Raiders hold onto Joselio Hanson


The Raiders have signed three defensive free agents in the last few days, continuing a makeover on that side of the ball that makes you wonder whether they’ll have any members of the 2012 defense back on the team next season.

If you were having such thoughts, you can go ahead and move your thoughts onto something else. Adam Caplan of reports that the team will re-sign cornerback Joselio Hanson.

Hanson joined the Raiders after being one of the final cuts by the Eagles before the start of the 2012 season and spent most of the year playing out of the slot. He had two interceptions and a forced fumble in that role, one he’s likely to fill again this year while the newly signed Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter handle the starting roles at cornerback.

Hanson isn’t the only Raiders defender to return from last season, of course, but there are few enough of them that it is something of a novelty. The Raiders could have eight or nine new starters on defense next season, a tremendous amount of turnover from one year to another in the NFL albeit turnover that’s justified after the performance the Raiders put forth defensively last year.

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  1. The Raiders are going to win the Super Bowl……………………someday.But Reggie is making the right moves to get them closer

  2. I remember Hanson when he was on the Eagles, he was a decent slot corner but was very good at tackling, which was surprising for his small size.

  3. Yeah I’m reading the return of Andre Carter and the return of Joselio Hanson as OAK’s way of retaining “veteran” leadership. These guys have been in the league for a few years but most importantly they were NOT in Oakland in 2011 like McClain, Kelly, Seymour, Huff and others. So Tarver now has players who know his system to help transition in the new guys but he doesn’t have to deal with headache players from the pre-2012 days either.

    If we’d been able to retain Wheeler, I’d be impressed with our defense on paper.

  4. Reggie haters slowly are on mute …

    Keeping value and depth and slaughtered all the overpaid guys that didn’t perfrom.

    As the draft nears the holes are more clear now.

    Normally you could say this roster has too many new guys, then you could look at last year and say …

    its needed them.

  5. As a Raider fan I was always on the fence about Hanson. And Jason “The Chemist” Tarver leading the defense. I’ll give him a pass, but for a defense to give up more YPG than any of Al Davis predictable man to man (having Jerome Boyd and Slolando McClain covering Calvin Johnson) defenses really worries me. Also, half the defensive staff was out of football in 2011 after being fired from that awful Texans defense of 2010 that Wade Phillips cleaned up.

  6. This is yet another smart, cheap signing by Reggie. They will be competitive next year and that is all fans can ask for when a team is taking its cap medicine like the Raiders.

  7. Great sign there, he played well last year. Its looking stout on D now finally, which may mean RM might be looking to Joeckel or Fisher or attacking the O side of the ball in the draft more then we thought! It feels like big Reg mighy have an ace up his sleeve? Im getting more enthused over here!!!

  8. Anybody who watched Raider games last year saw the same thing: guys just couldn’t make plays on defense. The new system had guys in position to stop ball carriers and stop yards after the catch. The LBs and DBs just couldn’t break down and make the stop. The Reggie Bush run was the clearest example last year with 8 guys all right there but none of them tackling.

    The hope here is that this new crop of defenders will follow through and make sure tackles. Any great defense you want to name was a team full of tackling machines at heart. Keep the open spaces in front of a ball carrier to a minimum and you’ve got a good defense even without a star pass rusher or shut down corner. I like the continuity of Carter, Houston, Hanson, Branch and Burris and I’m predicting Jenkins and Roach will be the biggest newcomers.

  9. Hanson was the guy that started trash-talking Anquan Boldin in the end zone last season after a 3rd down incompletion, leading Harbaugh to run a fake field goal, even though the Ravens were up 41-17 at the time. Stay in your shoes this season, Joselio.

  10. GREAT signing. Joeselio made one of the ebst plays in the NFL last yr that was wrongly taken away by the refs.

    But with the new additions with Porter, Young (both played for Allen in NO), Jenkins – the Raiders secondary just bot a LOT better.

    If Reggie gets some great rookies up front in this draft, then those guys become even better behind them. Reggie is getting it done

  11. Evan Silva‏@evansilva8m
    #Raiders have used the armpits of free agency to replace 8 of last year’s 11 starters on defense. They are like a UFL team.

  12. These are solid role players being signed by the Raiders. Don’t pay top-dollar for overachievers/one year wonders nor dumpster dive; stick to those who wanna play football and will play football for the betterment of the team, all without breaking the bank.

