Seneca Wallace continues his tour with stop in Oakland

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The backup quarterback bus rolls on, and one of them is getting a good look at the West Coast.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, former Seahawks and Browns quarterback Seneca Wallace will work out for the Raiders Wednesday.

Wallace was also part of the four-man reality show in the making for the Seahawks, along with Tyler Thigpen, Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn. The Seahawks haven’t decided yet, and figure to draft another one anyway to go along with Russell Wilson.

There’s an easier path to the field in Oakland, where Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor are the depth chart at the moment.

Wallace was cut last year in the preseason by the Browns, and didn’t latch back on in the league.

8 responses to “Seneca Wallace continues his tour with stop in Oakland

  1. I really don’t understand why Tyler Thigpen is in the hunt for a job every year. I remember him playing not so poorly for the chiefs. Starter? Probably not, but how come he can’t latch on anywhere backup-wise Billy Volek style?

  2. Apparenly the Seahawks thought more highly of Brady Quinn than Seneca, and are set to sign him. I’d rather have Tebow.

  3. Seneca Wallace is cancer and likes to blab his mouth. Too bad his game doesn’t speak for how much he likes to run his mouth. You can partially blame him for the departure of Peyton Hillis and the Browns..

  4. Seneca was a journeyman backup for Hasslebeck. His record in Seattle as a starter in relief was okay. He is a mobile, scrambling type QB which may fit the Hawks game plan.

    Seneca also is a good reciever, and gives the offense some flexibility with that. How can we forget the “Senecat” formation which struck fear into the hearts of no one (except maybe Hawk fans). Kidding aside he was effective as a reciever in the 2005 NFC Championship game.

  5. He won’t make the team. This smells like the Raiders kicking the tires on a ‘camp arm’. A guy to throw the ball to the WR/TE/RBs so they can get their work in while the QBs work on other stuff.

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