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We mentioned earlier the salient points regarding the contract signed by quarterback Kevin Kolb with the Buffalo Bills.  Some of you (OK, a few of you . . . OK, two of you . . . OK, one of you) have asked for the full details.

Per multiple sources with knowledge of the contract, Kolb will receive a $1 million signing bonus, along with a workout bonus of $100,000 in 2013 and a base salary this year of $1.65 million.  A $250,000 roster bonus is tied to Kolb having a roster spot for the first game of the 2013 regular season.

Next year, Kolb’s base salary increases to $2 million.  He has another $100,000 workout bonus.  Most importantly, a $1 million roster bonus hinges on Kolb being on the roster for the third day of the 2014 league year, which starts in March.

The deal also carries a whopping $6.5 million in incentives and escalators.  Each year, Kolb can earn another $2 million based on playing time.  He has can earn up to $850,000 per year based on both passing production and playing time, $150,000 per year for making it to the Pro Bowl.  Finally, the deal contains a $500,000 escalator in 2014 tied to the incentives he unlocks in 2013.

That adds up to a maximum deal of $12.6 million — $400,000 short of the $13 million that initially was reported.

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  1. Sad to see these contracts. It’s too bad I injured my knee in High School because I was a better QB than Kolb and Tavaris are today. Poor situation Bills continue to put themselves in. #Fail

  2. Good signing for the Bills and nice contract. He’s around the same talent as Flacco, but doesn’t destroy the team cap, kudos!!

  3. why are there so many KOLB stories on here the last few days?? Kolb stinks, the Bills stink. the only one of the posts that was remotely entertaining was the one where Kolb said he was going to buffalo to win a SuperBowl…… which is really funny.

  4. You guys (PFT) are obsessed with Kevin Kolb. His move to Buffalo is getting as much attention as Manning to Denver from you guys. Settle down…it’s a quiet time…we don’t need filler stories.

  5. Is this really news? I mean did we really need confirmation that –

    “No, Kolb is exceptionally unlikely to get $13 million – in fact he’ll probably get something far closer to the veteran minimum”

    The only way this is news would be if the Bills actually WERE going to give him $13 million and were depending on him to be the starter.

    Aside from that – as I’ve said since the signing, this was a smart, low cost move (I didn’t need Florio to tell me he wasn’t going to get much more than the Veteran Minimum) that allows the Bills to give whatever rookie QB they draft time to adjust to the NFL.

    That’s a wise move and may pay dividends later, even if the Bills are not going to contend in 2013.

  6. As someone who think Flacco is way overrated, I fell off my chair laughing at Kolb being the same level of talent. Flacco would have 20 more suitors than Kolb. Just maybe not at his $20M price tag

  7. I saw Kolb almost killed by the lack of a decent offensive line in Arizona. (The other q’backs fared no better btw) and I’ve seen him when he has had a normal count to get the ball out of his hands and he is two different fellows. I hope that his O’Line in Buffalo is going to be better than what Arizona had and if it is, you will see a more productive and winning team.

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