ProFootballTalk: Kansas City is on the clock

The Kansas City Chiefs return six Pro Bowlers and acquired a top-flight QB, but could they be in better shape heading into the draft? Joe Posnanski joins PFT and says the addition of Alex Smith and Andy Reid has finally put Kansas City over the edge in the AFC West.

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Kansas City is on the clock

  1. Just reviewing the eagles current roster and becoming more and more enraged at Andy Reid.

    I say good luck KC. I like the cheifs, and feel they deserve a better coach.
    Look at this man’s track record as far as drafting.
    So many of his first round selections aren’t even in the league anymore. Countless late round picks never even made the Eagles’ roster.

    Andy Reid has no clue what players it takes to win titles. All he wants to do is select the runts of the litter.
    He is continually committed to taking small players at key positions. His terrible decision makin has left our defense basically in shambles.. 6 ‘ tall DT’s,,, 240lb DE’s.. 5’11 LBs… i mean get real..

    Soon enough, chief’s fans will realize the stubborness & ineffectiveness of this “good” coach.

    And let me drop some knowledge on ya..
    Andy Reid has a winning percentage of less than .330 against playofff teams. . he built his name off of beating up on the lowly 1999-2008 NFC.. As soon as he faces a decent coach, he loses. Andy is by FAR the single most predicible coach in the NFL…
    good luck.

  2. myeaglescantwin,

    I say, Good Luck, Eagles. You’re going to need it in a division with E. Manning, RG3 and Tony Romo.

    You say Andy Reid has no idea how to win titles? I say Eagles fans have no idea what it takes to win titles BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAVE WON ONE.

    Andy Reid took the Eagles to 5 straight NFC championship games and 1 Super Bowl. This is BY FAR, the most success the Eagles have ever had in the history under one coach, now you want to spit on the guy???

    Mark my words, in the current NFC East and after firing Reid, the Eagles will NOT make the playoffs for at least 7 years.

    The Eagles’ roster is left in shambles because of the entire front office. Never did Eagle ownership provide Andy Reid with the caliber of GM he has in KC now. Again, the Eagles franchise doesn’t get how to win.

    Everywhere across the league Reid is recognized as one of the best coaches out there by all experts, players and coaches.

    Get a grip Philly fan and realize sometimes you need to be careful for what you wish for.

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