Bryant McKinnie doesn’t expect to hear from Ravens until after draft

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It wasn’t long after the Ravens won the Super Bowl that we started hearing about their interest in bringing left tackle Bryant McKinnie back for another season.

McKinnie’s expressed a similar interest, but there hasn’t been much, if any, movement on a new deal. McKinnie isn’t expecting that to change in the next couple of weeks.

During an interview on WNST in Baltimore, McKinnie said that he didn’t expect to have any more talks about a contract with the Ravens until after the draft. While the implication is that the Ravens might add a player they want to take over the starting job, McKinnie also said that he wants to see what the Ravens do so that he knows he has a shot to retain his starting job.

“I definitely want a starting job,” McKinnie said, via the Ravens website. “I want it to be fair for somebody to beat me out of my position instead of saying you want to try something new. Give me the opportunity to actually be fair and let somebody beat me out for the position.”

McKinnie, Eric Winston, Andre Smith and other free agent tackles may all be waiting until after the draft to find their homes for the 2013 season since there are sure to be some needy teams who find what they’re looking for in the collegiate ranks.

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  1. Don’t come into camp overweight and out of shape and just might get the starting job.

  2. I am amazed they want to bring anyone back! Has been nothing but a fire sale in Baltimore since the day after the Superbowl! They will be lucky to win a division game next season. Cheers!

  3. Footballfan,
    Absolutely right. Ravens front office has grabbed a ton of players at fire sale prices. Don’t look for anyone to run the ball against the D-line and if you’re looking for your quarterback, he’ll be lying on his back 10-15 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Thanks for pointing that out, footballfan!

  4. I love how the haters are still in denial about the Ravens. All they can reach for is a so called “firesale” to somehow insinuate that the sky is falling in Bmore. Our team is actually better than last year . Now will we win another superbowl, who knows….But to constantly act as if we keep losing players and are not gaining good players , and getting worse , is akin to Steelers fans who think their team is getting better …. gimme a break haters…geez.

  5. The greatest GM in the league will get him on the cheap. Just another day in the office, ho-hum

  6. moagecu says: Apr 10, 2013 3:23 PM

    huge fire sale bringing in Huff, Canty, Spears, Dumervil, McClain and Huff


    I, for one, am extremely excited to see Huff and Huff shore up the back end of the Ravens defense.

  7. 1 player gone on O – Boldin. Big loss. That’s gonna hurt. But, still have Ray Rice, Pitta, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Ed Dickson (too many drops), Tandon Doss (unproven but a beast in preseason), Bernard Pierce & the draft to address that.

    New Look D:

    DL: Ngata, Canty, Spears, Art Jones, McPhee, Tyson, Cody (7 guy rotation)

    LB: Suggs, Dumerville, Upshaw, McLain, McClain, McClellan, Hall & a draft pick or 2.

    CB: Webbie’s back, Jimmy Smith, Corey Graham, C Brown, Asa Jackson

    S: Huff, Ihedigbo, Thompson, Omar Brown & draft picks

    Younger, faster, bigger, stronger. It’s gonna take half the season for them to gel, but championships aren’t won in the first half of the season. I’m excited for this season.

  8. Isn’t it odd that you never hear what team the trash talking haters have as THEIR team. We know why…..

    It can’t be an NFL fan because we were the only team to WIN the one game that matters….the other 31 teams were ALL LOSERS

    The other thing that proves the RAVENS are being watched constantly and every post draws thousands of posts is that the RAVENS ARE the most WATCHED and POPULAR team in the entire NFL.

    Thank you for making the Ravens AMERICA’S team.

  9. footballfan says:
    Apr 10, 2013 3:11 PM
    I am amazed they want to bring anyone back! Has been nothing but a fire sale in Baltimore since the day after the Superbowl! They will be lucky to win a division game next season. Cheers!


    This stupid argument AGAIN? So are you saying the Ravens were stupid to let Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, and Dannell Ellerbe walk? If that’s the case, then you have to agree to all of the following items:

    1.) The Browns did not overpay for Kruger.
    2.) The Dolphins did not overpay for Ellerbe.
    3.) Ellerbe’s injury history should not be held against him.
    4.) Ed Reed is still the impact player he was during his prime.
    5.) Suggs, Ngata, and Webb aren’t adequate leaders on defense.

    If you can’t agree to everything I just listed, then your argument is moot.

  10. We got 6 rings. How many do you raven fans have??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. The MOST superbowl wins goes to the best team in the NFL…3 guess’s to the Ravens fans (4 guess’s to the ravenator)……..Hint(For the ravenator)- Black/gold?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Letting players go on 17th ranked defense? I see no problem with that…

    Flacco had to carry the Ravens through the playoffs and put 30 points a game. The D needed to be replace, so how can it hurt letting these players go?

    Steelers got 6 rings? And how many years have they been in existence? LOL.

    You need to worry about how the Ravens have dominated you lately and for a few years to come.

  13. The Mckinnie situation reminds me of Max Starks in Pittsburgh…. Every time I thought he was done, there he was starting at LT by the time game 1 rolled around. There is still something to be said for huge O-linemen. I bet Mckinnie ends up getting a call early in training camp from someone.

  14. if by fire sale you mean not overpaying for players and getting similar talent younger and cheaper then yes. the ravens had a fire sale. kruger got paid very well…perhaps too well. same for ellerbe. and good for them. ed wil be missed but we lost 2013 ed..not 2008 ed. we improved our run defense and got an pro bowl pass rusher for half of his expected salary. plus adding two top 10 draft picks who are not old players. gonna be another exciting season in baltimore. go ravens

  15. To use a popular line…per a source with knowledge of the situation… in this case another news source on a different medium, the Ravens can’t afford what B Mack wants and still sign their rookies. The source expected the Ravens to look for a cheaper more reliable option in the draft.

  16. And they will. Ravens fans are blessed with Ossie and the privilege of seeing their team in the top tier year after year. Even with this recent exodus, Ravens still have a roster ranked in the top ten. Steelers have six rings? Good for them. They can listen to their grandpa tell them about Terry Bradshaw while we’re watching Flacco lead us to the promised land for the sixth year in a row. I’ll take five straight post season wins plus a championship over pining for the good old days. The way to keep fans happy is not to miss the playoffs twice, blow a SB, and then let Tim Tebow complete an 80 yarder under your nose. It’s to be in the hunt every year.

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