NFL releases draft attendee list


The following 23 players are expected to attend the 2013 NFL Draft, the league said Wednesday:

Brigham Young defensive end Ezekiel Ansah.

West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin.

North Carolina offensive guard Jonathan Cooper.

Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher.

Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.

Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker.

Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel.

Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy.

Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel.

Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner.

Louisiana State defensive end Barkevious Mingo.

Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.

Louisiana State safety Eric Reid.

Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant.

Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro.

Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack.

Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson.

Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner.

45 responses to “NFL releases draft attendee list

  1. I hope Goodell doesn’t start doing his weird front hugs this year.

    Wish there was a way for Goodell not to be at the draft.

  2. Florida State’s EJ Manuel’s attendance is surprising. I wonder if any team has hinted to him he’d be drafted fairly high

  3. My money is on Reid being the last one sitting in the green room looking embarrassed for deciding to attend.

  4. I ask myself…do I want any of these players or RGIII? Answer honestly and you see why Bruce Allen and the Redskins won the trade BIG TIME. #BurgundyandGoldstandard

  5. Why would e.j. Manuel go? He want to be the first player still in the green room during the 3rd round or something?

  6. i still don’t understand why the fans dislike goodell.I’m happy he is running the show with a iron fist and not letting the players run wild and reek havoc on the streets

  7. Enjoy your day fellas. Who ever drafts you, I hope you make’em proud. Good luck to all.

  8. Joeckel, Johnson, and Fluker are all 1st round OT prospects. But who is Menelik Watson?

  9. Someone thinks highly of Florida State…as of now I can’t see Menelik Watson or E.J. Manuel being taken higher than the 2nd round. Still a list that shouldn’t have guys in the green room as long as previous years. IE 4th round or in Herzlich’s case not drafted at all!

  10. I remember Mark Herzlich (sp?), the BC linebacker who survived cancer, attended the draft…and wound up going undrafted.

    Fortunately, he signed with the Giants and ended up with a ring that year.

  11. QB needy teams have nothing to lose by picking up E.J. Manuel in the first round. He has the highest upside in the draft.

  12. RGIII = damaged goods. He was broken coming out of college and the serious injuries continue to pile up. Too bad for him, he is already closer to the end of his career than the start. All Redskin fans will be asking the football gods: WHY??????? Unreached potential.

    The rest of the league will smile.

  13. 23 is way too many. Imagine the joy of your dream finally coming true, getting into the NFL, only to sit there like a schmo as you get passed up on day one.

    10 would be better.

  14. Goodell just got another check from Bobby for destroying the Spygate tapes.he’s not going anywhere .!!

  15. Say what u will, but EJ Manuel will be the 2nd QB taken this draft, 1st Round prospect. Book it!

    As for my Jags, definitely btwn the freakish Dion Jordan or Geno Smith. Either one would be an “excellent” choice.

  16. I hope EJ Manuel and Melenik Watson get draft high, but I think those two and their families should stay at home.

    Those two could most likely be 2nd Rounders out of all the attendees.

    Prominent players from the past stayed at home, but way more have been told about that they could be high picks.

    It’s not about where you attend. It’s about where you get drafted because if you don’t get drafted in Round 1 at least you can be in the comfort of an actual home setting. Plus, isn’t a bed at home more relaxing than the green room chairs??

  17. A young Raider fan saw Owner Mark Davis one day and said Mr. Davis, “What is the difference between theory and reality?”

    “Well son, the best way to explain this is a practical exercise. Go and ask our General Manager Reggie McKenzie how he plans to return this team to greatness.”

    The fan returned and shared, “He said first he wanted his own guys; his own scouting staff, his own coaches, & his own players. He also planned to sign Free Agents to 1 year deals. He closed by saying that you would be patient with the results”

    Davis replied, “Now go ask Dennis Allen the same question”

    The fan returned and said “Coach Allen explained that although the Zone Blocking Scheme didn’t work in his first season, that he would learn from it and try something new this year. Defensively, his team would be one of the most disciplined in the league. He also said that you would be patient with the results”

    The fan then asked, “What does this have to do with theory and reality?”

    Mark replied, “It’s simple, in theory our organization is only a couple years away from our 4th Super Bowl title. In reality I’m going to fire them both following this next season.”

  18. I feel sorry for Reid, he might be the only name not to be heard on Thursday, Lacy and Manuel have some decent shot to be with him friday with Werner being the dark horse.

  19. I don’t think Reid is being drafted in the first round. He might drop to the third round. It could be an embarrassing night for him. It could be like Aaron Rogers, except someone actually drafted Rogers.

  20. Geno should pack a big lunch because he might go into the middle rounds. If he’s the answer at QB, the franchise who drafts him is asking the wrong question.

  21. It’d be appropriate if he brought Brady Quinn’s old draft-day girlfriend so she can make the “Brady Quinn’s Girlfriend Face” as he’s slipping down the board,

  22. The NFL sends out a request to each team, they are to state the 3 players they would like attend the draft, the NFL calculates the average of the highest vote getter’s and sends them a request.

  23. mrmafaka says:
    Apr 11, 2013 8:41 PM
    The NFL sends out a request to each team, they are to state the 3 players they would like attend the draft, the NFL calculates the average of the highest vote getter’s and sends them a request.

    You know this for a fact? Is this written some where?

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