Seahawks will sign Brady Quinn


Brady Quinn has his new team and Russell Wilson has his new backup.

Although the contract isn’t finalized, Quinn will sign with the Seahawks, Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports.

The Seahawks had been looking for a backup quarterback since trading Matt Flynn to the Raiders last week, and Quinn was believed to be their favorite of the players they had considered, a group that also included Matt Leinart.

Quinn started eight games for the Chiefs last season and did not play well, with just two touchdown passes and eight interceptions. Prior to 2012 he spent two years with the Broncos without ever setting foot on the field during a regular-season game. A first-round draft pick of the Browns in 2007, he started 12 games in three years in Cleveland.

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  1. I’d call him a bust, but that would be an insult to actual football players who busted.

  2. People are quick to peg him the backup but let’s remember that they still might draft a quarterback to compete for the backup job. Pete Carroll is all about competition.

  3. it’s pretty wild that they were choosing between him and leinert for a backup job in seattle.. Imagine if someone had told you that 5 years ago, no one would have believed it.

  4. No big deal. Quinn won’t make the 53 man roster. Seattle wants Portis to battle for backup roll. Seahawks will obviously draft a qb in a later round. Then place that rookie on the practice squad.

  5. Now Coach Carrol can complete his “Men of the Seahawks” Calendar having signed Mr. November

  6. Realistically it will be between Quinn and Josh Portis for the backup role. I think they are hoping it’s Portis, who was somewhat impressive in his preseason appearances in 2011. Good arm with command of the offense. Too bad we wasted all those pre-season reps on Tarvaris Jackson last year. Should have gone to JP.

    If Portis doesn’t cut it, then Quinn will be the backup. No guarantee we take a QB in the draft, four 7th round picks not withstanding. Likely though a training camp QB will end up on the practice squad.

  7. So he will make league minimum or a bit more to hold a clipboard in Seattle. Put that with the rest of his dough and he will be set for the rest of his life…..healthy. Not too bad.

    He is also dating a hot gymnast olympic medal winner and world champion in Alicia sacromone. Not too bad either.

    I dont necessarily care for him but he seems pretty lucky to me.

  8. Just last month all SeaChicken fans were talking about all the quality depth at the back-up QB position with Matt Flynn and how he could come off the bench to win games if R. Wilson went down. I wonder how you feel now with Brady Quinn as your back up , 2 TD’s and 8 picks in four starts is horrendous. And to think you only got a 2014 5th rd pick a 2015 7th rounder (conditional pick) for Flynn. The Raiders fleeced you guys.
    I would take the Alex Smith trade (2013 2nd/2014 3rd possibly 2nd) in the trade and to pick up Colt McCoy for basically a 7th rd pick is a steal. Colt is not great but has won in this league far more than Brady Quinn.. Niners win again and SeaChickens are now 1-4 against the Niners in 2 yrs. Congrats on picking up some more of the Niners garbage , Brett Swain. He doesn’t know the play book anyway.

  9. Whitehurst, S. Wallace, TJoke, Matt Flynn…what further proof do you need that Pete Carroll cannot judge QB talent or coach it up……how about adding Brady Quinn to the list. With all these misses, it’s obvious that someone like R.Wilson being a late rd. draft pick was someone who just fell into the seahawks laps. Word has it that it was D. Bevell who was high on Wilson and that Pete Carroll wanted to go in a different direction. If you can’t be good….be lucky.

  10. Somewhere out there JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young are banging their heads against the wall.

  11. Every hit on that small QB will be a heart stopping moment for the bird fans, knowing that their whole season depends on his ability to endure the punishment what every opponent will be gunning for.

  12. Not thrilled, but agree with many of you that point out that this move actually is more about competition and securing a practice arm, than actually believing that Quinn would end up being the number 2 QB. In my opinion, Portis will be in that spot unless another QB is picked up or drafted. Even then, I like Portis to compete and win/fill that back up role.

    Have to remember that not every FA signing can be a big splash. Sometimes it is just about the ongoing business of putting a team put together. This is one of those moves.

  13. why??? this guy has done absolutely nothing to show that he can play at this level.

    most overrated college QB ever.

  14. the only two touchdowns he threw last year were from the miracle game against the panthers. in his seven other starts, he threw 0 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. as bad as cassel was, quinn’s play had me wishing for his return. seahawks better hope wilson stays healthy.

