ProFootballTalk: How do the Texans take the next step?

After a disappointing 2012-13 season, the Houston Texans need to make some major moves if they’re going to finally get over the proverbial hump. Mike Florio believes the team should seriously consider taking a quarterback because Matt Schuab is Tony Romo-lite, and not the guy who is going to lead the team to a championship.

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: How do the Texans take the next step?

  1. Who cares what Houston hater mike florio has to say? Flacco was in same boat last year. Now look at what a year can do. If every team had Brady, Peyton or Rodgers then Brady, Peyton and Rodgers wouldn’t be so special now would they? So the Texans don’t have an elite qb… Don’t hear anyone making any suggestions on how they get one… Like they grow on trees or something… Geesh…

  2. Shaun King is an Idiot, and as for Florio he is still bitter about picking the Titans to win the division …yada yada yada… Texans have a top 5 talented roster… but Qb and Head Coach are their biggest weakness.

  3. My hope for the Texans to have a great season has been crushed after hearing Shaun (Scrub QB) King break down the Texans roster. How did you get an analyst job? BUM!

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