Bengals release Jason Allen


Big contracts are only a blessing for players when they get to hang around to earn them.

The Bengals announced they released cornerback Jason Allen Wednesday, wiping his $3 million base salary off the books.

He had signed a two-year, $8.2 million deal with the Bengals a year ago, but with the team re-signing Terence Newman and Adam Jones, he was a spare part, and making far too much money to be one of those.

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  1. The defensive equivalent (although less dollars) to the Antonio Bryant signing a few years ago.

  2. He had a good 2011 with the Texans. What happened to him last year in Cincy? The dude just disappeared.

    Is it Jason Allen? Or is it the Ben-gals?

  3. Nick Saban is well known to have picked Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees in 2006. He’s lesser known for picking Ronnie Brown over Aaron Rodgers in 2005 (our starting QB was Gus Frerrotte at the time).

    But here’s a real big thank you to the genius Nick Saban for bringing us Jason Allen with the 15th pick of the 2006 draft. He liked him beacuse he could play safety and corner, and because he recruited him out of high school. Jason Allen was TERRIBLE.

    Here’s a list of the DBs that were picked after Jason Allen in the 2006 draft. To be fair, I’m not going to hold it against Saban that Courtland Finnegan was a 7th round pick because that was just a lucky break for the Titans that he was good.

    So just from the 16th pick overall through the 2nd round; here’s the list:

    Antonio Cromartie
    Johnathan Joseph
    Kelly Jennings
    Daniel Bullocks
    Danieal Manning
    Roman Harper
    Cedric Griffin
    Bernard Pollard
    Devin Hester
    Richard Marshall
    Tim Jennings

    HOW ABOUT THAT!!!!! You think Saban and Parcells get together every once in a while and toast Wayne Huizenga?

  4. They still have Hall so he was more like the 4th CB. I still don’t remember hearing his name during a game.

  5. 4 million for a holding call that cost us a TD on a return.

    This dude stinks. Btw, to the poster above talking smack about Newman and Pacman, those guys had great seasons for a playoff squad last year. Try to keep up.

  6. Ubainebearman are you a jealous cowboys fan or something?not our fault jerry fired one best coachs he had in zimmer.Newman and Pacman have played great for the Bengalz and they also have a 1stbad invested in Dre

  7. Once Jason Allen got hurt it was the beginning of the end for him. He never showed up to be the player they thought they were getting.

  8. Bengals still don’t have a serviceable Strong Safety and they don’t appear to be concerned about it. Kenny Vacarro won’t fall to #21 and Taylor Mays is some kind of a mental midget freelancer with zero discipline to stay within Zimmer’s system. But Coach Giggles isn’t concerned.

  9. If he doesn’t cost too much, I wouldn’t mind Oakland giving this guy a try. Still believe Oakland needs to add additional depth to the CB corps.

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