Pro Football Talk turns final segment over to you

As you may know (and if you don’t we’ve done a very poor job of marketing it), this website has morphed into a one-hour show on NBC Sports Network.

Airing Monday through Friday at 5:00 p.m., Pro Football Talk reviews the big news of the day, pushes the needle forward, and does all sorts of other things.

One thing we’re going to try to do at the end of every show is address a topic that you’ve suggested, initially via suggestions made in the morning and later by a poll that lets you vote on the topics.  The winner each day will be the topic we address at the end of the show.

The person who suggested it will get a free one-year subscription to PFT.

So make your suggestions.  And avoid the obvious stuff that we’ll inevitably talk about.  Give us something intriguing, thought-provoking, controversial, etc.

The best ones make it to the poll.  The not-so-best ones get ignored.  The worst ones may get ridiculed.

39 responses to “Pro Football Talk turns final segment over to you

  1. You know what would be great?

    If you could make the show all about gay players, every day, all day.


  2. First, please never stop doing the outtakes. They are gold.

    My suggestion stems from a pet peeve of mine, giving W-L records to QBs like they are pitchers or players in individual sports. I would like to see a debate whether this is a valid thing to do or not. If you say yes it is valid to do, it probably won’t ever convince me though. 🙂

  3. Last year Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick and some would argue he had a better rookie season than the prizes of the class, Andrew Luck and RGIII. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, Drew Brees fell to the 2nd, and Aaron Rodgers had a historic draft day slide that saw him drafted one spot before Jason Campbell and 24 spots after Alex Smith.

    Why do some of the best quarterbacks (3 of the best 5 today) get overlooked in the scouting process? What do these guys have in common that not only caused their skill-sets to go relatively undetected before and on draft day, but also allow them to excel at the quarterback position? How can teams do a better job at evaluating talent for the most important position in the league?

  4. How about a discussion on expanding the season by expanding the rosters and limiting players to being active for 16 regular season games? So if the season went to 20 games you’d bump the roster from 53 to 63 and coaches would have to strategize active rosters for matchups. Owners want to expand season, but players do not and it conflicts with safety. Expanding rosters and having the 16 game per player limit solves that, creates more jobs in the process and puts football stadiums that sit empty up to 350 days a year to more use.

  5. How about weight limits for positions to ensure safer collisions? Controversial? Sure. Wide receivers and corner backs have to fall in a weight class. Linemen in a weight class. How about all special teamers have to weigh under 250? One of the biggest causes of injuries (not just concussions) are mismatches of size and speed on the scale of Mayweather versus Klitshcko. It would not, or could not, be perfect, but if we get rid of helmets, this is the next step and not all that foreign in the world of sports.

  6. How about getting to the real reasons there is still no HGH testing in the NFL?

    The start of the 2013 season will mark a full three years since testing was agreed to in the new CBA but the NFLPA is still dragging its feet and the NFL is still looking the other way.

    If everyone knows that a majority of veteran players are using HGH then quit lumping its use in with steroids and legalize it so players can use it to heal quicker and get back on the field.

    If the league and union truly both agree that it’s use is harmful and/or creates advantages, then start the testing process. Enough time has passed – It’s time to put up or shut up about it.

  7. @genxjay…I sure hope that you’re joking because he WAS.@anonymous….. Great topic! I’m not sure that you could narrow that down to just one reason, but that would make for a riveting conversation. As for why these players “fall” in the draft I’d say the scouting process is failed. I watched one interview with Russell Wilson and KNEW I’d pick him early if I needed a QB. Too much is put on measurables (such as height) and not enough on who they are and if they can play the position. I thought the opposite of JaMarcus Russell. A physical specimen, but lacking the mental game that Wilson has in spades.

  8. how about hammering your guests in person the way you do here on your site? I want you to have Tim Tebow on here and tell him to his face he sucks and is a terrible person for not being in support of gay football players. or tell a muslim football player the same thing along with how wrong it is for them to treat women the way they do. oh wait they are muslim so you can’t question or say anything about their religion or you will offend them right?

  9. I’d like to see something on how teams approach strength and conditioning. What things do they try to do to avoid injuries?

  10. In regards to player safety, long term health, and managing of personal salaries of players, do you think there will be a time where players are required to only play a certain amount of years in the league before they are made to retire (~ 10yrs max)? If this happens, I would think the players would also spend/invest their salary more wisely. I know some positions (kickers, punters) can probably play more years than other positions because of their lack of physical contact. Also, it would give younger and more athletes to have a chance to play in the NFL.

  11. would be nice if users could post unslanted comments on this PFT. as it stands, you can post carlin’s 7 words all day long here as long as it attacks the bengals. say 1 thing positive about the bengals without using a foul word and the comment is pulled down.

    bias. pft would be better without it.

  12. Ask owners to explain why fans are charged enormous costs to attend games, and still have to fund through taxes new or renovated stadiums.