  13. A young Raider fan saw Owner Mark Davis one day and said Mr. Davis, “What is the difference between theory and reality?”

    “Well son, the best way to explain this is a practical exercise. Go and ask our General Manager Reggie McKenzie how he plans to return this team to greatness.”

    The fan returned and shared, “He said first he wanted his own guys; his own scouting staff, his own coaches, & his own players. He also planned to sign Free Agents to 1 year deals. He closed by saying that you would be patient with the results”

    Davis replied, “Now go ask Dennis Allen the same question”

    The fan returned and said “Coach Allen explained that although the Zone Blocking Scheme didn’t work in his first season, that he would learn from it and try something new this year. Defensively, his team would be one of the most disciplined in the league. He also said that you would be patient with the results”

    The fan then asked, “What does this have to do with theory and reality?”

    Mark replied, “It’s simple, in theory our organization is only a couple years away from our 4th Super Bowl title. In reality I’m going to fire them both following this next season.”

  14. solid, he seemed to do well covering the slot receiver, and playing in the nickel package.

    Now if Felix Jones want to play with DMC again that would be sweet as well.

  15. Great to have him back I remember the raven game when he was trash talking in my opinion he can trash talk all he wants he didn’t get flagged for it it just means he’s take more competitive so keep it up

  16. The way some Reggie lovers sound,you would think we just picked up Deion Sanders and Rod Woodson in their primes?These Reggie sighnings ALL suck people.Even if they turn out,they are all 1 year contracts just liike last year.Decent year? Sighn with another team.The Raiders will have the #1 overall pick in 2014 and go 2-14 this year.End of the Reggie era.He sucks.

  17. The Raiders are going to win the Super Bowl……………………someday.But Reggie is making the right moves to get them closer

    maybe yr great great great great grandkids one day will see that happen, but not in yr lifetime buddy

  18. I love what Reggie is doing. He’s creating a log jam on defense. No position is safe. They have’nt even drafted yet and the defense is flooded with players. What that means is all the guys that have signed on are in a maylee for time and positions. And if your are a true ballplayer you can cash in “if” you get some playing time.

    Doestn’t look good on paper but there are bodies in camp that know won’t be there. It’s “go time”.

    Let’s make it happen!!!!!

  19. ANOTHER EXCELLENT cost efficient move by BIG REGGIE! We aren’t used to these great logical moves around here. Its only year 2 in the new regime and Im so excited what the future holds. Hanson and Phillip Adams were our 2 most effective corners last year and great to see both will be back, along with the new comers. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK REGGIE!!


  20. People act like these signings matter because they’re people they’ve heard of. You all heard of them because they were thrown out like trash by all their other teams, very early into their contracts. Not sure if they are any good, Jenkins and Porter graded out as two of the worst in the league last year.

    They remind me of the Oakland A’s, no one really wants to play there, and they have very limited resources, so they have to get creative and catch lightning in a bottle with oft-injured or once talented players.

  21. spinmovr says: Apr 9, 2013 6:17 PM

    Yeah I’m reading the return of Andre Carter and the return of Joselio Hanson as OAK’s way of retaining “veteran” leadership. These guys have been in the league for a few years but most importantly they were NOT in Oakland in 2011 like McClain, Kelly, Seymour, Huff and others. So Tarver now has players who know his system to help transition in the new guys but he doesn’t have to deal with headache players from the pre-2012 days either.

    If we’d been able to retain Wheeler, I’d be impressed with our defense on paper.

    I hear ya but Burnett is just as good and with Roach, who is much better than McClain or Gaither and Maiava and his mean streak, throw in Burris, we have a bad ass bunch of LB’ers. I promise you we will have one of the better LB corps in the league. Just watch!

  22. This is going to be another long year, but I think better than the last. I guess how could it get any worse.

    Reggie is putting his stamp on this team, and I hope for his sake that he is right. I really think he is. It is so nice to see all of these over paid underachievers get out of town. However, they left their salaries of 1/3 of the roster total behind. UGGG.

    I hope Hanson can step up this year, we really need help at the CB position.

    Trade down in the draft Reggie!!!, we need fresh talented meat on this team.

