Andre Carter re-ups with the Raiders


It took Andre Carter some time to end up with the Raiders last year, and now he’s staying.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Carter is staying with the Silver and Black on a one-year contract.

Carter signed with the Raiders a month into last season after multiple visits. A torn quad muscle from 2011 kept him from capitalizing on his 10-sack season with the Patriots. He had 2.5 sacks in 12 games with Oakland last year.

Carter’s been a productive player when well, with 78.5 sacks in 12 years, with four double-digit sack seasons. For a team trying to scrape through this year while working out from under a mountain of dead money, they could do a lot worse.

36 responses to “Andre Carter re-ups with the Raiders

  1. Reggie is the MAN. He has done more to turn this team around in 1-1/4 offseasons that Al Davis couldn’t do in 10….thanks for coming aboard, Reggie….we Raider fans FINALLY have an organization that is in the modern realm.

  2. Loved this guy when he played for the skins. A true team player who always gave it his all. The raiders could definitely do worse. Good signing.

  3. Good for Andre. Classy guy. Shame Skins went 3-4 and he no longer fit scheme. guy can ball.

  4. There are still alot of decent FA’s out there especially on the defensive end . Really impressed with what Reggie is scraping together . I like the affordable parts …and also the one year deals .

  5. He played very well the last 2 games of the season, He looked healthy finally. Had good speed and movement off the ball and looked stronger. I think he can have an impact this year. I like our Defense I think you bring in Cwood to help build the secondary with all the young safetys. We could have the best defense we had in years. We havnt had a good run stopping defense in years, I think we have that with Sims and the rotation guys we have now. Add Floyd or a pass rusher from this draft and our D could be sick

  6. i like that, raiders are in desperate need of some pressure form the edge. I think Raiders will go with Star or Floyd at #3, and either one (Star for sure) will require to be double team, and that will free up the edge.

    D-line is a priority right now, so I am grateful to get Andre back in the fold……Big Rich, take less as well, and stay.

  7. Go away dumbolt…what exactly has your team won lately?

    And where is autumnwind999 to whine about what a stupid move this is and how Reggie doesn’t know what he’s doing?

  8. No Star and no Sheriff… the pick. Then 1-15 and number 1 pick (Clowney) then trade that pick for 3 picks. The Raiders should if smart turn 2 top 5 picks into 5 first rounders………Raider fan calm down with all this dynasty stuff. They are getting guys who can fill a roster. You all should be with me on this draft the clown and trade down idea.

  9. I mean of all the dt’s taken top 10 how many are busts…Sssooooo many……..even Suh isn’t that great yet. But Tyson Jackson, pot roast, Dorsey, Fairly, what’s his face……all busts

  10. This is the Raiders 1st top 5 pick in 10 years? I would be suprised if RM trades out. He is already taking 45 mil in dead money and it looks to me that he is taking his lumps and what he can to get rid of this cap space night mare. Shariff Floyd 1st over all or Dion Jordan, or Star if those two are gone. I say take the best on the board at #3 and then take the best we can in later rounds, there will still be ton of UFA,’S in the end. Hence, Foster and Streater for example where still sitting there. The draft is a gamble and RM is a gambler!

  11. anyone who says Reggie Mckenzie doesn’t know what he’s doing clearly doesn’t understand football and how football teams are run in the new millennium.He is bringing in FOOTBALL players and not glorified track stars with bad attitudes.The Raiders aren’t going to the Super Bowl let alone the playoffs next year yes.BUT they will be respectable and competitive and will give teams fits.I like what he has done and he is setting this team up to be a serious competitor for years to come.Remember Green Bay New England and the Ravens were doormats for quite a few seasons.But once you get the right fits and the right people things can turn around and they will in Oakland.

  12. LB’s and CBs are better this year, and once Floyd or Star gets drafted. Defense as a whole will look better than last year!
    Raiders went 8-8 w/ DMC in the power run scheme and Jason Campbell throwing for 183 yards per game. Well Power run is back and I feel confident that Flynn can throw for 183 yards per game. AFC West is a Peyton Manning injury from being wide open !
    Not calling playoffs but Raiders will be better this year , 6-8 wins .. 2 years Playoffs !

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andre Carter. Total class act and very productive for the Pats in that one year he was there. I wish he could have stayed, and I will always wish good things for him. That picture they use of him on NFLN is so bad. He looks like such a mean dude and he’s always come across as the total opposite.

  14. Every time I read about Reggie signing a guy like this it gives me hope. Players with some injury history trump talented guys with long rap sheets any day of the week in my book.

