Patrick Peterson: Roger Goodell is changing the game for the better

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a lot of shots from players for trying to take the head out of the game. But Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson says Goodell is doing the right things to make the game safer.

Peterson said on ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas that he approves of the steps Goodell has made to make players healthier during their careers and for the rest of their lives. And he agrees with the owners’ decision to follow Goodell’s lead and pass a new rule restricting players from delivering forcible blows with the tops of their helmets.

“The game has definitely changed, but I believe the commissioner is changing the game for the good,” Peterson said, via “These guys want to make the game as safe as possible, so us football players can have longevity after our football careers. I think Roger Goodell is doing a great job trying to implement these rules and just make the game as safe as possible. We don’t want to go out there spearing guys and running backs dropping their helmets into our chests. I actually love the new rule change.”

The owners voted 31-1 to pass the new helmet rule, but players were so vocally opposed to it that it seemed at times like the players opposed it by just as wide a margin. Peterson, however, doesn’t see it that way: No one would accuse Peterson of opposing tough, physical football, but Peterson also agrees with Goodell that there are legitimate ways to make the game safer.

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  1. After 100 years of losing it’s not really a surprise that the Cardinals are in favor of any possible changes to the game. Obviously what’s existed before just isn’t working for them.

  2. Everybody’s body is wired differently. Some guys can take blows to the head without getting concussions. Some guys get concussed just by a strong wind. Safety is in the eye of the beholder and knowing what your body can handle. Body can’t handle it? Don’t play, simple as that. Otherwise they can turn the league into National Pillowfighting League,

  3. “We don’t want to go out there spearing guys and running backs dropping their helmets into our chests.”

    This guy is soft as cotton candy. Good player, but anyone who is not in favor of contact as a defensive player in my mind is soft.

  4. Quick question so when players can’t sure over concussion symptons when they blow there money, it’ll be “turf toe lawsuits”

  5. Wait ………. Hey Roger how’s about flag football or would they complain about how the flag gave them a paper cut. Jk no one deserves brain damage. Less entertaining but it’s still better then tennis

  6. I’d like to see some of you go out on an NFL field and take repeated blows to the head…. Say what you will about Patrick Peterson but the man knows what he’s talking about

  7. “…but RB’s were so vocally opposed to it…”


    I didn’t see any defenders upset about the new helmet rule. Obviously, defenders like it. They finally get a safety rule in their favor.

  8. I say put ALL the original rules back into play and let’s just revert to the leather helmet! No one will be leading with the crown of their dome. There WILL still be injuries because there always have been injuries. QUIT CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAME! If you a “competition committee” had changed the rules of chess YEARLY since its inception who knows what the hell it would be today! Tether ball, Hopscotch anyone? BS Goodell needs to go. I LOVED Pete Rozelle, when Tagliabue came along, not gonna lie I didn’t like him. That said after a couple years he grew on me by NOT changing things up much regarding the structure of the game. Goodell has to go. He is ruining the sport in my opinion.

  9. The young players coming into the league now see things from a different perspective. They describe the transition as “Being hugged by the Raja”. Their whole life view is altered.

  10. PFT: home of the toughest dudes on the internet.

    I don’t like this rule, but I’m not going to call a NFL player soft. You don’t like the rule whine about the NFL not the players. He’s just happy to finally get a rule in his favor. I know they put a lot of research into these rule changes, but I can see this one backfiring on them…badly. It could also be much to do about nothing. We will find out.

  11. cacksman says: Apr 9, 2013 5:49 PM

    Anything helps when going against Marshawn 2x a year, right Patrick?

    Why it ok for DBs to get fined 10k a crack for accidently hitting someone trying to protect themselves in the head.

    Yet in your eyes a RB in the open field is allowed to lead with the crown of his helmet and be in the same position to deliver a head injury?

    Most power runners that do that have a solid stiff arm to use, or they can try to be like the DBs and learn to lead with their shoulder.

  12. I don’t think its crazy to start to support bans for hits to the head. Its easy to support it when your not making a career of it and being put in those risky situations. I’m sure a lot of people would say they would switch places with such a person in the NFL and be willing to take these hits to the head, but may say otherwise if they have a family or take a few hits by a 240 linebacker whose built like a small car.

  13. dont worry patrick,you re not gonna be suspended in 2013,its okay bro…

  14. Here is an excerpt from a May 9, 2012 USA Today article: “Do football players die younger? A record-based study of retired players conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health concludes that they have a MUCH LOWER death rate than men in the general population contrasting the notion that NFL players don’t live as long.”
    The above findings, reported by USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, were the result of a poll among 3,200 former players who retired before 1993.
    So, maybe the sky isn’t falling after all.

  15. A player agreeing with the NFL on player safety instead of just filing a frivolous lawsuit?!?….Good for you Peterson

  16. So you’re telling me that a corner back agreed to a rule that will prevent a play like Adrian Peterson’s hit on William Gay happening to him, ..and we’re supposed to be surprised?

    Come on now of course he’s going to be happy. He can’t get trucked now.

  17. A young Raider fan saw Owner Mark Davis one day and said Mr. Davis, “What is the difference between theory and reality?”

    “Well son, the best way to explain this is a practical exercise. Go and ask our General Manager Reggie McKenzie how he plans to return this team to greatness.”

