Window could be closing on Andre Smith in Cincinnati


Our latest mock draft assigns a tackle to the Bengals with the 21st overall pick in the draft.  This assumes the Bengals won’t re-sign right tackle Andre Smith.

And there’s an increasing chance the Bengals won’t.

As one league source explains it, the Bengals are now inclined to see if they can find a cheaper and younger replacement for Smith via the draft.  If the Bengals can, they’ll possibly pull the plug on efforts to re-sign Smith, a first-round pick in 2009.

That would be a problem for Smith, who currently has no other seriously interested suitors.  The holdup is that Smith still wants too much money, and teams are concerned that with long-term security he’d revert to the underperforming form that characterized his first few years in the league.

Maybe he can get more teams to pay attention to him if he holds a Pro Day-style workout.  And if he keeps his shirt on while running the 40-yard dash.

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  1. The chance that the CIN door closes also comes with a consolation prize in a new door of opportunity opening post-draft when other teams experience injuries at the RT position. At this point it seems much more likely that he can parlay a net upside by going with that option than he can to convince the Bengals to raise their price now and before the draft.

  2. Florio’s picture of Big Andre sums up this article, perhaps he is catching on with non-stories?

  3. I remember this clown from Hard Knocks. Held out his rookie year, signed for a boat load of money, then tore something the same week and was out for most (if not all) of the season. Then he is average every season except for his contact year.

    Don’t sign this guy for big money.

    Albert Haynesworth 2.0


  4. As a Raiders fan whose team needs an upgrade at RT, I wouldn’t mind Reggie offering him maybe a one-year deal at $5 or $6 million. No longer than a one-year deal, though. This guy only plays well when he’s playing for a contract.

  5. The game changed with the new players labor agreement. Team owners can sign first round rookies for significantly less than fat and happy veterans who want the big contract but then too often under achieve.

    Smith and other free agents are finding out that it has all changed.

  6. Gee I sure hope Lombardi in Cleveland doesn’t find out about this guy being on the market. The Browns need a guard and this is the type of “steal” he likes to make: a starter from another team in the same division.

  7. Some people will call Mike Brown cheap if Smith doesn’t re-sign but I think smart would be a better description for this deal.

    I’ve got no faith in Andre and sounds like a lot of people agree.

  8. According to the comments I must be the only guy who wants Andre back in Cincy.

    What’s the hold up here? Other guys have been signed and the pay scale has been established.

    Andre, get your agents butt in gear and get under contract!

  9. Andre’s real problem seems to be in his choice of Agents. This was a bad sign during his rookie contract. Andre needs good coaching and a heavy-handed contract that imposes diet/health restrictions. He’s a very very talented player, but he does have an eating disorder. I hope that he stays with Cincinnati, because they not only are getting the top play out of him…They may very well be saving his life, too. His Agent obviously cares nothing about either (Performance/Health).

  10. Im not saying they shouldnt re-sign him because when he is healthy he’s a pretty good RT for us. I think Mike Brown is letting Andre sweat a little to show him just how much leverage he (Smith) dosent have. I see him signing a greatly reduced incentive filled contract sometime before the draft.

  11. I don’t trust him……..He has bust written all over him …. a season ago we wouldn’t pick up the option on him because he had not lived up to his billing …. Then in his contract year he tries to show up after three years of mediocrity? ….I question his motivation and willingness to compete at the level that brings in championships… and at this point in time we have to be headed that way and let guys like this go ….. Draft a guy with better character and similar ability … Eric Fisher anyone? ….The money saved could help keep the defensive line intact …..spending it on Mike Johnson and Carlos Dunlap to lock them up long term seems like a much better investment than Smith who could possibly resent the money he maybe forced to take because of the market and his delusion that he is worth 9 mil. per year long term…

  12. Give him guaranteed money….$1…..with incentives up to $7mil a year. C’mon Andre….envision those performance incentives as if they were triple bacon cheeseburgers!