  15. Not as excited about Carter as a player because he’s yet another non-impact guy on our defense. BUT, I do like the continuity. Dude scrapped his way onto the team last year and now he’s coming back to at least be serviceable at DE. Sounds like a move at trying to establish some leadership.

  16. Silvernblak

    There are teams who are thinking of trading up. Why not trade out of 3 to 7 or 13 AND get a 3rd rounder. I just don’t think DT’s are good that high. I think they should go Deion Jordan or a Olineman because there are a lot of good T’s and G’s still on the board at 7 and up. They got some pieces of the line already but could make it really good and get another player out of it. But they must, MUST get the first pick next year.

  17. humb0lt says: Apr 9, 2013 12:17 PM

    The Raiders are building a very competitive UFL roster for 2013.
    Robert Meachem thinks that’s funny. Ryan Mathews laughed so hard he snapped both of his clavicles, and Jared Gaither’s back locked up. Eddie Royal could not be reached for comment. He disappeared after signing with San Diego last year.

  18. Enough with the all Davis hating!!!! Huff,jamarcus, and McClain were all the best players at the posistion we needed in college!! Every”experts”had us taking each of those players!! As for DHB yeah Crabtree might have had the best “hands” in college but he was a known diva he didn’t run at the combine or pro day and honestly dhb brought it every single game!! Crytree held out and is constantly complaining. Randy moss deangelo hall Richard Seymour all came in for paychecks!! Never left 1drop of sweat on the field for us!! Sure, they failed but It’s easy to sit here and say yeah those were bad moves. Give the guy a break!! He has 3ships under his belt doin what he did!! I can name a few teams who don’t have any!! #RAIDERNATION

  19. I just looked at the Niners after the 2011 season when they lost to the Giants and and saw first round picks at every position. Now they have used the cap room and draft picks they traded and are set for years. I want Oakland to do the same thing. It just takes time (2019).

  20. Need a DE, DL Depth, Leadership, Continuity to teach JT defense and Cap friendly signings…..Sounds like Andre Carter to me! And if he stays healthy, could surprise! Another great move by RM!

  21. Andre Carter was a great contributor in NE and I was really sad when he went down for the year with his torn quad.

    If he stays true to his usual career path, this should be a big year for him.

  22. trade out of the 3 spot down to the 11-15 range and pick up a 2nd rd, then trade out of 11-15 spot down to 22-27 and pick up a 3rd rounder, then draft our guy in the 22-27 spot, duh!!

  23. Maybe it’s time for CWood to come back home. We have a safety spot open for the right price.

  24. Love this move. Now bring C-Wood back for 2-3 years…trade back in the draft and hopefully recoup a 2nd for this year and (finger crossed) possibly a 1st for next year.

    If we could get back to #7 and have Geno Smith fall to us that would be ideal. Smith + a 2nd round pick + filling the rest of the roster with these solid signing + having $65(+) million in cap space available next year to build the proper pieces around a QB you’ve already had for a full season could be an awfully good start on this whole rebuild thing.

  25. Well said aldavis4president … Everyone blames Davis for bad picks YET all those players were the tops at those positions the Raiders needed to fill.
    The NFL is partly to blame here too … they FINALLY change the rule and put in the rookie salary cap.

    The only thing I did not like about Al Davis he had no respect for his coaches and yes overpaying for FAs … his draft picks other than taking big gambles with his first picks … he was a good judge of talent.

  26. Glad Carter re-signed a little long in the tooth but I think has something to prove, healthy rotational player and a solid veteran.

  27. Nothing screams washed up like re-signing with the Raiders. Even Terrence “Toast” Newman used the Raiders as leverage and took less money to backup in Cincy.
    Even more funny is watching all the previous Ex-Raiders sign collectively for less than the amount of 1 “Al Davis” contract. And the same unrealistic fans who clamored “It was a great deal”,when they were initially signed are now repeating the same rhetoric with Reggie at the helm.
    Cutting your washed up, schematically unsound players from large overvalued contracts is the *EASY* part. The bar was set so low any armchair GM / Madden player could have done better. Now the hard part is the talent and acquisitions. Something Reggie has YET to prove he is capable of.
    If you used the length of contract as an indicator of who Reggie believed to be “his guys” Reggie struck out. TWICE. Breisel was easily the worst starting linemen. Tollefson was cut after 1 unproductive season. While his best acquisition is now among the overpaid players in Miami. Kudos to Reggie for not overpaying Wheeler, shame he didn’t have the foresight to keep the good players, instead of retaining the garbage. The jury is still out on Reggie. And while unrealistic Raider fans love to go on about how Reggie is the best thing since sliced bread, in reality he has done nothing special, yet.

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