Cardinals sign Chilo Rachal

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Chilo Rachal, a guard who started eight games for the Bears last year, has signed with the Cardinals.

Rachal was a starter for the Bears in November when the surprising news came out that he had been demoted off the first-string offensive line and was leaving the team for what were termed “personal reasons.” He was eventually placed on the Bears’ non-football injury list.

Whatever the issues were with Rachal in Chicago, he has the ability to at the very least provide depth on the Cardinals’ offensive line, and possibly win a training camp competition and end up in a starting job.

Prior to signing with the Bears in 2012, Rachal played four years for the 49ers, who took him in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft.

17 responses to “Cardinals sign Chilo Rachal

  1. I couldn’t stand Singletary’s pet project #62; he’s awful. Chicago learned it the hard way. He’s decent in the run game but he will get Palmer killed in pass protection and draw a lot of flags. Snyder is a better guard than he is. This is not an upgrade for the Cards, just a body. He will deceive in preseason and practice but it doesn’t carry over to Sunday. He’s immensely frustrating because he can be great run blocking and so awful in pass protection which is further compounded by stupid mistakes, missed reads, etc.

    AZ better get serious about protecting Palmer or all they’ve done is sign a guy who will throw picks all day. He’ll move the ball until he throws that pick.

  2. Surprised the Cardinals would sign him but I guess the old regime that abused Chilo when he played with the Niners is no longer there. Way to address that offensive line with other teams cast offs.

  3. Win a camp battle against who? Snyder is an upgrade over Chilo and as the cards found out Snyder is awful himself. Of improving the line is a priority they are already going the wrong direction. The kid has the ability but he just plain lacks the heart and every down tenacity it takes

  4. The guy left college early to help pay family medical bills, and he seems to have to leave football a lot for personal issues. Wish the guy the best, but wouldn’t want him on my team.

  5. Does Bruce Arians secretly hate quarterbacks? Because having a guy take 7 step drops with Chilo “el Matador” Rachal blocking is a guaranteed death sentence.

  6. As a long time retiree, I hate seeing anybody out of work. But – the reality is, this young man cannot play. Every negative (but spot-on correct) comment above is as true as true can get. Snyder and Rachal, Rachal and Snyder – when both were on the Niners, the O Line stunk to high heaven because of their presence. Has any team honcho out there EVER wondered why both get such negative press. Amazing!

  7. LOLOLOLOLOL @ El Matador. That made me crack up at work. MSclemmons67 thank you sir

  8. I don’t know what you guys are talking about…I LOVE this signing! The Cards are basically re-assembling our O-line from 3 years ago (minus the talented players). It’s going to be fun watching Aldon/Justin abuse this guy like they did in Aldon’s 5.5 sack game against the Bears last year. This signing alone gives Aldon a good shot at the sack record.

  9. As a 49ers fan, i love to see other teams in the division sign guys like this. He is terrible.

  10. the bears biggest problem is their offensive line. how bad do you have to be to get demoted fro, it? the cardinals are about to find out! hope Palmer is in good shape because he will be running for his life with this bum blocking for him.

  11. That rumbling you hear from the west coast isn’t Kim Jong Un’s missle strike. It’s the collective laughter coming from the Bay Area.

  12. I love how people act like there are plenty of great, Probowl o-linemen available. This is simply a depth signing. The cards will address the line in the draft. Plus they will have starters back from injury. They are going to cause fits for the elite teams in the NFC west. Not to mention, the 9ers wIll be taking a step back. Their run is over.

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