Dennard to be sentenced Thursday


Two months ago, Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was convicted of assaulting a police officer.  In two days, Dennard will find out whether and to what extent he’ll be incarcerated for his crime.

As James Walker of points out, Dennard’s sentencing will happen on Thursday.  As MDS pointed out in the wake of the conviction, the typical sentence for third-degree assault of a police officer typically ranges from probation to 180 days in jail — even though he’s technically facing up to six years.

The separate question is whether the NFL will suspend Dennard for something that occurred before he entered the NFL.  While the punishment came during his time with the Patriots, Dennard’s arrest happened before he was drafted.  His plunge to round seven as a result of the arrest arguably constitutes a just consequence for his conduct.

The league has said the incident will be reviewed under the personal-conduct policy.  If a suspension is imposed, another legal skirmish could be coming.

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  1. The fact that there are dubious grounds for imposing punishment has never stopped The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person.

    However, when you add to that the fact that he’s a Patriot–fuhgeddaboudit. There’s no chance that Bob Kraft allows The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person to do anything except possibly issue a statement that “the punishment of the court is sufficient in this case”.

  2. Dennard won’t be disciplined by the league, Goodell set the precedent for pre-draft arrests when Kenrick Ellis wasn’t suspended last year.

  3. Don’t know if KEllis is a good comparison. Although his incident happened before he was drafted too, Ellis pled his down to a misdemeanor while Dennard was convicted of a felony. Still, as pointed out, it’s already cost Dennard, as he was widely regarded as 2nd rnd talent before the draft. Not sure Goodell would suspend him when he knows the NFLPA will likely raise a huge s$#!storm and probably have a good basis to do so.

  4. If he’s sentenced to jail time it will tick me off due to that Steelers guy who did worse and got no jail time, but it is what it is and he has to pay for what he did. But this is something the NFLPA should be all over if Goodell tries to suspend him. maz, I bet you didn’t comment on that Steelers one since they are your team. Funny how you are always slamming the Pats for having so much power when the Pats received an unprecedented punishment for ignoring a memo. Yeah, if that shows Kraft’s “power” over Goodell, you can have it. The owners all have equal power over Goodell because they pay him, no one more than the other.

  5. Probation. Never been in trouble before .

    Agree with abrasion that because the incident happened before he was wearing the shield he will likely escape the rath of Goodell.

  6. this case IMO is non of Goodells business whatever happened before this kid was drafted and wasnt even in the NFL at the time takes precedent regardless of what Goodell says. as for the incident itself depending on what happened it doesnt shock me to think that maybe the officer overstepped his authority which led to him being allegedly assaulted. I as a rule dont trust law enforcement most to me are crooked or corrupt or both. if this was a clear case of Dennard being in the wrong the charge wouldnt be 3rd degree assualt.

  7. I look forward to Goodell trying to stick his nose into Dennards business. He’ll lose in court for sure and I believe he needs to get knocked down a few pegs. Where do you draw the line?If a potential draftee gets in trouble as a freshman in college, does Goody-Two-Shoes Roger have the right to suspend him if he eventually gets drafted? What about the kid from LSU, the honey badger? He was arrested for possession- is he subject to suspension? I think lawyers will have a ball with this!

  8. This poor guy was totally framed. The sad thing is he’ll probably have to spend a few nights in jail. The problem is the police in this country stick together even when one of them does wrong. In this case all the police banned together to protect an overly aggresive police officer and ruined this young mans reputation.

  9. Well, as a Pats fan, I’m sure my view is probably a little skewed, but…

    After that player last week or whatever that drove around drunk as a skunk, evading police and almost running one over and crashing into cars and whatever he did that I forget and got several months probation, I really hope that Dennard also doesn’t get any jail time. A short scuffle with a plainclothes cop seems to me a little less than endangering civilian and police lives driving drunk like a crazy man.

    Obviously, different places, different judges, etc., but still, from my point of view, probation and no suspension. Maybe a fine from the NFL or some sort of warning that brushes with the law (that’s his fault) for at least the next season will garner an automatic suspension or something like that?

  10. Just have Bobby bribe the judge,like he does the CBS executive utives,Goodell,schedule makers and officials! !

  11. dont worry dennard,everything its gonna be okay,you ll be partying with vince young,brandon marshall,deangelo hall and pacman jones…

  12. The Pats are on the verge of having a really good secondary for the first time in years.

    30 days probation, 100 dollar fine.

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