  15. Quality person. Doesn’t seem accurate on the deep throws, holds the ball too long, can’t escape pressure. Really liked the guy as a person when he was in Cleveland. The QB situation was handled about as badly as it could be when he was with the Browns, but he did handle the whole thing with class. I wish the guy the best of luck.

  16. ninerhatersgetready4ring6 says:
    Congrats on picking up some more of the Niners garbage , Brett Swain. He doesn’t know the play book anyway.

    Brett Swain has more catches as 49er then A.J. Jenkins hahahahahaha. As for backup qbs, if Kap goes down and McCoy is the qb I’d be a little nervous.

  17. Brady Quinn is gonna be good and all you guys are gonna have to eat your words. Just wait and see.

  18. Well Pete and John make some decisions we have all questioned that have turned out pretty darn good. I think that should at least earn them a little (very little) silent faith. We shouldn’t be surprised if Brady is gone quicker than TO and someone else takes his place. In Schneider I trust. And if Quinn for one year = signing a few young guys long term, it’s worth it.

  19. @ninerhaterdude. Being that the hawks cleared cap space to be able to sign a premier saftey in chancellor, im failing to see how they got fleeced? They’ve got picks and extra cash for a guy that got a couple snaps last year when we were blowing out teams like… well the 49ers.

  20. Tyler Thigpen ran the ‘pistol’ in college and is the only one of the 4 QB’s trying out that has a winning record…dumb move.

  21. kwjsb says:
    Apr 9, 2013 6:18 PM
    “He ruined his throwing motion when he decided arms like Hulk Hogan will help him throw further.”

    Isn’t that what Kaepernick is currently trying to do? Hmmm…

  22. Its funny listening to other fans talk about “word has it” about the Seattle Seahawks. Like somehow you know more than actual fans who follows the team on every avenue from off-season straight through to the playoffs onto the next year??? Directly after the draft Pete Carroll and John Schneider talked about having their eye for Wilson early and targeted him as a QB for the future because they loved him. They admitted the risk of drafting defensive stud Wagner (2nd round) and someone drafting Wilson. That’s all out there even if you search blogs regarding what they have to say after the 2012 draft its all there dated. Quinn isn’t an exciting pick up but it sure beats Leinhart.

  23. reppster says:
    Apr 9, 2013 6:57 PM
    Am I the only one who finds the picture very funny?!

    I’m with you on that. I didn’t know throwing with your shoulder was the way to do it

  24. Mention the Seahawks and droves of haters come talking nonsense.

    Both niners and Hawks were blessed to have two quality qbs, MOST every team has only one and what would the Cards give up just to get one!

    This is a depth move and I believe it’s a good move, capable body for practice and can help add depth.

    Also funny when you pick a bum like asomwhateva you call it and it’s low risk but when the Hawks do the same it’s somehow a bad move, low risk move dummies. Lol and we have a good qb your secondary is questionable and you added more with him. Hmm

    Pete is an excellent evaluator of talent nit picking at a position is idiotic, he’s build arguably the best team and second youngest team in the league and you want to questions him.

    Get a grip

  25. The Seahawks already have a backup who is better than Brady Quinn and I doubt that Quinn will make the 53 man roster. I expect the Seahawks to draft a qb in the fifth or sixth round to compete for the backup role.

  26. In Quinn’s defense, both the Chiefs and the Browns had no line and not much better receivers

  27. Name a playoff team that isnt praying their starter doesn’t get hurt… its not like colt mccoy is going to qb the niners back to superbowl if kap gets hurt

  28. The rest of the NFL better pray Wilson does get hurt! See, it works both ways..

    We have the best young team in football and they’ll only get better. We’re not worried about who is our 3rd qb. If you don’t know about Portis, we’ll be just fine for a few games if RW3 goes down.

    Go Hawks!!

  29. Camp Arm = Brady Quinn

    The Seahawks will draft or sign another Quarterback to compete for the Back up spot…

    I used to think Brady Quinn could be a good quarterback in the NFL and that maybe he got a bad deal…I was wrong…

    Quinn should be out of the league…or in the CFL…he stinks…

  30. “Name a playoff team that isnt praying their starter doesn’t get hurt… its not like colt mccoy is going to qb the niners back to superbowl if kap gets hurt”

    Yeah, since when has a backup for the 49ers ever got them to a Super Bowl?

