Team-by-team draft needs

As the 2013 NFL draft approaches, we’ll run down each team’s needs. New teams will be posted twice a day in the order of the teams’ first pick in the draft, starting with the Chiefs on April 8 and ending with the Redskins and Seahawks (the two teams that traded away their first-round picks) on April 23.

You can find all of our team needs posts here.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (April 8).

2. Jacksonville Jaguars (April 8).

3. Oakland Raiders (April 9).

4. Philadelphia Eagles (April 9).

5. Detroit Lions (April 10).

6. Cleveland Browns (April 10).

7. Arizona Cardinals (April 11).

8. Buffalo Bills (April 11).

9. New York Jets (April 12).

10. Tennessee Titans (April 12).

11. San Diego Chargers (April 13).

12. Miami Dolphins (April 13).

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (April 14).

14. Carolina Panthers (April 14).

15. New Orleans Saints (April 15).

16. St. Louis Rams (April 15).

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (April 16).

18. Dallas Cowboys (April 16).

19. New York Giants (April 17).

20. Chicago Bears (April 17).

21. Cincinnati Bengals (April 18).

22. Minnesota Vikings (April 18).

23. Indianapolis Colts (April 19).

24. Green Bay Packers (April 19).

25. Houston Texans (April 20).

26. Denver Broncos (April 20).

27. New England Patriots (April 21).

28. Atlanta Falcons (April 21).

29. San Francisco 49ers (April 22).

30. Baltimore Ravens (April 22).

31. Washington Redskins (April 23).

32. Seattle Seahawks (April 23).

6 responses to “Team-by-team draft needs

  1. The only thing the Burgundy and Gold need is more PFT articles. Under Snyder, Allen, Shanahan and Superhuman, this franchise is set both on the field and off. #GodsTeam

  2. hey logical, remember that time you said you would stop trolling if your beloved redskins started last season 6-0 and they were 3-3?

    That makes you a liar.

  3. Raiders need to go “bankrupt” under the CBA and CAP. Nearly 1/2 their CAP this year is spent on plays no longer with the team – and Raiders have not had a full draft class for 3-4 years.

    How in God’s earth do you run a team like that?

  4. With the draft upon us, is it just me or would anyone else like to see year over year draft grades? While the draft grades written right after the draft mean nothing, I along with many others enjoy reading them. Otherwise they would not be written. I think it would be interesting to see a comparison of how a teams draft was graded 1, 2, 3, and maybe 4 years ago compared to how it would be graded today. After the players have developed or flopped. That’s just me…

  5. Very good suggestion Mr. Waldo. The best you can get is the Draft mag by Lindy’s Pro Football Draft Report. That is only one of the reasons that I prefer their Draft preview.

    They will have a graph on each teams page with a 5 Year Breakdown. For each year it list the; Total Picks, Starters, Backups, Other Teams and Out of League. Which gives a pretty good review of a teams Draft results.

    Probably some left on the grocery store magazine ailes. Worth every penny. Don’t work for them, but my check should be in the mail?

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