  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing some film segments and getting updates on Brian Banks path to making the team in Atlanta

  14. Should the Texans sign DT Richard Seymour to help S Ed Reed bring some more leadership and Super Bowl winning experience to the team and the locker room?
    We need anything to prevent another varsity jacket incident. After they wore those varsity jackets to New England, the season went down hill like an avalanche.

  15. Where the NFL will be 10 years from now. Basketball on grass? An international league? Still at odds with former players about money to cover medical expenses from injuries they received in their playing days? How the stadium experience will try to rival the at home experience? Expansion?

  16. Long time reader, first time commenter. And to be fair, I’ve never watched the show because it doesn’t agree with my work schedule 99% of the time.

    I generally listen to Dan Patrick every day and I’m always intrigued by stat of the day (who hates stats???) and I’ve always wanted to see a stat of the day focus on fines in the NFL but I think its too vast of a subject to cover in a 1 minute segment.

    A closer look at the total fine amount collected in the NFL over the past decade, year by year. Does it increase, decrease or waiver year by year over the past decade? Where does the money from NFL fines go? Is a coach or another player allowed to pay a fine for a player? (Obviously the organization can’t pay it or you run into salary cap issues)

    Keep up the good work!

  17. How about discussing the realities of the NFL situation in Los Angeles, including which teams might move there if a stadium ever gets built, and the possibilites of an expansion team.

  18. A segment on the NFL and their past history of denying that repeated concussions have left former players permanently disabled or dead. It would also be interesting to discuss why players who’ve taken their own lives decided to have their brain researched.

    A correlary to this could look into former players disabilities and the refusal of the mutli-billion dollar business known as the NFL to provide financial/medical assistance to those former players in need.

  19. How about the topic of how tragic/hilarious/whatever it is that millions of fans AND players actually believe that Roger Goodell holds any power whatsoever, and that he is not just the top PR guy for the billionare boys club? You know, like the President of every corporation does for the owners, keeping them perpetually insulated while we direct our emotions/thoughts/energy towards him, and him alone…

  20. Anonymous… Isn’t it obvious? Those 3 players fell to teams that were not absolutely terrible before the players arrived. All had foundations in place and did not come in as the shiny new guy with expectations that he’d transform the place and introduce a winning culture.

    Guys like akili smith, Tim couch, jabustus, Joey Harrington, David Carr, and Sam Bradford were brought into teams that either didn’t exist the year prior, or to completely transform the team they were joining.

  21. logicailvoicesays says:
    Apr 10, 2013 9:10 AM
    Easy. It should be about the Redskins every day.
    No need. If you’ve seen one low fiber toilet flush in the morning, you’ve seen them all.

  22. Since JaMarcus has been in the news lately whatever happened to the large portion of $$ the Raiders were trying to get back? For that matter what about Lance Kiffin when he got the Shannahan treatment? They pay up?

  23. @jessethegreat

    You think anyone could have gone into those situations and excelled? You think Alex Smith would be on Aaron Rodgers’ level right now, and that Rodgers would be on Smith’s level right now had their draft fortunes been switched? You think Brandon Weeden could have gone into Seattle last year as a 3rd round pick, forced a QB competition, beat out Flynn, and almost lead the Seahawks to the NFC championship game? I’d say it has more to do with the individual than the situation, even though the situation is more important.