    The fan returned and shared, “He said first he wanted his own guys; his own scouting staff, his own coaches, & his own players. He also planned to sign Free Agents to 1 year deals. He closed by saying that you would be patient with the results”

    Davis replied, “Now go ask Dennis Allen the same question”

    The fan returned and said “Coach Allen explained that although the Zone Blocking Scheme didn’t work in his first season, that he would learn from it and try something new this year. Defensively, his team would be one of the most disciplined in the league. He also said that you would be patient with the results”

    The fan then asked, “What does this have to do with theory and reality?”

    Mark replied, “It’s simple, in theory our organization is only a couple years away from our 4th Super Bowl title. In reality I’m going to fire them both following this next season.”

  18. Players like or dislike rules based on whether it benefits them or not. This rule benefits the defense. Patrick plays defense. Use your head, guys. Obviously he likes the new rule!

  19. Finally a player that starting to get it and making common sense. I am not sure I understand armchair QBs that what to see old school rules that led to players being mentally disabled. They don’t seem to understand that football has been revised since the beginning of the 20th Century by President Theodore Roosevelt for the same reasons that Goodell is doing it. The same kind of people tried to stop the President back then in 1906 but he saved football like the Commissioner is trying to do today.

    Football in the early 1900s was lethally brutal. Football was a grinding, bruising sport in which the forward pass was illegal and brute strength was required to move the ball. Players locked arms in mass formations and used their helmetless heads as battering rams. Gang tackles routinely buried ball carriers underneath a ton and a half of tangled humanity.

    With little protective equipment, players sustained gruesome injuries—wrenched spinal cords, crushed skulls and broken ribs that pierced their hearts. The Chicago Tribune reported that in 1904 alone, there were 18 football deaths and 159 serious injuries, mostly among prep school players. Obituaries of young pigskin players ran on a nearly weekly basis during the football season. The carnage appalled America. Newspaper editorials called on colleges and high schools to banish football outright. “The once athletic sport has degenerated into a contest that for brutality is little better than the gladiatorial combats in the arena in ancient Rome,” opined the Beaumont Express. The sport reached such a crisis that one of its biggest boosters—President Theodore Roosevelt—got involved.

    Roosevelt soon discovered that brokering peace in the Far East may have been an easier proposition than getting an American sport to clean up its act. Fatalities and injuries mounted during the 1905 season.In what the Chicago Tribune referred to as a “death harvest,” the 1905 football season resulted in 19 player deaths and 137 serious injuries. A Cincinnati Commercial Tribune cartoon depicted the Grim Reaper on a goalpost surveying a twisted mass of fallen players.An intercollegiate conference, which would become the forerunner of the NCAA, approved radical rule changes for the 1906 season. They legalized the forward pass, abolished the dangerous mass formations, created a neutral zone between offense and defense and doubled the first-down distance to 10 yards, to be gained in three downs. The rule changes didn’t eliminate football’s dangers, but fatalities declined—to 11 per year in both 1906 and 1907—while injuries fell sharply. A spike in fatalities in 1909 led to another round of reforms that further eased restrictions on the forward pass and formed the foundation of the modern sport.

  20. They all should back Roger, ex NFL players are lining up filing bogus lawsuits, blame them !

  21. The game is going to end up like beer did,a waterd down version of somthing that at one time was a lot better then what they sell today.

  22. There is only a few players that this rule will affect. Players like Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore. Otherwise, everyone else should be in the clear.

  23. “NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a lot of shots from players for trying to take the head out of the game.”

    No more head? Don’t tell my girlfriend.

  24. Tags, and Goddell are both lawyers. This is why the game is changing, and will never be the same once it is all said and done. This will not stop until the game is destroyed, or Congress steps in and does nothing, as usual.

    The lawyers rule the land. We can only watch it’s slow demise.

  25. Apparently roger not so goodell is bigger than the nfl and the whole game of football. Just like when a player is bigger than the team. Money is everything now. If nothing else football has only gotten safer since it was first played. Owners grow a pair and find a new commishner. Stop screwing the game up.

  26. R.I.P. Smashmouth Football

    B – 1972 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

    D- 2012 when Junior Seau shot himself in the chest to preserve his brain for research.

    We hardly knew ye and thank God for that.

  27. Patrick, you want longevity? Then get yourself a 9-5 job that doesn’t pay millions per season.

    If you want to make the big bucks, there will be a tradeoff. That’s why it pays so well. The more the NFL gets like a regular job, the less money it will bring in to pay you. Just sayin’ bro.

  28. Football players will relearn how to tackle soon enough under the new rules. It is good for the game.

  29. Unless the players can show the league knew about the long term consequences of chronic brain trauma and tried to hide it, I don’t see how they can expect to get anything from these suits. Most of the advances in this area have come in the last 10 years, since the start of the Afghan and Iraqi Wars (and the research that accompanied IED injuries). The players knew as much as the league knew, and now that the league is trying to take some reasonable measures to reduce the trauma, the players are the first to complain. I respect the risks they are taking and would love to see the league minimum be upped to 2 million/ year to counteract some of that risk, but right now all the extra money from the new rookie pay scale is being eaten up by one position-QB’s, who arguably take less damage than most other positions and are protected more by the rules.

  30. This coming from a 2-year player. Who cares what he thinks? The pansy current NFL is the only one he would know.

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