JaMarcus Russell says he never planned to have a Pro Day workout

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The man who had one of the greatest Pro Day workouts in pre-draft history (which perhaps tells us all we need to know about Pro Day workouts) won’t be having a sequel today.

Reports surfaced Monday that JaMarcus Russell won’t work out for scouts on Wednesday, April 10.  Russell now claims that he never planned to do so in the first place.

We never had a Pro Day date scheduled,” Russell tells Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “We came up with the idea that if teams were interested, we’d go in there and work out at their place.  It would be better with them having all their coaches there at the same time.”

Instead, the plan all along supposedly has been that Russell would make personal visits to teams.  The Cardinals, Bears, and Jets specifically are mentioned in Corbett’s story, but it’s not entirely clear that those teams are interested in bringing him in for a look-see in the immediate future.

It’s more clear that two of those teams are interested in the latest report from Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net.  Pauline, who initially reported on Russell’s plans to reprise his Pro Day workout on (or around) April 10 with the help of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, reports that the Bears and Cardinals have shown the most interest in Russell.  Pauline also reports that the plan for Russell’s April 10 Pro Day workout was simply “put on hold” because the interested teams prefer that he work out for them privately.

If that’s true, it makes Russell’s explanation a little troubling.  Why wouldn’t he just say that, yes, a Pro Day workout had been planned and, no, it’s not happening now because interested teams preferred that it be postponed?

And if there was never a plan to have a Pro Day workout, why didn’t Russell or one of the folks working with him instantly dispute the report from February that a Pro Day workout would happen on or around April 10?

None of it matters if Russell can get himself into shape and throw the ball like he did six years ago.  But the inconsistency regarding whether a Pro Day workout will happen serves as a reminder of the dramatic inconsistencies that characterized Russell’s short-lived NFL career.

22 responses to “JaMarcus Russell says he never planned to have a Pro Day workout

  1. It began as a Pro Day workout, but quickly degenerated into a contest to find out how many Rice Krispies squares he could fit in his mouth at once.

  2. Even though he didn’t pan out with all that potential, he still could have been a backup journeyman type who could play in a pinch if needed. His skill-set actually reminds me a lot of Jason Campbell.

    The thing is, the dude is a headcase. His work ethic is non-existent, you can’t rely on him to stay in shape, and the whole codeine thing is a HUGE red flag. He also just seems like one of those Vince Young types where you can never get a straight story out of him and there is absolutely no accountability.

  3. This guy left the league fat and out of shape. Then when he announced his “comeback” he was still out of shape and needed to drop 40 pounds of I remember correctly. Is this whole thing a joke? Why would any team even consider this clown when he couldn’t even bother getting in shape before making his intentions public? Yeah, I want to play quarterback too. I’ll start working out after I sign a contract. I promise.

  4. Do we really expect every public figure to specifically refute everything “reported” in the “news”s that’s untrue? Who has that kind of time?

  5. I think it’s more likely the reporter screwed up than Russell’s camp.

    When I was 22, I inherited enough money to live comfortably for 3 years. I had no idea what to do with “so much money” and squandered it quickly hanging out with all my new friends who always wanted to invite me to everything. I was a much different person 7 years later. Can we just let JaMarcus try to give us a good come back story that we all love instead of trying to tear him down for it?

  6. As you mention in the article, none of this really matters, so the story is kind of pointless in the first place.

    Russell has got a LOT of work to do in order to show teams he has what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL. He’s been a FA for a couple years now and no one has shown the slightest bit of interest in him. So unless he shows teams something, he’ll continue to be where he is now: out of the league.

    I hope he is able to make some resemblance of a comeback and become a productive player in the league for the rest of his career. He just has a lot to overcome first.

  7. DaveKezer, why do you only compare him to other black quarterbacks…He is more comparable to Ryan Leaf if you ask me

  8. Unfortunately, Once again the press has taken a story and twisted it to make some kind of news worthy event.

    Yes, JaMarcus had scheduled a Pro Day workout, but not one member of the press had bothered to verify that it was for the NFL. He has been in full fledged, 7 day a week training for the Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest for over 5 months now. If everyone had gone along with the original plan to hold the “workout” at the Old Country Buffet, he was all set to go!

  9. One word sums up JaMarcus. Lazy. God, if you really loved football why wait this long to get back into the game. My guess is he and his purple drank buddies drank all his 25 million dollars he stole from the Raiders. No way you give this guy a second chance, even for the veteran minimum.

  10. This is hilarious. He’s even too lazy to work out. He was busted at a party – passed out with drank on a night stand next to him so he’s too lazy to party. He’s under 30 years old and has sleep apnea. He’s a 300 lb manchild trying to play the most important position in the biggest sports league in the world. He can’t even organize a proper work out correctly. How does this guy even make it through a day without his handlers reminding him to eat and/or breathe regularly? Go away.

  11. He already gave us a pro day, hell plenty of them for years and he sucked. Go go the CFL and prove you will work hard and that you have passion for the game and not the dollar bills.

  12. It would be pretty hard to look bad throwing to Larry Fitzgerald. Not a lot of those balls would be hitting the ground.

  13. Not said to denigrate but perhaps to foster some understanding: Mental illness.

    I would think JaMarcus has poor frontal lobe function.

    Not tongue in cheek. Not said as a joke. Said in all honesty. He should go get himself checked out by a clinician.

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