Bucs not hiding their interest in trading for, paying Revis

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Sure, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano at one point refused to mention the name of cornerback Darrelle Revis, for fear of crossing the league’s ever-amorphous tampering line.  Other than that, the Bucs haven’t been bashful about their interest in one of the top defensive talents in the game.

It’s an open secret in league and media circles that the Bucs will pay Revis the deal he wants, worth $15 million or more.  Some league insiders believe that the Buccaneers and agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod, who worked together to bring Vincent Jackson to Tampa last year, have worked out the parameters of the contract Revis would receive.  Absent express permission from the Jets, that could amount to a clear case of tampering.

Then there’s the team’s website.  As flagged by the folks at JoeBucsFan.com, the Buccaneers’ official online destination includes this headline on the right rail of the site:  “Buccaneers still in for Darrelle Revis.”  While the link leads to an NFL Network video, the presence of those words on the Bucs’ official website is a little jarring.

Of course, the Bucs can tamper all they want, as long as the Jets don’t plan to file tampering charges.  The fact that the Jets haven’t cried foul underscores the idea that the Jets want to trade him — and it highlights the reality that the Jets can’t afford to alienate the only team that wants Revis.

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  1. There goes 15 million over payed dollars out the door if this goes through. Get a player through the draft and save millions… just ask the Raiders.

  2. You keep this up New York, and you’ll turn Revis totally against you. Then what’ll you have? One decent corner and a “rebuilding” team. Oh, and Mark Sanchez under center. The prospects for your future in the Jersey Swamps, are looking bleaker all the time. Get out Idzik, before they drag you down as well. Shame.

  3. Jets: Revis is not worth worth the money he wants and we will not be paying him!

    Jets: The Bucs have got to be kidding with what the offered for Revis. This guy is the greatest!

  4. Sounds like the Bucs know they have the Jets over a barrel and are still interested but are getting sick of waiting around.

  5. The Jets had better be careful here. Yesterday it was reported that the Bucs were willing to give up the 13th overall pick in this years draft, in addition to a 3rd and 7th rounder, all on top of paying Revis his huge contract demands. Yet a trade STILL hasn’t been accepted.

    Either the report isn’t true, or the Jets are trying to extract even more then the 3 picks (including 13th overall this year) that it was previously reported they would take.

    Revis is coming off torn ACL and wants huge contract on top of what it would take to get him. The Jets would be wise to take it, and not sour the pot. Otherwise he’ll walk next year for nothing and the Jets won’t get anything for him.

  6. There’s also a report out that people high up in the Bucs organization about how the media has blown this whole potential deal out of proportion. The Bucs and Jets have talked about it but the Jets aren’t sure they want to trade Revis and the Bucs are really unsure about dealing any #1 pick so as usual the media is jumping the gun on something that might never even happen.

  7. Someone wake the Jets up and remind them that they basically need players at just about every position and could turn this one trade into 3-5 picks in a draft that may not have huge names but is pretty deep with solid talent.

    It’s not a play-doh fun factory, guys. It’s a football team, start to run it like one.

  8. It can be a concerning damage to the image of a team when they put inappropriate stuff on their website. I have seen countless times that the Lions have listed players on their roster incorrectly and even with the wrong colleges sometimes. It doesn’t help to support confidence in the fans that go to the website to see official information and finding out that the team can’t keep track of their own players, or if they appear to not be on the same page with expected professional standards. The guys in the office that run the team may not rely on that information, but it’s about the branding and the image that you want to build. If you can’t find the time and effort to display team information on the website in a productive way, then maybe you aren’t the type of people who put in the time and effort to figure out how to build a dominant football team either.

    Teams just don’t accept responsibility for what appears on their website, and anything that looks bad is somebody else’s fault.

  9. Jets are lost. Thats a good deal for an aging, broken down, disgruntled player. You think they would want less drama and start shaping their team. Cut Tebow, trade Revis, tell Rex to shut his mouth.

  10. Jets should keep Revis-win Superbowl THIS year with him-then sign him to a mega deal.Win win for everyone-minus the stupid Buc fans.

  11. Would love to see the fall out in New York if the Buc’s change their minds at the last second and the Jets are unable to find another team to trade with.

  12. The Jets are determined to screw every single thing they do up.

    What are they waiting for? It’s THE offer…no other offer is coming. The Bucs are clearly not bidding against anyone and the Jets are still gonna get a ransom from them! What are they doing?!

