Cards reportedly not interested in JaMarcus Russell

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As the first overall pick in the 2007 draft tries to work his way back into the NFL (by first working his way back into the shape of something other than a pear), the Cardinals and Bears reportedly are interested.

The Cardinals reportedly aren’t.

Darren Urban of the team’s official website reports that the Cardinals aren’t interested in Russell.  Specifically, Urban opts for the inherently dismissive “nope” when responding to a question as to whether the Cardinals have interest.

The Cardinals recently traded for Carson Palmer, signed Drew Stanton, and kept Brian Hoyer via a restricted free agency tender offer.

Also, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that he “strongly” believes the Bears don’t have any “real interest” in Russell.

So maybe no one is interested in Russell.  At least he’ll end up being in the shape of something other than a pear.

40 responses to “Cards reportedly not interested in JaMarcus Russell

  1. I’m not sure why teams wouldn’t take a flier on him, especially if they have excellent QB coaches in place, they’re allowed to have 90 players at training camp, he’s going to sign for the veteran minimum with no bonus or guarantees, so there’s zero risk financially and he knows this is his last chance so in theory he should be motivated. If it works out the franchise that signed him looks genius, if it doesn’t you’ve lost nothing.

  2. All these pointless Jamarcus Russell stories actually make me miss all the pointless Pat White stories.

  3. When he showed up at oakland and took off his shirt, all in attendance thought, flabby soft. Sign of high school and college coaches that just let the me play. He never challange himself or could call a play in the huddle. Listen to what Murphy said when Campbell came in a QB. “It’s nice to understand the QB”. Southern drawl and flabby

  4. He would definitely make the bears roster as an offensive lineman probably be the best one they got

  5. Why would they be interested in Russell? They already have as good a QB room as anyone in the league.

  6. Why would anyone???

    His play was so bad he likely made other coaches think “our developmental guy could have the same lumps, but at least they’re trying.”

  7. Seriously– go to Canada. Play there a couple years, work your butt off and prove yourself capable. If you are successful you won’t have to beg people for tryouts– the NFL will call you every day.

  8. Granted JRussell could have given a better account of himself (Condition wise) despite a horrible Raider team with an even more worthless coach during his time, but to say giving him a look, for any team in need of a QB is a bad venture, I call B$$….For gods sake, the Cards are in no position to turn anyone away with that stable of worthless QB’s they currently have…..

    As long as Tebow, Carr, Gabbert, Hasselbeck, Weeden, Rivers, Painter, Orton, and Ponder just to name a few are in the league, hell I’ll even kick the tires of Stevie Wonder or ronnie Milsap…..

  9. Not helping matters is the fact that teams are all caught up in the fad and looking to add read-option back up types. If he can remain patient until Week 3 when that offense is dead and buried and QBs like Colin Kapernick start looking mortal, then JR will have a fighting chance to make a roster.

  10. Actually, Jamarcus would be a good cheap pick up for a team. Be real with yourselves, the depth of quality QB’s suck if Brady Quinn and Drew Henson are being signed as No. 2’s. Jamarcus does have past issues with his wt and motivation, but he deserves a second chance especially that he has shown that he can lose the wt. I watched some of the Raiders games that he played in and truth be told behind a porous line, WR’s who couldn’t run a route or get separation and inept coaching carousels, the guy was not that bad. With solid coaching and a stable staff, this guy has some upside. I say give em a shot. Besides, we haven’t seen an arm like that since John Elway.

  11. The smart move for him would be the CFL. But he is too entitled to sink that low. Plus the CFL salary probably wont make a dent in his debts.

  12. For all you people saying, “give him a 2nd chance” etc etc.

    Do you want that guy on your team? He has shown terrible leadership skills in a position where you need to excel in that area.

    He is out of shape and has had motivation issues in the past.

    Rosters spots must be earned. Period. The DRAFT is the place to build with potential, not when you are supposed to be in your physical prime.

    No pun intended, but if JR is hungry — he has all the physical skills to exceed but it’s all mental. How bad do you want it?

  13. C’mon Gus, the Jags could use him, you know that’s true. Even if you do have plenty of stadium security guys, would adding one more be so terrible? C’mon Gus, sign him up already and give him a flashlight.

  14. Love all the go the the CFL comments. Granted the CFL isn’t quite NFL level but it’s not like you or I could just decide one day – Hey I’m going to go QB the Argonauts – You still have to land somewhere in the top 150 in the world.

  15. “seaeagle707 says: Apr 10, 2013 3:38 PM
    C’mon Gus, the Jags could use him, you know that’s true. Even if you do have plenty of stadium security guys, would adding one more be so terrible? C’mon Gus, sign him up already and give him a flashlight.”

    He’s so fat the Jags could use him as a tarp!

  16. I’m amazed anyone could respond to that question with anything but breaking out laughing in the face of the questioner.

  17. Gotta go to the Steelers, with a duo of Big Ben and Big Black they’d be superbowl bound! In all honesty this dingbat better head to Canada if he wants any chance in the NFL.

  18. It’s not about his abilities (of which few are impressed, anyway). Simply put, money makes you more of what you already are, and in his case, that amounted to being lazy, indifferent, unmotivated, etc.

    THAT’S why nobody wants to take a flier on him. If this wasn’t a team sport, he might have options. Maybe.

  19. I like the commenter referencing the bad offensive line and incompetent receivers in OAK during Russell’s first run through the league. That’s all legit. As the #1 pick in the draft, however, he was still supposed to be good. Not necessarily overcome all of that but we should’ve seen flashes if not steady doses of brilliance . Stuff like making off balance throws and completing deep outs better than anybody else in the league.

    We got none of that out of him.

  20. Not even the Cardinals? That’s pretty much an NFL kiss of death. Of course, there’s always the Jets…

  21. I’m not sure if you guys have seen some if his workouts, but he’s lost alot yo weight still has good form and is working with trainers whom have surged with big Ben, brees, Brady. So i cat why not sign him to the minimum without guarantees. Everybody deserves a second chance and with a coach like Trestman i think that will be perfect.

  22. dd393 wasn’t there 7 teams worse than the cards, plus cards were in SB in 2009. Watch their kiss of death get back to the top. They have fitzy, Patrick Peterson Darryl Washington Calais Campbell & Darnell docket. All best at their position. Dude at least know what UR talking about b4 u post. 100 says UR a 9er fan. Cards NEVER wanted Russel. He was just training g in AZ. I hate in educated people!

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