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In the wake of cornerback Richard Sherman’s decision to say out loud his belief that at least 50 percent of all NFL players use the prescription stimulant Adderall, the Pro Football Talk crew opted to delve into the topic in more detail.

So for those of you who missed Wednesday’s show, here’s the portion where Shaun King, Ross Tucker, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly tackled the topic.

Hopefully, you will need no stimulants to stay awake throughout the segment.

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16 responses to “Pro Football Talk talks Adderall

  1. What they’re missing in this is that Adderall is a performance-enhancing drug. If a player is cut because another player was allowed to use the drug, then 1) that is unfair to the player who wasn’t on Adderall, and 2) every other player will be put on notice that they need to use Adderall too or risk being cut.

  2. People with ADD are at a disadvantage in general already. Chances are if Adderall helps you, you needed it. As someone who suffers from ADD being off medication is like flipping a light switch. We are not talking about Meth,Coke or PCP. People need to be less ignorant.

  3. Getting a Adderall prescription is easy, but clearing the NFL hurdles to be allowed to have it, not so easy. I’m not sure about the rule as it is set up, because it gives an unfair advantage to players with ADD who have gotten through the hoops to get the drug.

    In any event, he could have saved himself some more drama by saying “a lot” rather than “50%”, because one is less accusatory to the league than the other, since a lot of players have popped and they all blame it on Adderall

  4. 1) ADD is a real issue for those like me who have it and a non-issue/joke to those who don’t have it. It is not a performance enhancer to those who need it.

    2) Adderall won’t affect people with ADD the same way as those who take it for recreational use (i.e. too stay up, focus on playbook).

    I think it is IMPORTANT to make this distinction.

  5. I don’t know a lot about Adderall, but I can say that it has been nothing short of miraculous with my teen age son. He went from failing multiple classes to getting straight A’s after being on the drug for only a short time. He’s happier, we’re happier.

    The only side effect I’ve seen is that he had abdominal pain early on and his apatite is somewhat diminished. He sleeps the same amount. He doesn’t run any faster, he can’t lift any more weight.

    A lot of young men have similar learning problems, I’m sure this is just as common in the NFL as anywhere else. A few months ago I would have said “whatever”, but this drug really helps people.

  6. “It gives you physical energy” he said. THIS IS FALSE. If you suffer from ADD/ADHD like myself this medication will put you back on a level playing field. If someone who doesn’t need Adderall takes it, he/she will not have an unfair advantage nor it will it act as a performance enhancing drug.

    What they fail to mention is that Adderall is an amphetamine.

  7. Like usual the use of the drug is left out. It is prescribed for Narcolepsy & ADHD. So if any of these players can prove that they have taken it before they played in college or in the NFL that should be an automatic pass. Even though I’m a Hawk fan he should keep his mouth shut. Don’t draw attention to your team unless its your performance on the field that brings the attention.

  8. Considering how quickly Adderall is out of the system a player would have to be a complete moron to get busted for it.

    Was Sherman popping pills during his test? That might explain the cracked cup.

  9. 2) Adderall won’t affect people with ADD the same way as those who take it for recreational use (i.e. too stay up, focus on playbook)

    absolutly, I am perscribed 20mgs and I can fall asleep 20 minutes after taking it. There is no boost, its all about concentration and focus.

  10. If a grown man wants to use a stimulant to better himself why can’t he? Is this not a free country? You guys are sheep, no wonder we pay so much taxes…

  11. Everyone has some form of ADD. Some just are able to hide it better than others. Some have it bad enough to need medicine. Why are those who need it ridiculed and labeled cheaters?

  12. We didn’t have ADD or ADHD when I was young. They didn’t turn to meds for everything. If you were hyper in school you were called disruptive and given some time twiddle your thumbs until you behaved. If you kept failing tests then you were held back until you could pass. We actually had to learn stuff instead of getting a C for showing up. Now, if your kid does poorly don’t look at study habits, parental supervision or stuff like that, give him drugs because no one, especially parents should be stigmatized by being held back. Ridiculous what we’ve become.

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