Browns holding private workout for Geno Smith


Former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith will work out for the Browns on Saturday in Miami, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Tuesday night.

The Browns hold the No. 6 pick in Round One of the draft, which begins April 25.

This is an intriguing development for numerous reasons.

The Browns’ level of commitment to second-year passer Brandon Weeden has been much discussed. The former minor league baseball player will be 30 in October, and he struggled at times as a rookie. Also, the regime that drafted Weeden is gone.

Also, there is no consensus on where Smith will come off the board in a little more than two weeks.

Whether the Browns are doing due diligence, playing poker or a little of both, taking a closer look at Smith doesn’t seem unwise.

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  1. Give Weeden another year, get someone to play on the other side of Haden. If Weeden isn’t your guy then draft someone in the 2014 draft. Looking at you Teddy Bridgewater.

  2. Usually rookie head coaches like to tie their legacies to a rookie QB. Some flourish, (Harbaugh/Flacco, Smith/Ryan, Pagano/Luck) some falter (Kiffin/Russell, Morris/Freeman, Ryan/Sanchez)

    Hard to tell where Chudzinski/Smith would fall in. Bright offensive, talented QB. But not exactly a championship-caliber squad.

  3. Mysteriously this ad appeared on Craigslist in Cleveland today.

    Wanted: help filling out Social Security eligibility forms. Must be fast, pose no threat to take a starting QB job, and have the work ethic of one of the cast members of the movie Half Baked. Also, resume must show a consistent lack of motivation at all levels. Past legal issues a plus.

  4. Browns are not taking a QB in RD1 this year and don’t even want to draft at 6. They are looking to trade down a few slots and pick up a RD2 pick in the process.

  5. They should trade a 4th round pick for Tim Tebow. The Jets are just wasting his career. Tebow deserves to e a starter in the NFL.

  6. It would be against all football logic and reason for them to take a QB in Rd 1 again, let alone this particular guy at 6. Welcome to Cleveland Geno.

  7. They should trade a 4th round pick for Tim Tebow. The Jets are just wasting his career. Tebow deserves to e a starter in the NFL. I mean come on, he leads the Broncos to the playoffs, beats the Steelers in the wildcard, and his reward is a bench job behind a terrible QB on a losing team. Why is there never any love for Tebow?

  8. @thebigyuup – because he has bad mechanics, below-average accuracy, and is just not a good QB.

  9. It still amazes me that they wouldn’t trade that extra 1st last year for RG3. Different regime but that will haunt them for 10 years. Maybe they are going to draft Smith because Weedon is a joke.

  10. @Tebow’s mom

    Sorry Mrs. Tebow, maybe Timmy can find himself in the CFL or the Arena league? It’s worth a shot at least.

  11. No surprise. The Browns reached and took Weeden a round early last year why not do the the same thing with Smith and throw away another 1st round pick.

  12. Still, even if Tebow isnt the best QB, he is a proven winner, with a great work ethic. Multiple National Championships with Florida, a Heisman Trophy, the season he lead Denver to the playoffs, and so forth. What could it hurt to take a gamble on Tebow for a 4th rounder and have Tebow for a QB battle in Training Camp.

  13. Can we give the whole “Tebow led the broncos to the playoffs” talk a rest? Tebow did nothing of value throwing a football for three quarters of the game while the offense basically ran the wildcat every down. Their defense kept games close enough for this to wear teams down to the point that Thomas wasn’t even being covered so Tebow could toss up a ball in his general neighborhood to take to the house.

    Tim is, by all accounts, a hard worker and has some good intangibles but this is the NFL, not Rudy.

  14. It’s called due diligence. That’s what you do before a draft. Calm down people.

  15. It’s so tiresome reading the casuals describe some select quarterbacks as being “winners.” I see this term used frequently to describe various, average-to-below-average quarterbacks: Roethlisberger, Vince Young, Tebow, etc.
    Winning is not an individual intangible. No NCAA quarterback “won” more often than Colt McCoy.
    Winning is the direct result of an entire team’s effort.

  16. Simply due diligence. They would be stupid not to look. Has nothing to do with Weeden. Or Campbell. All it is is a kick the tires. If they see something that’s intriguing then maybe. They’ll probably bring in more QBs. See DicksSportingWoods and I are on the same wave length. Can’t get our drawers in a wad over a look see. There seems to be no comparison but Staubach was the same age as Weeden when he came into the league. Staubauch was a leader though. Haven’t seen that from Weeds yet. I hate to wait til next to get a qb while we waste another year to see what Weeds brings this year. But Smith is only coming in for the dog and pony.

  17. They better not draft him. Fix up the line, maybe grab a receiver and start Campbell. If it doesn’t work this year- draft a QB next draft. Weeden should be nothing more than a backup.

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