  23. all you Raider haters need to quit it, go post on your own teams signings, either your teams are really really garbage or you have no life or you secretly love the Oakland Raiders, Because you seem to have nothing better to do than sit here and follow Raiders signings and flap your gums. Thats what it is, you secretly love the Raiders, but your to cowardly to admit it, probably bandwagon fans, buy the hats and jersey’s of whatever team won the last Super Bowl until the Raiders make it back to excellen
    ce when you get to wear the silver and black again without having to be fearful

  24. And Oakfosho, you should move to Denver, it sounds like you would be a better bronco fan, they love haters out there, whole fan base is full of em, us true Raider fans dont hear from negative nancy boys, the Nation doesnt need fans like you

  25. Who gets more praised Reggie or Obama?
    Seriously … give it a rest … they have not accomplished anything.
    The economy is still in the tank and the Raiders are still below .500 team … WoooooooHoooooooo … wow it doesn’t take to much to make some people happy.
    Now give the thumbs down and show how many losers there are out there … Come back in December and prove me right.

  26. don’t have to give some down to nothing, guess what the Raiders are not a below .500 team it’s a new season all teams start fresh, how about being a real Raider fan and getting on board with a positive attitude

  27. The reason the Raiders haters post on here is because they read your garbage about how great the Raiders are going to be with signing players that nobody wanted.
    Really the Raiders going into the season will be ranked in the bottom 5 of the league … Saying that’s an improved is crazy.
    Just say the Raiders are rebuilding hope they can win a couple of games and I can guarantee you the haters will not post.

  28. 916raider6974 … I have been a Raider fan for over 40 years but I know the Raiders (Reggie) has thrown in the towel this season and I will not pretend to think they will be able to compete. I will get on board after Reggie shows me he knows talent … not trying to save a buck and insult the Raider Nation.
    I was not happy he hired Dennis Allen but I am happy he did not fired him after 1 year. So far Reggie has done nothing to improve the team … cutting the fat is easy now find the talent to compete.

  29. All of these signings totally feels to me like the Raiders are in a holding pattern until they get some draft picks — like next year.

  30. The haters will always post because the Greatness of the Raiders brings it out in trolls.

    The Raiders are rebuilding/cleaning house in 2013. 2014 is the year we as fans can judge Reggie, not until then.

  31. I never posted anything about how great the Raiders are or gonna be, but I do know that it is a new year, and ANYTHING can happen in the west, only peyton has anything like a real team, but if he goes down, the broncos aint spit without him and whoelse in the west is a sure division winner, no one. Now I dont have dillusions of Super Bowls, all Im saying is I do have hope before every game that we win and as a fan, any fan, if thieer real fans should have the same hope, every game, every year. I dont go to other teams signing news and derogatory commentsabout those teams because I dont care dnough about those teams to waste my finger time, I care about my team, the Oakland Raiders

  32. The team is being rebuilt from the ground up. And it looks like it is being done correctly by getting a group of character guys that will be good examples as rookies come in. But if Raiders fans are 100% honest with themselves and consider the talent level of the team now that more than half of the defense and a good portion of the offense has been jettisoned and replaced with bargain free agents, this team is looking at six wins, eight if they overachieve.

    At this point, you probably want to root for the team to win less than more. A middle of the road, 8-8 season will just end up pushing the team further down the draft board on the first year the team has money and a GM the game hasn’t passed by since the 80s.

    A full wallet and compliment of draft picks next season, along with filtering through the remaining roster as it stands to see who really wants to play football and who just wants to collect a check will make the Raiders look a whole lot better in 2014-2015, just in time for Manning to retire and blow the division wide open.

  33. I’m looking forward to this season even though I know it MIGHT be a tough one. Branch, Jenkins, roach, Burris, WALKER(I think he’s going to be real good for us this season) and either star or sharrif Floyd, those are all 2 stud players at every level of defence! I’m loving this!! Well also find some undrafted unsigned gems later after the draft! Seymour huff Kelly Rolando (I’d say about 30-35 mill in cap space) just didn’t care anymore and didn’t try at all anymore. If we can get a pocket crashing DT or if Dion Jordan slips to us its gna be a solid D! We know dmac can ball out with a sprinkle of Moore and Reece!

  34. SteelerBen-Unfortunately i took time to read that. Stick to your own team, you sound like a talking head. Its better to stay quiet then talk and remove all doubt. FOOL.

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