Davis deal has millions tied to weight limits

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Last week, 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis signed a five-year, $37.295 million extension.  Moving forward, he could lose some of that money each year, if he fails to keep his body weight at an appropriate level.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the deal contains annual “de-escalator” provisions, which would reduce his compensation based on his failure to comply with a specific weight target.

Per Maiocco, the salary can drop by $1.25 million per year in each of the final five years of the contract, which currently runs through 2019.  The weight target for Davis isn’t known.

Weight was an issue for Davis at Rutgers.  When players make big money in the NFL, weight problems can resurface.  That’ why it was smart for the Niners to give Davis a disincentive to binge.

12 responses to “Davis deal has millions tied to weight limits

  1. His rookie year was a little tough, but that is to be expected. Keep up the good work Davis and there are millions of reasons to eat well. The 9ers have one of the best lines in the game and he’s a big part of it.

  2. I like how he went after Schiano, who actually pushed him to get leaner, yet here’s his contract saying stay lean or lose money. Unless you make it about money, these guys don’t care. Great player though.

  3. Boy I wish I got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for staying in great shape.

    And they get mad resources to allow them to take immaculate care of their bodies at that level. Trainers, plenty of healthy food, access to state of the art equipment, massage therapists, adderall dealers (lol @ Dickie Sherman!)

    Yet another reason pro football is such a dream job.

  4. If the 9ers run into cap problems down the road they can always hide Big Macs in his locker to get him to give himself a paycut. Shrewd.

  5. I know a lot of people are saying the talent level of the draft this year isn’t the same as in the past, but I disagree. There may not be as many big name position players as in years past, but there are a lot of great linemen on both sides of the ball in this year’s draft. You need not look any further than the 49ers to see that teams are built in the trenches with great linemen. The 2013 Draft may not be full of the “sexy” names people are used to, but I’m willing to bet some future contenders are built with strong drafts this year.

  6. “Hey Tony, can money buy the kind of happiness you can only get with a huge plate of cheese lasagna, topped with mushrooms and made with a really thick sauce? How about THICK, doughy pancakes smothered in BUTTER, with loads of Karo dripping down the edges? Think of all of those great cheesecakes you’ll be giving up. The heck with some extra chump change Tony, go for the pasta, the breads, fried chicken (from thick lard fryers). Follow your heart Tony, not your wallet.”

    GO HAWKS!!!

  7. I know you two Seahawks posters got thumb’s downs for your comments, but I, for one, applaud you for not taking cheap shots at the 9ers organization or its players. And while you poked fun, your sarcasm shows how much you actually respect his talent level. It shows that Seattle does, in fact, have some fans with some class…

  8. There are a very small number of human beings who have real authentic weight issues that will have them tipping 340+ lbs.

    Dude your fat stop eating like a cow and you won’t have to worry. When your that large you can loose 10 lbs after one day of sauna time. His body fat percentage is probably around 40%. Block your ass off, keep those feet moving and drop the In And Out food.

    Long story short almost all nfl players have weight restrictions/ body fat limitations within their contracts. Helps cover ownerships a**, but this dude needs to change his lifestyle or he won’t be alive in 20 or so years.

    Go Hawks!

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