Jon Beason says he’ll be better than he was prior to injuries

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Panthers linebacker Jon Beason has had three surgeries in the last 17 months, leaving some to wonder if he’ll be the same player he was before injuring his Achilles, knee and shoulder in quick succession.

Beason is not one of the people harboring such doubts. He’s quite sure that he’ll be the same player he was pre-injuries and believes that he’ll be even better when he makes his return to the Panthers lineup.

“I’ll be better,” Beason said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “I can’t even fathom not being better than I previously was. Especially, when you get to this stage of your career, mentally you know how to prepare and those are the things that you’re focusing on more.”

You can’t fault Beason for his confidence, but it’s not that easy to see things playing out that way. He’s played just five games in the last two seasons, is likely to be limited in OTAs if he can play at all and will be switching positions now that Luke Kuechly has taken control of the middle. It’s too soon to put Beason, who turned 28 in January, out to pasture, but that doesn’t make it seem any more sensible to expect a higher level of play in 2013 and beyond.

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  1. He would love for that to be true but the odds are he gets hurt again and fades out of the league. Dead athletes don’t lie and exercise without complete mineral supplementation is suicide. he doesn’t know how to heal himself and likely never will. Hell, I could tell him like I’m telling you here and nobody will bother to listen.

  2. @trevor You’re clueless. Sometimes injuries just happen. What evidence do you have that his recent injuries aren’t just having bad luck while playing a collision sport? Oh right, you don’t have any.

  3. After losing his job to a rookie, is “prior to injuries” his code word for – *still thinks he is better than Patrick Willis*?

  4. People outside of Carolina don’t know that Jon Beason is still the heart and soul of the Panthers. You haven’t seen him in 2 years because of injuries, but people forget that he’s an all-pro linebacker.

    Beason, Kuechly, Davis is a hell of a group.

  5. All sports injury is a mineral deficiency. You would think the fact that hes been hurt 3 years straight would be a dead giveaway that he is not fixing the underlying cause, but I guess when you are ignorant you truly believe there is nothing you can do about it. I have more than enough experience with supplementation healing injuries and allowing for a range of motion on existing injuries that you just can’t have if you are minerally deficint. You can deny it if you want, I really don’t care. I’m the one who benefits from knowing the truth, you are the one who suffers. You were given more than enough supporting documentation. google a simple phrase and spend an hour of your time learning or close your mouth. DEAD ATHLETES DON’T LIE

  6. The Panthers have had some of the best perennially injured linebackers in the league. It’s either Davis, Beason or both on the IR at any given time.

    Beason would be a stud 3-4 MLB. Getting cut wouldn’t be the worst thing for him if they go that route. They’d be stupid to do it, but that hasn’t stopped them the past few years…

  7. @pilot2011 – It is one heck of a group, but 2/3 are almost always off the field. Hope it doesn’t work out that way this season and the Panthers can give those dirty birds hell! Newton needs to step up this year too and be a big boy.

  8. Great, well spoken athlete and a even better human being. You could tell he wasn’t anywhere near 100% in 2012 but kept playing till they shut him down. Beason does a heck of a job keeping himself in shape and I have no doubt he’ll have a huge role in the success of the 2013 Panthers.

  9. I really wish this were going to be true, but I don’t see it happening. He’s blown out his achilles and had micro-fracture surgery in the last two years. Athletes do not come back better than ever from those two.

    His contract prevents the Panthers from cutting him this year. But I unless he truly is better than ever, he won’t be with the Panthers in 2014.

  10. most athletes coming back from achilles injuries are only a shell of themselves, never have the speed they once had. Beason better have saved his money.

  11. @ Trevor so you’re saying that no acl tear has ever been caused by a violent collision that our bodies just aren’t capable of withstanding but rather they are caused by a mineral deficiency? So Adrian Peterson one of the best athletes on the planet has a mineral deficiency? Lol

  12. Not sure a mineral deficiency is the case for Beason…but it is a real issue that a lot of athletes and traditional MDs don’t understand. I’m not going to do the research for you but you can search Theo Ratliff to start…

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