high stuff never seems to get dumped. If you’d stop trying to censor rational comments, you’d probably get fewer complaints and wouldn’t need to poll people about whether you should drop comments. Tell me … were comments such a BIG PROBLEM before NBC came along?

    I know, I know … wasted keystrokes. This, too, shall be censored. 🙄

  35. Wow still a lot of Tebow backers out there, anyway where do you take your car that the mechanics where green and white and lastly just write the article you’re getting to cute and here I thought you were just terrible on the radio.

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