Bills say Kolb doesn’t make them less likely to draft a quarterback


We noted last week, shortly after the Bills agreed to terms with quarterback Kevin Kolb, that Buffalo still appeared to be interested in drafting a quarterback. On Monday the Bills officially announced Kolb’s arrival, and coach Doug Marrone confirmed that drafting a quarterback is still very much on the table.

I do not think it really is going to change the philosophy on the draft,” Marrone said.

In Marrone’s opinion, you don’t pass up on a talented passer in the draft, regardless of who the quarterbacks on your roster are.

“You bring the best players you can bring in and you make those guys compete,” Marrone said.

Marrone said Kolb will compete with Tarvaris Jackson and Aaron Corp, the other two quarterbacks on the roster, for the starting job. But Kolb may also compete with West Virginia’s Geno Smith, USC’s Matt Barkley, Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, Tennessee’s Tyler Bray, North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon or Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib. Because there’s a good chance that one of the top quarterbacks in the draft will end up in Buffalo.

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  1. I would be more concerned if the Bills actually thought acquiring Kolb minimized their need for a quality NFL QB which KK has proven he is not.

  2. Does anyone really think that what high-drafting coaches say this time of year is the truth?

    If he’s telling us his actual plans, then he’s not a good coach.

  3. But… I thought he was there to win a Super Bowl? Are you telling me that Kolb may not be good enough to do that!? I don’t believe it…

  4. Normally when a team is interested they say they are not interested. Is this the reverse?

    Does saying that signing Kolb does not make them less likely to draft a QB mean the Bills do not plan to draft a QB? He could be correct in what he says but the wording simply means the Bills like most teams do not think to highly of the QBs in the draft which is why they signed Jackson and kolb.

  5. “Bills say Kolb doesn’t make them less likely to draft a quarterback”

    Ironic that this happened right after he claimed he was there to win them a Superbowl.. haha.

  6. Ryan Nassib- Has the biggest upside for QB’s in the draft. Not ready to start right away though.
    Geno Smith- Almost ready to start in the NFL. Has the ability to become a very good QB.
    Matt Barkley- Ready to start day 1, but can he bring your team to the promised land?
    E.J. Manuel- Has the potential to start in the NFL with a little work. Will need a year or two to learn.
    Landry Jones- Has the tangibles, but reminds me of Carson Palmer.
    Tyler Bray- Not ready to play at the next level, but has what is needed to eventually start.
    Mike Glennon- Will benefit by going somewhere that already has a starter that he can study and learn from. He needs to work on the mental part of the position.

  7. Geno Smith going to be the one under center. Kolb will be the one holding the clip board

  8. The fact that the Buffalo Bills felt the need to point out the obvious is the first indication of how low they percieve their fans IQ to be… If I were a Bills fan I’d be really upset. I mean is there even one person out there who views Kolb as more than a 2nd or 3rd string quarterback? My guess is there is not.

  9. Obviously there is much going on behind the scenes and without going into details I am not shocked this is happening.

  10. Having Kolb only makes them less likely to break .500 again. The Bills used to have an identity, but it’s sad to see them floundering year after year. Given the weather those folks put up with, it would be nice for them to catch a break.

  11. The coach is buttering his bread on both sides, but is also trying to avoid being caught with sticky fingers. Personally, I don’t like Bill Belichick, but I do admire his straightforward style. He tells you what the team is going to do, and then they do it. Since he doesn’t have to fill his head up with complex nuances, he’s got more clarity there for planning winning football strategies. Most of these other guys sound like celebrities’ spinmeisters.

    But have you also noticed that it wasn’t until Pete Carroll, started publicizing his credo of “Always Compete”, and gave the QB job to “the kid”, and not the well-paid vet, that all of the other coaches didn’t talk much about players “competing” for positions on their teams? It obviously worked for us, so now that’s the universal HC motto.

  12. Here’s a definition of Doug Marrone’s “philosophy on the draft” :

    Draft Ryan Nassib and as many other Syracuse players as we can.

  13. Kevil Kolb will do what Jim Kelly couldn’t!

    And tonight I’m going to dine on Tyrannosaurus meat harvested from my dinosaur garden with my bare hands in 1vs1 combat while wearing roller skates and baseball gloves.

  14. Funny how my comment earlier about this being the 4th article on Kolb today wasn’t published. Now I understand he’s being interviewed, making it 5 articles today about a guy signed for backup level dollars. Who cares ?

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