    Hold onto Revis until he has no value….refuse to get out from under the Tebow train…You’d swear nothing changed in the front office or coaching staff this season. Who’s really running things on a personnel level over there? For a new GM to come in and the coach willing to step back and yet nothing is different I think we need to look at the conductor of the wreck….Woody Johnson.

  13. nobreak1269- I have noticed over the years that it is veeeery difficult for teams with 1 or 2 good players on the roster to make the playoffs, much less win the SuperBowl.

    Oh yeah,……right. I forgot that the Redskins can do it with just RGIII, playing. My mistake.

  14. Whre is poster “voiceofinsanity”????

    No Redskins posts???? He must be taking a nap with his RGIII pillow.

  15. Ordinarily I would say $15 million for a CB is madness. But then the Bucs have been so far under the cap for years that they may as well spend the money and get some players in here.

  16. i would be surprised when the bucs get revis for anything less then a1st, 3rd and 6th rounder.

  17. Why can’t a third party team accuse the Bucs of tampering – after all this is behavior that violates the spirit of the tampering rules and could create a comptetive advantage.

    Why wouldn’t Mara pursue this … oh wait nevermind the Giants aren’t in the NFC South.

    Seriously thought why can this not be pursued as tampering by a third party team that is interested in maintaing the spirit of the various gentlemen agreements in place.

  18. whatnojets says:Apr 10, 2013 2:15 PM

    Somewhere “Fireman Ed” butt must be burning!

    Nah, even he gave up on the Jets.

  19. If Bucs get Revis for what Jets want, and we don’t make playoffs, Dominick should be fired. This is such a waste of draft picks…

  20. The jets have what they want plain and simple . They , the bucs want revis desperately and the jets know it. Percy harbinger is not worth more than revis , even if revis had one leg . We will bank on this trade , so deal with it haters . The bucs will not walk away without giving more than that 1st rounder . 3 rd and 6th with it won’t do it . 1st this year and 2nd and third next year sounds more like it

  21. I thought Buc’s were starting to build the right way. If they give up these picks for a CB coming off an ACL they will regret it for years. It is a terrible move. With Jets having zero leverage AND trying to play hardball I cannot imagine why the Bucs haven’t moved on and gave up.
    Bottom line – he is not worth what you are giving up. Even if healthy. Big IF.

  22. nobreak1269 says: Apr 10, 2013 1:53 PM

    Jets should keep Revis-win Superbowl THIS year with him-then sign him to a mega deal.Win win for everyone-minus the stupid Buc fans.

    Thanks for the laugh oh delusional one. The jets will be lucky to win 4 games this season. Who’s the QB again? LOL

  23. 15 mil is no joke. If this deal does go down then hopefully revis plays like he did before, if not then the bucs just threw away a lot of money

  24. Dear Jets: you will not and should not get house and farm for this guy, and you should not expect either..

    The fact that he is injured should give you a reason why the bucs wont give you it all…take what you can before you lose it all..otherwise Revis may be taking his talents NEAR south beach next season

    and you’ll get nothing for it

  25. Bucs need to tell the Jets to either make a deal or move on! I think a first round pick in this years draft was more than fair. Shouldn’t even be offering any picks in future drafts. Why offer future compensation for a player the Jets don’t even have under control past this year?

    At least in the Harvin deal Minnesota had the right to franchise him and he wasn’t coming off major surgery. Bucs would be taking all the risks here and the Jets know their other option is to let Revis walk, or risk him getting injured further…and then he has no value.

  26. Revis is not worth 15 mil. per year plus the draft choices they would have to give up to get him. Someone in Tampa has fallen in love with this guy and is willing to give up way too much to have him on the team. Even when healthy, he isn’t worth it.

  27. Two moribund franchises haggling over a player that won’t do either of them any good.

  28. Would love to see another team swoop in and offer a better package than the Bucs are offering.

    Jets can get another team to pony up #1 pick in 2013 and #1 in 2014. It’s bound to happen the closer we get to the draft.

    No matter what Jets drafting Milliner so they will have a new lock down CB for the next 6 years anyway.

  29. If I was the Bucs, I would dial back the offer to a 2nd rounder this year and maybe a 3rd rounder next year. The Jets won’t get what Minnesota got for Harvin because the Bucs are the only team really interested in Revis. Revis is angry and injured and expensive. The Bucs don’t have to give up a lot to get him. Even if they don’t get him, they could choose between Trufant or Rhodes and get a high quality corner.

