No extension talks for Eugene Monroe and Jaguars


The Jaguars aren’t stocked with a ton of talent on their roster at the moment, but that isn’t driving them to try to lock up one of their best players before he becomes a free agent.

Left tackle Eugene Monroe told Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union that he has not had any discussions about a contract extension with General Manager David Caldwell. Monroe, the eighth pick in the 2009 draft, is set to become a free agent after the 2013 season and has developed into a strong blocker in both the running and passing game.

“I do [think about it] but my focus is on always getting better,” Monroe said. “Whether the deal is up, it doesn’t dictate how I train because I’m the same way every day. I don’t focus on it. We have a new system and I’m focused on soaking in all the new information and improving my game.”

Monroe, who did not report for the start of voluntary offseason work last week, also said that he didn’t anticipate any negotiations starting up this offseason or during the season. That adds some further shade to what the Jaguars might be planning to do with the second overall pick in the draft later this month. With tackles like Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher considered strong possibilities in the top five, the Jags could be planning to turn Monroe in for a younger model.

Or they could just be waiting until after the draft to move on something with Monroe, perhaps with the hope of getting someone to trade up for one of those tackles. The franchise tag always remains a possibility as well, so it’s still far too soon to assume that Monroe will be leaving Jacksonville once his rookie deal expires.

14 responses to “No extension talks for Eugene Monroe and Jaguars

  1. Monroe will never hit the open market. He’s the best player the Jags have. He’ll have a new contract by seasons end. Bet in it.

  2. I hope Jason Smith is reading this article. The Rams passed on Monroe for the epic bust, Smith. And the Rams are still trying to fill the spot.

  3. Monroe has only had one good season since he came into the league. It’s not like he’s been a perennial Pro Bowler or anything. Middle of the pack starting left tackle.

  4. And the reason he was not in Jacksonville for the start of voluntary off-season workouts … he was involved in an NFL sponsored management program. Not as sexy as just saying ‘he was not there’. Why tell all of the story when you can get away with less effort.

  5. “Monroe has only had one good season since he came into the league. It’s not like he’s been a perennial Pro Bowler or anything. Middle of the pack starting left tackle.”

    He’s graded out as a top 10 left tackle +22 2011 and +21 2012, I would expect a Jags fan to know that. Eugene Monroe has developed into and elite LT, he’s consistently shut down the opposing teams best edge rusher the last two years. Middle of the pack? What have you been watching?

  6. run monroe run, leave that horrible franchise and sign with a winner, cause if u follow the money and stay with the jags, u will always be starting your vacation right after week 17

  7. Monroe isn’t terrible, but if Luke Joeckel is on the board when the Jaguars pick, I don’t think they’d have much hesitation. Rookies get paid according to draft position, not field position. It makes no difference to the team (or the player probably) whether they start him out on the left side or the right.

  8. This is why guys like “thegreatgabbert” are described as non-Jags fans. Monroe is a solid LT. He was ranked in the top 10 the last 2 years. While he is not a Pro Bowl “Elite” LT (and how many players in Jacksonville are ever going to make the Pro Bowl?) he is very very good. If Luke Joeckel is on the board then we have an issue. Fisher can play RT and LT so he is probably the guy to take. But Joeckel you would have to work a trade. “Middle of the pack”?? I would LOVE if Blaine were middle of the pack, but he isn’t and that is why we will probably be drafting a QB in the 2nd round and I would not be surprised if we took Geno. Blaine was a massive reach in the 1st round and cost us a second and he was average to below average in college. Geno at least had good college stats. Nassib or Barkley in the second round or maybe Geno in the first but if you don’t think Blaine’s days are numbered you are very wrong.

  9. Monroe wasn’t at the Voluntary Offseason workouts because he was attending a NFL sponsored business seminar at Stanford University. I know its a slow newsday but must we drum up drama where none exists ?

  10. Truth here people. Eugene Monroe plays very well at times but also has instances where he has struggled mightily. He has not shown enough consistency to warrant an extension and my guess is the current staff is waiting to see if he can do that for on season before inking him to a huge long term deal.
    Also, last year’s tape will do little to help Caldwell because Mularkeys offense basically consisted of getting the ball out quickly with short routes and keeping the TE in the back field to help block (to not expose Gabbert). That combine with most teams moving their best rusher around to expose Whimper, Eugene really didn’t really get tested in 2012. I’m thinking the new coach/GM will want to see if he can really DO HIS JOB consistently!

  11. I will give you true Jag’s fans credit for calling out 1 of your “own” for being an idiot. As you can see from the above posts, we have one too. I don’t see the need to kick some one while they are down. It seems your new owner is trying to put a viable product on the field but without a true “franchise” QB it is difficult to do.

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