Report: Bengals considered trade for Rolando McClain before he was cut


Linebacker Rolando McClain passed through waivers unclaimed after getting released by the Raiders as teams passed on the chance to pick up the former first-round pick on the terms of his pre-rookie wage scale contract.

At least one team considered adding McClain at that salary before the Raiders cut him loose, though. Geoff Hobson of the Bengals website reports that the Bengals “mulled” a trade for McClain that obviously never came to fruition.

That would seem to make the Bengals a possible landing spot for McClain as a free agent and one of the teams that has expressed interest in his services since Oakland cut ties with him. Per Hobson, however, the team’s interest in McClain has cooled and that the team has moved on to other things at the moment.

Among those things is a visit from linebacker Akeem Jordan, who Aaron Wilson of reports will meet with the Bengals on Tuesday. Signing him could take them out of the running for McClain for good, assuming, of course, that the Bengals haven’t already done that for themselves after opting not to make a trade for a guy who has made more headlines off the field than on it.

18 responses to “Report: Bengals considered trade for Rolando McClain before he was cut

  1. The Bengals had the cap space to sign him, and don’t shy away from players with off-field issues. Raider fans certainly would have had fun if that trade had gone down.

  2. The Bengals probably thought they could do to him what they got done with Burfict. Then they realized he’s got attitude problems way beyond fixing since he’s been in the league for a while now. The smartest move would to be look elsewhere and never think about bringing this guy in ever again.

  3. McClain is the only MLB I’ve ever seen who could play an entire game without getting dirty.
    Go ahead and try to find a photo of him with a dirty uniform.
    You’d think he was a place kicker….

  4. Read a story yesterday on another site, about Mike Tomlin saying that McClain “could be my mike LB anytime”, back when McClain had his pro day. The article was asking if Tomlin felt the same now, and if so, could he go after McClain.

    I say, since the guy has been a disappointment as a pro, with off-field behavioral issues notwithstanding, Tomlin probably is still interested.

    Mike’s always been one to like sniffing around the trash heap of the NFL for his FA talent.

  5. Slo-lando McLame.. What a disappointment.. The guy is always out of place and is a huge liability covering the pass…

    Wouldnt be surprised if he was Jamarcus Russell’s cousin… Both were wastes of a #1 draft pick and money..

  6. Mike Zimmer has a history of getting talented players to buy in on his system and resurrect their careers. Cincinnati brings this guy in and Zimmer has his way with him, and the Bengals will have the best front seven in football.

  7. This is the guy Raider fans proclaimed was the next Patrick Willis, before he even took a snap in the NFL.

  8. That really isn’t nice for the Bengals to mess with the Raiders that way. First you fleece them for Carson, then you tease them about taking McClain off their hands.

    Any team that signs this guy for more than league minimum is either desperate or dumb.

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