  13. The problem you all are ignoring is Smith, not his agent. His agent knows the market was set when Long signed. He also knows Smith is a right tackle instead of a left tackle so he will get less money. An agent is not going to waste his time trying to complete a deal until Smith comes to terms with his value. Dogra has real clients he can work with and make money. It would be great for him to sign Smith and get paid, but it would be foolish to work on Smith and loose money. Smith believes he is worth more than left tackles. He is a diva. Cincinnati will wisely let him walk, but Mike Brown showed his ignorance by not going after another RT in free agency. Several have signed for way less and would be better than a rookie. Mike Brown is using this holdout to claim he is holding money for this contract so he doesn’t have to meet the minimum amount of salary cap spent. This is the same reason he hasn’t signed Johnson to a long term contract. Wait til the season starts then sign him, lowering his pay this year, but counting 11 mil to the salary cap so he can barely meet the minimum amount he has to spend per the new CBA.

  14. Perhaps “The food warehouse door may be closing…” would make a more accurate headline.

  15. Isn’t THIS the type of player Cincinnati targets in the draft ?
    It sometimes back to bite them

    See if the Bengals draft Tyrann Mathieu
    and then compalin about his attitude

  16. I think the problem here is we know he is not working out for fear of injury. A lot of these guys don’t want to to walk around the house until a contract is signed for fear of stubbing their toe and dropping their value. That’s proved to be a big problem for Smith in the past. He sacrificed half of his contract value the first two years in the league because he couldn’t report under 350 lbs. Both seasons ended early with a fractured foot. The first time in camp. Marvin Lewis stated both times he thought the problem was the stress on Smith’s body due to lack of conditioning and trying to play catch up. Lewis won’t allow guys who come in out of shape to practice. And apparently he had to push hard to try and get and shape to get any practice time in before the season. At this point I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they moved on if an quality OT is available at #21. They can put the several million dollars towards the Atkins, Green, Dalton, Dunlap, Gresham rainy day fund. In fact it would open the door to extend Atkins before the season starts and still rollover 10M towards next year for Dalton, Green & Dunlap. Leaving only Gresham to follow. It’s a shame for Smith because if he lets this happen he will find himself working on a 2 year deal, or even less money than the Bengals are offering. After all nobody else is interested at this point.

  17. bdawg is right Terrence Newman has the same agent and he is small potatoes and is already signed. Smith is the obvious hold up. But with that said maybe it wasn’t a good idea for the top 3 OTs in this years free agent class to all have the same agent. That might have been enough reason for one or more of them to switch agencies and try to beat. Once Vollmer signed that team friendly contract with the Pats, Smith’s fate was sealed.

  18. Smith is a decent RT when motivated….and there lies the problem. Smith is only motivated to play well and maintain his shape and conditioning in contract years…ie.. last year. The Bengals also have Anthony Collins under contract who can play RT next year. I would recommend not using our 1st round pick on a RT, but with the extra 2nd Round pick we could definitely get a starter at RT and use the money saved to extend Geno, Green, Dalton, Johnson, Dunlap or Gresham…

  19. Truth is..both sides lose. Smith loses by overvaluing himself. Should have used Will Beatty numbers right away but listened to, as lewis said, a stupid web site who claimed he was the best RT in the league. If so, why do the Bengals run more to the left?

    But the Bengals are losers as well. First, they have to use a top 3 round pick on a replacement instead of their other deficiencies at safety, RB, and LB. Worse, it puts an exclamation to the common lie always stated that they don’t spend in FA because they use the money to re-sign their own guys. So now we have Michael Johnson who did not sign and got franchised and Smith not re-signing at all. Add that to Jonathan Joseph leaving two years ago ad Eric Steinbach and Madeaiu Williams three years ago and it shows that they re-sign nobody.

  20. Andre is fat, but talented. He’ll sign, but won’t sign in time to participate in off season conditioning with the team. He’s fat and lazy, but he’s not dumb. He would be an all-pro if he could improve his fitness to go with the natural ability.

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