  30. The longer this whole saga drags on, the more I wonder why the Bucs’ front office is considering giving up this package for a corner coming off of a major, possibly career-changing, injury who…is going to be a free agent next offseason.

    At absolute most, Dominik shouldn’t be giving up much more than next year’s first round pick.

    Or we could just wait a year and get him at something closer to market value. Probably way more reasonable than $15 mil./yr.

  31. Nobeeak,

    Either you’re delusional or been hittin them bath salts too much. There’s a reason the jets are picking 9th, and it ain’t because they’re in Super Bowl contention. I didn’t see the breaking news where they signed a starting caliber qb, & I’m for certain that Mark Sanchez didn’t forget how to throw multiple int’s every Sunday.

    Anyways, the Bucs will lower their offer. No way they give up any first rounder. The jets arent resigning Revis, everyone knows it. So, if idzik doesn’t want to look like he screwed the pooch, he’ll take what he can get. Jets have no leverage. Revis was the best CB in the game, but who has seen him play since tearing his acl??

  32. How can people honesty say the Jets have no leverage? Revis is under contract for this season and has said he DOES NOT want to leave the Jets. Also, Jets cap situation is much better next season as Sanchez and Holmes will be gone and off the books. Jets can always talk to Revis and get a deal done.

  33. The flip side to the whole Revis saga from the Bucs’ stand point is good publicity. Even if they never make the deal, the Bucs look like a good destination to other players just because they are willing to even offer a contract to Revis of that magnitude. No pro athlete wants to play for a tightwad owner. With the deals Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Eric Wright(although now re-structured), and Dashon Goldson have gotten over the last 2 years, and now being mentioned as willing to pay Revis’ demands, Tampa is becoming a place top-tier players can’t ignore. Not to mention there’s no state income tax in Florida.

  34. I still have no idea why half the world thinks the Jets will lose Revis if they don’t trade him. They can, you know, just re-sign him again.

  35. Josh Freeman is statistically the worst starting quarterback in the NFL when under pressure according to profootballfocus. If the Bucs want to win in the NFC South, they must score points and must have excellent quarterback play. To remedy Freeman’s shortcomings under pressure, they must acquire or draft outlets for Freeman to look to when under pressure. Otherwise, the easy recipe to beat the Bucs is to blitz Freeman. Even the best defenses get scored on in today’s NFL, especially with the rules set up the way they are. They should not trade away their 1st rounder in this year’s draft. Instead, they should draft Eiffert and trade up to get Austin in the late 1st round. This will do more to get the Bucs wins than a better secondary. The Bucs can get serviceable play from later round CBs in this draft. Make the NFC South teams keep up with the Bucs’ scoring, not the other way around.

  36. No way the Bucs give up their 1st pick in this year’s draft. Never mind a handful of other picks.

    No way they give up next year’s #1 because that is a golden ticket in the Jadaveon Clowney lottery.

    If the Jets want to unload Revis, they should look to pick up Lagarrette Blount (1,000+ yard rusher, low cap impact), Eric Wright ( CB depth, low cap), 3rd and 4th rounder.

    Dominik is just using local media hacks to plant ridiculous stories trying to draw in the inexperienced Jet’s GM.

  37. The jets will not pay revis what he’s looking for. Bucs should offer less and if Jets pass, move on! Even with all the rumors and speculation the Bucs are he only team interested. Jets can keep him, go 4-10 and get a compensatory pick in 2014. Bucs can draft a corner or two and pick up another vet to help them thru 2013. The Bucs have been doing a very good job with the draft, I say stick to the plan and let the jets roll the dice!

  38. Does anyone really believe that getting Revis and Goldson alone will stop Jimmy Graham and Julio Jones? The Bucs can’t give up the farm for Revis or they will continue to be outscored by the Saints and Falcons for years to come.

  39. Here is a fact you can take to the bank. If his injury slows him up even ever so slightly, who ever gets him loses big time. The speed of pro football is amazing. Hey, I’m just a fan but, you can bet your life that I’m right

  40. If the Bucs trade for him and he signs the highest paid contract for CB’s in history, he will hold out 2 years from now saying it’s not enough.

  41. There are 4 really good CBs in the draft – each with unique talents, and each with potential to be better than Revis. It makes ZERO sense to give up a first this year for a guy who wants $15m at CB, when you could draft a healthier better younger player and gain $13m+ in cap space.

    Just goes to show why the Bucs and Jets both are perennial losers.

  42. It looks like the Bucs just want to throw some money away. I need to get my contact info out to them.

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