Kolb deal “screams backup”

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Kevin Kolb may indeed win a Super Bowl in Buffalo.  If that happens, he’ll likely be carrying a clipboard and not a football.

When news broke more than a week ago of quarterback Kevin Kolb’s deal with the Bills, it was reported that Kolb, who made $20 million in 20 months with the Cardinals, could make a “maximum” of $13 million over two years in Buffalo.  Sounds like starter money, right?

The truth, as a league source with knowledge of the deal tells PFT, is that the contract “screams backup.”

Specifically, Kolb is guaranteed to make only $1 million, and the contract has a base value of $6.1 million.  This means that $6.9 million is tied up in escalators and incentives and other factors that likely require Kolb to actually play — and play well — to get the money.

Of course, the real details of a contract often gets lost in the shuffle of the intervening news cycles.  The initial reports declared the deal to be worth a “maximum” of $13 million and the Bills curiously waited more than a week to finalize the deal.  Though the reason for the delay isn’t specifically know, it means that the real value for most media outlets will become a footnote to the “maximum” of $13 million nonsense that was trumpeted at the time the agreement was struck.

And so, as we explained last week, Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson likely are competing for the same roster spot.  If Jackson goes, the Bills will be out $500,000.  If Kolb goes, they’ll be out $1 million.  It’s a small price to pay for having a fallback plan in place before the draft-day dominoes start to fall.

UPDATE 11:57 a.m. ET:  It’s unclear whether the base value is even $6.1 million.  Apart from a $1 million signing bonus, workout bonuses of $100,000 per year, and base salaries of $1.65 million on 2013 and $2 million in 2014, Kolb has a $250,000 roster bonus in 2013 and a $1 million roster bonus in 2014.  That $1.25 million could be tied to Kolb being on the active game-day roster or other factors that may not occur, even if he’s on the team.

18 responses to “Kolb deal “screams backup”

  1. No quarterback is going to “win” a Super Bowl in Buffalo anytime soon until the organization does something about a defense that allowed 435 points last season.
    Let’s stop pretending that football is rocket science that is only be calculated or understood by a Peyton Manning-type quarterback.
    Defense wins championships.
    Pretty simple.

  2. Smart move by the Bills. I still think Kolb will become the starter while which ever Rookie they decide to draft gets ready. Jackson will be cut by the end of training camp. The third QB position will either be filled by Corp or Brad Smith. Corp is worth keeping, but only if he shows that he is improving during camp. Brad Smith can hold down the third spot, run the scout team when Buffalo prepares for one of the option-running teams and still contribute at Receiver. I guess everything will depend on Kolb’s play and the Rookie’s development.

  3. Yo bob, defense wins, but if you think talent had anything to do with the bills failure last year, then there’s the door. We were running a very readable defense at a time where read offenses were at their prime.


  4. “…Kolb is guaranteed to make only $1 million, and the contract has a base value of $6.1 million.”

    Only 1 million? How would you like to make more than 2,739 dollars a day for one year? We ought to rethink the value of money.

  5. Buffalo has holes everywhere, and they don’t have the cap room or picks to be able to fill everything this year. The biggest hole to fill may be at QB, but I just don’t see that player in this year’s draft. There are really good QB’s this year, but not the one to set up the Bills for the next 10 years. The Bills front office is setting a Super Bowl or bust motto this year. “Don’t confuse effort with results” a sign now hanging in the Field House at One Bills Drive. For this sign to be true the Bills need to be careful with their draft picks, and make sure they get players to help whoever is the QB this year.

  6. No way in Heck that Talentless Jackson will ever start in the NFL again, at least Kolb is competent for as long as he stays healthy. Figure the Bills will take a flyer on a developmental QB this year and maybe next, while Kolb is a placeholder – and who knows, maybe he’ll wind up being good. It was impossible to tell how good he was with the mess that was the Cards.

  7. All I know is that when he made the super bowl comment Belichick and Brady called an emergency meeting.

  8. Good signing for the Bills and nice contract. He’s around the same talent as Flacco, but doesn’t destroy the team cap, kudos!!

  9. Again…see our last posting a day ago…Jackson will be the starting QB when the playoffs arrive…We humbly say that we have called the success of unknown QB’s who have MAJOR contracts now, and Jackson we will evaluate after this upcoming solid season that we projecting for him to have with Buffalo.

  10. Kolb was awful in AZ, but AZ has been slaughtering QB’s since Warner left behind that line …. shameful … therefore I am not hating on him ,is Buffalo a great place for him? eh, time will tell, odds against him in that weather and division, but he can make throws when given time and is a pretty smart decison maker when given time.

  11. Grossman:
    So, tell me how a different quarterback fixes a defense that hasn’t any talent?

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