  24. Should the nfl move to the new off season calendar ?

    april-free agency

  25. Do we REALLY need a competition committee? I suppose it is beneficial when a loophole in the rules is found and exploited. Beyond thar I feel like they are legislating the big hits I love out of the game. I remember my Dad cringing and exclaiming loudly at the Television” what’s next? Why don’t we just put SKIRTS ON THE QBs”? When it was announced that “in the grasp” was considered a SACK. With this rule in place we NEARLY changed the outcome of at least one Superbowl. Eli Manning was in the grasp when he threw arguably one of the most memorable passes in recent Superbowl history to David Tyree for a 1st down that led to a game winner to Burress with time expiring. As far as the hits go, Florio you commented on the fact that today’s generation of Football fan voted Desean Jackson’s punt return vs the Giants as “The Greatest play in NFL history” and that they were oblivious (i believe you said “apparently they have never heard of”to “The Immaculate Reception” This would ALSO be ruled a 15 yard penalty today. Tatum would have been flagged for going to the head of Fuqua. The oldschooolers like me were raised watching the Pat Fischers, Jack Lamberts, Otis Sistrunks and Dexter Manleys establish a Zero Tolerance attitude regarding running through the middle OR ground THEY were defending, I watched some of these guys make hits when the play was 7-10 yards out of bounds( leading to today’s 2.5 yard sidelines). I don’t want what Mike Singletary and Ronnie Lott call “WHOOO Hits” legislated out of the game. I believe that if the namesake of the trophy we all covet were around today(certain he is rolling over in his grave) to see the changes being made to the game he was so passionate about and gave his existence to he would scream at the top of his lungs “What in the Hell is going on out there?” Let’s go back to the style of Concrete Charlie and Mean Joe football that made the game great. 3 yards and a cloud of dust. No one wants another Darryl Stingley but even with the new rules Anquan Boldin nearly became that guy due to incidental contact and players ducking to protect themselves. It is a physical game, the guys who love it and play it know the inherent risks. Point is, at full speed 2 men closing on each other, 1 trying to evade 1 trying to contain you are GOING to have injuries. I’ve been knocked out TWICE in my life. 1 was when I snapped my femur going through a split rail log fence at 50 mph, the other was playing HS Football. I was a MLB. I read run correctly and shot my gap. Met the RB in the hole(nowhere for either of us to move laterally) I exploded to make the tackle, he exploded to break it we both tried to get “BELOW” our opponent and hit helmet to helmet. Saw a blinding white light and came to looking up at the sky with my coach an teammates in a huddle around me. The other kid got carted off and a ride in the ambulance. We were both OK. IN A FRACTION OF A SECOND this happened. Had I been LOOKING up my neck would have surely snapped. Again it’s a FULL contact sport. Collisions end every down. There is NO WAY to vote injuries out of the game. No matter how many arbitrary rules are put into place guys will still get hurt. I think a good analogy of what is happening to the NFL is as follows. A rich owner buys a Ferrari. Wants to push that Ferrari to it spec limits. Wants to corner at full speed. He tries to meet his “need for speed” with his attitude of “don’t want to lose this car to a single accident” so he builds a special bumper car inner tube around the car to “Protect it” as well as lining the track with balloons to minimize damage to his baby. Problem is his car is no longer aerodynamic so it doesn’t go as fast, he can’t see the corners due to the track balloons slowing him further. Now he can drive his car without concern of losing it in a single crash but the excitement is lost. He doesn’t enjoy the THRILL of driving it any longer and realizes the spectators are nearly all gone too. Owners don’t want their star players( that they have invested HUGE $ into) ending careers doing what got them the big $ to start with. Being Dynamic football players. Just a suggestion!
    The Claim

  26. How about talking about how long this site will attract sponsors when people quit hitting the site because Florio insists on censoring anyone who posts anything contrary to Florio’s beliefs?

    Yeah, Mike, I’m not giving up on bringing up your censorship efforts. Plenty of people complain about it. Nothing like alienating the people who draw the sponsors.

    It seems your existence as a journalist depends on people wanting to hear or read what you have to say.

  27. Talk about the emergence of ” duel threat” QB’S going into college and subsequently getting drafted into the NFL. It’s impact of offensive schemes now and in the future.

    If college athletes should be paid while at school as long as their attending classes and meeting above minimum grade standards. And how that might help to emphasize student athletes to stay in school longer.

    With the rules set in place now with entry levels to the NFL, what if any ramifications would their be if they allowed players to come out 1 year earlier. Would it likely increase injury? Bust value?

    Talk about the NFL trending HEAVILY on going younger with the structured pay scale their currently under, and how its causing an adverse effect on veterans either getting cut, traded,or just simply let go out of the league all together. How the new rookie pay wage scale is enabling teams to increase the wages of QB’S substantially.

    The difference between the read option teams and teams who run shotgun pistol formations but pass heavily, what are the intricacies between how Brees does a play fake /delayed handoff and this ” new ” read options. HOW are they similar and how are they different and is their an clear cut way for defenses to tell and actually eliminate it by hitting whichever qb.

    How much has the shelf life changed on QB’S lately, they use to get 5 years to develop , sit for a while then get their shot. Compared to now when it’s 2 maybe 3 years max before your considered a flop.

    What potentially will change once TV shares are added to teams and how will that effect the salary cap. Will teams expand roster? Pay qbs more, will their be differences based on popularity, team sales?

    How many of the rule changes have positively affected the game and have made a minimal impact on its integrity.

    How the ” Fail – Mary ” was the CORRECT call based on the rulebook but was never proven or disproved based on actual footage and specific rules. How completing the act of a catch, simultaneous possession, are the main factors of a catch. How the amount of control a player has is irrelevant in the decision as long as their is some control . Look at still shots, use the rulebook to disprove one or the other and weigh in on which is more important. (sports science) just focused on actual timing of touches but didn’t factor in the Grey area within the rules that doesn’t clearly state which are more important within a catch. They focused on perceived amount control of the ball and not on Tates left hand and the fact that within the rules ” the amount of control is not specified in who has more possession ” and therefore is not a strong argument.
    Possession vs control what are the rules and how can it possibly prove the correct call was made.

  28. How to pay college athletes, specifically football players.

    Jason Whitlock has a plan to pay basketball players, how would you do it for football?

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