Lane Johnson paying Saints a visit


Saints coach Sean Payton said recently that the team’s lack of a left tackle was keeping him up at night, so it’s no surprise that the team is looking to the draft as a potential way to fill the hole opened by the departure of Jermon Bushrod.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson will visit with the team on Tuesday. Johnson’s widely regarded as the third-best left tackle in the draft behind Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher, which would seem to make him a good fit for what the Saints are looking for at present.

The snag is that Johnson isn’t likely to make it all the way to the 15th pick in the first round. The Saints could deal up, obviously, although they only have five picks this season after past deals and the second-round pick taken away from them as a result of the bounty punishments.

For a team that needs plenty of help for a defense in transition, that might be too high a price to pay even if a lack of protection on Drew Brees’ blind side is something interfering with Payton’s REM cycles.

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  1. The thing is we have no 2nd rounder this year and we need someone like Jarvis Jones or Mingo for that horrid D. Besides, Brees’ biggest problem is pressure coming up the middle(that’s why they paid out big for Evans and Grubbs) so fortunately tackles aren’t as important as they are for other teams.

    I would actually be interested to see if one of the many right tackles available right now would be willing to flip to left for a reasonable price. Probably a pipe dream, but couldn’t hurt to try.

  2. They ought to trade down and get some more picks. Nobody’s gonna set the woods on fire at #15.

  3. Dear Saints, please DO NOT draft any offensive players this year! The defense was the worse in NFL history! No matter how explosive the offense is, if the defense is like it was last season, we’ll be drafting top 5 next year.

    Seeing one mock draft showing them picking an OG nearly made me throw up! We’re sick of defensive mediocrity and the team hanging on to players too long~especially on defense! Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma have had nice careers, but it’s time to dial 1-800-MOVE-ON-D!

    Pass rushing LB, Honey Badger and more D!

  4. People think to shallow about it. It might not require any of this year’s picks. Maybe they’ll want a 1st and 3rd from next year. Maybe they will trade 1st round picks this year with a 2nd rounder next year thrown in. If that’s the case, he’d be worth it. LT is our weakest link right now and Lane Johnson will be playing at a high level for years to come. I never mind using future picks bc you can always trade someone to recoup a pick. And if you’re playing at a high level we won’t need a 2nd or 3rd pick next year anyways. If it’s an affordable move let’s make it happen.

  5. wayupsouth says:
    Apr 9, 2013 11:20 AM
    They ought to trade down and get some more picks. Nobody’s gonna set the woods on fire at #15.


    If no one is setting the world on fire at 15, then who’s trading up to draft nothing special?

    Trade a future conditional second/third rounder for Saffold, since he’s unhappy in St Louis and Fisher is collecting picks to try and do something in that NFC West where Seattle and San Francisco have gone insane. Use what draft picks you have to bring in help on defense.

    Sean Payton and Drew Brees together will be just fine on offense. That defense needs all the help it can get.

  6. Everyone saying we need all defensive picks isn’t thinking straight. We went from a top 15 defense to worst ever. Why? Steve Spagnoulu. Right now we have no idea what we have by switching to a 3-4 and the new additions of Rex Ryan, Victor Butler, and Keenan Lewis. Ryan will draw up blitzes just like Gregg Williams used to do. It’s a totally different system than Spags used where he wanted our guys up front to beat the man in front of them straight up without any help. Switching to a 3-4 and bringing blitzes from all over the field will take this defense back into the top half of the league. Every pick doesn’t have to be for defense.

  7. Im sure that someone is in love with Tavon Austin. We need to trade down. Period.

  8. I say use the first round pick to draft and olb/de like Mingo or maybe Jones. They can draft an o lineman in the 4th round. Saints are used to making late round lineman great.

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