Denard Robinson’s nerve injury improving


Michigan quarterback/wide receiver Denard Robinson has finally regained the feeling in his fingers six months after a contusion numbed his hand.

Robinson was injured in October in a game against the University of Illinois when his right arm was stepped on by an opposing player. He suffered a contusion that caused his hand to lose feeling in the pinkie and ring fingers of his hand. He re-aggravated the injury two weeks later against Nebraska and has struggled to deal with its effects ever since.

Robinson is attempting to make the conversion to receiver for his jump to the NFL. During the Senior Bowl, Robinson struggled to catch the football due to the numbness in his hands. But it appears as though those concerns are in the rear view mirror. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Robinson had the feeling back in his fingers while attending the post-combine medical re-check in Indianapolis this weekend.

The testing at the re-check showed Robinson now has double the strength in his hand that he did during initial testing at the combine in February. Per Rapoport, the injury isn’t expected to cause any long-term issues and should fully heal.

10 responses to “Denard Robinson’s nerve injury improving

  1. If he is available in the fourth round…maybe third, I bet the Patriots draft him…Brady would love to throw to a guy with his speed…if he can catch.

  2. I guess I can see why he struggled to throw the ball. With arms like that he was probably not flexible enough to be a QB.

  3. Denard Robinson will be a UDFA and make a roster but be cut when teams have to get down to 53, maybe he makes the practice squad for a year or two.

  4. He’s got speed, moves, and versatility. If the hand is healed he’s going to be drafted. A team like Washington makes a lot of sense. There is a desperate need for speed and playmaking ability. With all due respect to logicalvoicesays, Garcon is only a beast when he can stay on the field, we will see what davis looks like coming back from the Achilles, Hankerson couldn’t catch a cold, and Paulson isn’t setting the world on fire. In addition, you could use Robinson as an emergency QB that can run the same system as RG3, even if not as well.

    If he makes it all the way into the fourth, he’s be a great value.

  5. I would love it if the Pats got Robinson. Their interest in Cribbs shows that they could be looking for a veratile guy like him.

    Plus I just LOVE Robinson. He’s such a sweet happy innocent seeming kid who always has a smile on his face whenever I see him interviewed. He kind of reminds me a little of Deion Branch personality wise. Very easy to root for.

  6. Denard is going to be a MONSTER in the NFL.people forget he beat OHIO STATE as a QB. And ran roughshod over NDs vaunted defense for two years. His speed is unmatched and he has good enough hands to make an impact at WR and shiftiness to be an impactful RB. He will be taken in round 2 or 3. Anyone who says he’s going to be a bust are probably OSU or Notre Lame fans that are bitter he destroyed them.

  7. I’ve never understood why this guys gets even half the press that he does. He’s a below average passer who has quick feet. A big part of it seems to be the national sports media’s obsession with the University of Michigan. Just to remind you Michigan went 8-5 last season. Pretty unimpressive for how weak the Big 10 was.
    He played quarterback up until the last few games of his career yet he was allowed to take away a spot at the combine from someone who had actually practiced and played receiver for their entire career. All because of an undeserved reputation that he had for being a “great” player.
    All of this and he’s a real small guy to boot. There’s no way he makes it in the NFL. I will eat this laptop if he has a successful NFL career.

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