  31. Russel Wilson is a freaking pathetic midget. He will go the way of Andy Dalton, with his rookie year being the best year of his career. I can’t wait to see him shred his knee and his career be over. I will fap to gip’s of his acl tearing.

    ^ channeling every Seahawks fan that comments here when talking about RG3

  32. So many fans seem to now want to bash the Hawks. It’s all jealousy, especially 9ers, who have a sieve for a one team that could lose their starting QB and reach a SB in todays pass happy league. Seattle is on the rise, so keep bashing. Hawk fans will get the last laugh. Obviously the ops havent taken a look at the age of our roster and the upside that is ready to launch. Skies the limit!

  33. If Eller, Page, Tinglehoff, Rashad, Brown and Tarkenton were available (albeit a few decades) understudy Pete C would have them all. Such a love affair with the Minnesota Vikings can’t be ignored. Have you signed Winfield yet?

  34. Better start loosening up that arm quinn cause wilson, along with all the other flavors of the option qb’s are going to get blasted. Thumbs down from all the seababy fans!

  35. jayhawk777 says:

    So many fans seem to now want to bash the Hawks. It all jealousy, especially 9ers, who have a sieve for a one team that could lose their starting QB and reach a SB in todays pass happy league. Seattle is on the rise, so keep bashing. Hawk fans will get the last laugh. Obviously the ops havent taken a look at the age of our roster and the upside that is ready to launch. Skies the limit!

    Did you just try and insult the 9ners then compliment them for going to the sb? I’m confused, ahhh Seattle fans, too many double shot espressos got to their head! First they think they are winning the next 5 sb’s because of one good year (but forgot many other teams improved too), then they show they can’t even talk trash correctly lol

  36. @olyhawk

    Last time I watched the SeaChickens play they were getting blown out in the ATL ,Pete Carroll went in at halftime and complained to the ref’s(Ala GB game) about being fair. They then allowed the Hawks to catch up but Matty Ice played w/your emotions and stuck it to you.
    I guess you forgot the 40-21 a@@ whopping you took in 2010 by Mike Singletary and Co. I can’t wait till the season start to shut your mouth.Like it are not ,old or new , the Niners are 3-1 against the SeaChickens the past two years and 5 Lombardi’s up on you, hit me back in a new century when you catch up.

  37. I don’t hate the Seahawks I hate their fans who come on here and relentlessly pump their team by bashing other teams. Rusell Wilson had a good rookie season, yet Seattle fans think that’s not enough. No, they have to trash talk Andrew Luck, and pray to the madden gods of football that RG3’s career is over due to injury just so their midget QB looks like the best of the 2012 draft class.

    You guys had one good year. Act like you have been there before please and stop beclowning yourselves.

  38. First questionable move Pete Carroll has made. Quinn has been pathetic since day one.

  39. I hope this puts to rest the idea that the Seahawks are determined to find a backup QB that is capable of executing the read option. The Hawks are looking for a backup that is like Wilson in that he is accurate with a quick delivery and can throw a great long ball. If the guy can run well and make great reads and be a great leader as well, then he is probably named Kaepernick or Newton or Tannehill, and is not a backup. Pete and John are looking for someone who can effectively run the majority of the offense if they have to put him in – read option ability is just a nice bonus. My guess is they draft the Duke QB, Renfree, in the 6th or Jeff Tuel in the 7th.

  40. Brady Quinn has not been anointed as the ‘Hawks backup QB.

    Anybody who’s been paying attention to the way they do things in Seattle knows that there are 2-3 more QBs coming. Not mere camp arms, but potential #2 QBs who will compete for the spot.

    The pick of the litter will be kept, the rest will be cut. Based on the Avril+Bennett move, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Thigpen brought in as well. The Quinn signing doesn’t mean he’s out of the running, not by a long shot.

    His asking price may be too high, though, given the seller’s QB market and that mobile run-optionable QBs are so “in” right now. He could fit the ‘Hawks scheme… but that also means he could fit the scheme that most every other team in this copy-cat league is trying to run too.

  41. As a Hawk fan, I believe that Quinn will be the backup with a mid round pick being 3rd string. Portis is the training camp arm and will be cut.

    Quinn might not be starting material, but as a backup I have no problems with him as a backup.

    Portis will never play a down in a regular season NFL game. He just doesn’t have it.

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