The Revis situation, from all angles

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Ross Tucker joined me for Tuesday’s PFT Live, with both of us in the Connecticut studio of

Which means I didn’t have a 500-mile buffer between his fists and my face.

But he didn’t punch me, in large part because I didn’t give him a reason to.  Instead, we have a civil, gentlemanly (but yet still interesting) discussion about the Revis situation, from all angles.Still, I would have preferred a fight.  Maybe next time I’ll repeatedly call him Tanya.

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11 responses to “The Revis situation, from all angles

  1. 2012 NY Jets were also the only team in NFL to not allow a 100 yd. receiver over the full season.

    Yeah….The Jets are going to be just fine with Cro and without Mevis. Those draft picks will be put to good use by Idzik.

  2. If the rumor about the bucs willing to trade their 13th overall pick is true then the Jets would be crazy to not do it right away. Revis might never be the same player and his salary demands are crazy.

  3. the secret to the Jets statistical success last year again the pass was the complete lack of any kind of a run defense- teams didnt have to throw the ball because they could just run it the length of the field. The reason the run D was so bad was because Revis was shutting down the passing game on one half of the field. He makes a HUGE difference for any D and that why Idzik is right to demand more than just a first round pick and why he is worth more than Harvin. I dont want to hear about the injury either; Harvin is one random headache at 12:45 away from missing ANY game.

  4. It’s a good thing you guys decided to finally cover the Revis thing “from all angles” because, like, that hadn’t been done 8,000 times before.

  5. Jets fans are foolish to keep going back to the 2012 pass D ranking. You guys were terrible, why would anyone pass against you when they were up 13-3 in the fourth quarter. Plus, as said previously, your run D was bad. Revis may never be what he was but you will miss him, get more than a first.

  6. Love these stories about Revis —- obviously there is NO WAY they’d ever even think about a deal w/out this years 13th pick. Again, this is a WIN WIN for ny, the jets can’t lose…laugh all you want jets have a brilliant GM, do any of you really think Izick cares that the Bucs are frustrated??????

  7. kegmen7:

    Hate to break it to you but your shortsighted anayalysis couldnt be more wrong. Maybe check your info before coming to a rash conclusion?

    The Jets pass defense being so good last year because of their poor run defense is not true at all. They were #6th in pass yards per attempt at 6.4 ypa, which is obviously based on attempts and not just total yards. So clearly they were a good pass defense irrespective of how bad their run defense was.

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